A Short Provisional Account of Archaeology in Jersey

Reference: A/C/1

Date: 1979

An Introduction to the Archaeology of Jersey

Reference: A/C/2

Date: 1979

La Cotte de St Brelade 1961 - 1978 Excavations by C B M McBurney

Reference: A/C/3

Date: 1986

The Channel Islands - An Archaeological Guide

Reference: A/J/1/1

Date: 1981

Jersey in Pre-History

Reference: A/S/1

Date: 1976

Catalogue 22 2007 - paintings by local artists of various Jersey scenes

Reference: BLF/A/1

Date: 2007

Making Lives Worth Living Since 1881

Reference: BLF/C/1

Date: 1995

Article about Victor Hugo and 6 others exiled in Jersey

Reference: BLF/G/2

Date: 2009

Eye on the Past Yearbook 1992

Reference: BLF/G/3

Date: 1992

Trees, Woods and Forests

Reference: BLF/H/1

Date: 1981

Fields, Hedges and Ditches

Reference: BLF/H/2

Date: 1976

A Taste of Jersey

Reference: BLF/H/3

Date: 1987

Seascape - The 1998 Journal of the Friends of the Maritime Museum for Jersey

Reference: BLF/J/10

Date: 1998

Harbour News Autumn 2010

Reference: BLF/J/2

Date: 2010

Harbour News Winter 2010

Reference: BLF/J/3

Date: 2010

Harbour News Spring 2010 - Article about T B Davis' 'Westward Replica' Eleonora

Reference: BLF/J/4

Date: 2010

Bulletin No6/2 March 1997

Reference: BLF/J/6

Date: 1997

Seascape - The Journal of the Friends of the Maritime Museum for Jersey

Reference: BLF/J/8

Date: 1996

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