Reference: A/S1

Contract between J Pipon Seigneur de Noirmont of the first party and General George Don Lieutenant Governor of Jersey of the second party relating to land at Noirmont Point for use in a time of war

Reference: A/S1/1

Date: July 30th 1807 - July 30th 1807

Parish Property File RG/Ty 01 relating to land in Trinity

Reference: A/T10/1

Date: June 20th 1989 - February 6th 1996

Parish Property File RG/Ty 02 relating to land in Trinity

Reference: A/T10/2

Date: October 4th 1989 - October 26th 1989


Reference: A/T12

Receiver General File RG/Fs 03/01 Foreshore Reclamation Proposals

Reference: A/T12/1

Date: August 2nd 1973 - January 10th 1974

Receiver General File RG/Fs (60 Pt 1) Foreshore miscellaneous matters (1963-1992)

Reference: A/T12/10

Date: August 2nd 1963 - June 25th 1993

Receiver General File RG/Fs (93/02) Foreshore miscellaneous matters La Platte Rocque Grouville

Reference: A/T12/11

Date: September 15th 1993 - March 14th 2002

Receiver General File RG/Fs 03/02 Foreshore Reclamation West of Albert (I)

Reference: A/T12/2

Date: June 19th 1981 - December 6th 1986

Receiver General File RG/Fs 03/03 Foreshore Reclamation West of Albert [RORO Berths]

Reference: A/T12/3

Date: July 29th 1985 - February 1st 1989

Receiver General File RG/Fs 03/04 Foreshore Reclamation West of Albert (II & III)

Reference: A/T12/4

Date: February 24th 1993 - April 30th 1998

Receiver General File RG/Fs 03/05 Foreshore/ La Collette II

Reference: A/T12/5

Date: May 10th 1993 - July 8th 1994

Receiver General File RG/Fs 05 Foreshore St Helier Waterfront

Reference: A/T12/6

Date: June 8th 1988 - August 21st 1990

Receiver General File RG/Fs 06 Jersey Swimming Club Lease

Reference: A/T12/7

Date: July 13th 1976 - July 6th 1999

Receiver General File RG/Fs 09 Fort William Concession

Reference: A/T12/8

Date: January 29th 1950 - March 8th 1990

Receiver General File RG/Fs 60 (68/02) Foreshore Gorey

Reference: A/T12/9

Date: September 27th 1968 - November 23rd 2001

Parish Property File RG/LW 03 relating to land in St Lawrence

Reference: A/T5/1

Date: 1961 - August 29th 1990

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