Aerial photographs of St Helier taken by the Air Cover Department of the Ordnance Survey. Part 1 covers areas including the Dicq, Mont Millais, St Saviour's Road, Springfiel, Rouge Bouillon, Mont à l'Abbé and la Pouquelaye. Part 2 covers St Saviour's Hill, Le Mont Millais, the Parade, Cheapside and Westmount Road. Part 3 covers areas including the centre of St Helier, Green Street, Weighbridge, West Park and Westmount

Reference: D/AL/B/26

Date: 1969 - 1969

Mr Arthur Harrison, editor of the Evening Post during the occupation, recalls his experiences of those years. Recording originally produced by the Channel Islands Educational Broadcasting Service. Original reference: Res 7. Includes: choice between publishing the paper under heavy censorship or letting the Germans take it over entirely; lack of news; setting up of propaganda office; publishing news from the propaganda office and amusement caused by the bad English of these items; funeral of a German soldier killed in an air raid in France and being prevented from publishing list of people who sent wreaths (German sympathisers); staying one step ahead of the Germans; having to publish the German forces' newspaper; secretly supplying La Chronique de Jersey (a rival newspaper) with paper and allowing them to use the JEP's facilites; rationing of electricity and the difficulties this caused; doubts about whether to continue publishing; exchange and mart column being used to barter; publishing Red Cross messages and local news; story about a child who was seriously injured by treading on a mine, mentioning a Dr Mattas of Bath Street and the way the propaganda officer tried to exploit this; trying to restrict the ammount of column space given to news from the Germans; anecdote about a young German officer who used to send copies of the paper to his wife; refusal to entertain German officer in his home; liberation - saw the British ships arrive from the roof of the States building; buying wheat on the black market to make flour, which was then discovered and confiscated; being sentenced to seven weeks imprisonment at a court martial at a house at Lower King's Cliff; appealing against this and flour being returned. Sound quality slightly muffled.

Reference: R/03/A/10

Date: 1971 - 1971

Microfiche of the 1901 Census for Jersey, Public Record Office reference 2+ RG13/5314. St Helier - Part of District 45 - Houses between part of Rouge Bouillon, La Pouquelaye, Undercliffe, Queen's Road, including Almorah Road, Almorah Crescent, Upper Midvale Road, Drayton Place, and Victoria Crescent. St Helier - District 46 - Houses from lane of Mont Madgris, near Brunswick Terrace, Mont Madgris to the north of Parochial Cemetery, road leading to Ville és Nouaux, St Aubin's Road (North) as far as Bellozanne Road and both sides of road to Cheapside Slip. St Helier - District 47 - House situated on the West Side of St John's Road from Parochial Cemetery to Mr John Corbel's avenue including all that part of the Vingtaine of Mont á l'Abbe, west to the Ville és Nuaux and North of road leading from Ville és Nuaux to Parochial Cemetery. St Helier - District 48 - St John's Main Road (East), Queen's Road, La Pouquelaye Road, Lower King's Cliff, Belle Vue Villas, Thornton Villas, Richmond Road, houses situated in Valley des Vaux forming part of Mont á l'Abbe Vingtaine. St Helier - Part of District 49 - Houses situated on St Aubin's Road commencing at the angle of the road leading to Bellozanne, the Beach, Mont Cochon Main Road (East) as far North as St Lawrence's Parish extending to the limits of Mont á l'Abbe Vingtaine retturning by La Ville és Nuaux to St Aubin's Road.

Reference: S/07/A/22

Date: 1901 - 1901

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