Lieutenant Governor, Lieutenant General Sir G Don's, Letter Book of correspondence with the Island Authorities. The index has been scanned and attached.

Reference: A/A5/7

Date: May 27th 1810 - November 13th 1812

German Orders and related papers concerning the prohibition of meetings and events of societies and other organisations including lists of Jersey Societies, charities, clubs, church, professional and trade organisations and the seizing of assets from masonic lodges

Reference: B/A/W30/13

Date: July 23rd 1940 - September 4th 1943

Jersey Masonic Temple Co. Ltd., registered 1862

Reference: D/L/01/A/1

Date: 1921 - 1921

Jersey Masonic Temple Co Ltd

Reference: D/L/01/A/32C

Date: 1920 - 1942

Registration card of Frank Abel Le Rossignol, of Mon Plaisir, St Brelade's Hill, born 16/02/1885

Reference: D/S/A/1/A2001

Date: January 15th 1941 - January 15th 1941

Registration card of Adolphe Joseph Le Calvez of Mont Les Vaux, St Aubin, St Brelade, born 02/06/1894. Children: Madeline Ada Le Calvez - born 27/08/1931 and Muriel Jean Le Calvez - born 03/09/1934

Reference: D/S/A/1/A247

Date: January 15th 1941 - January 15th 1941

Registration card of Louis Frederick Foyle of Le Marais, La Moye, St Brelade, born 01/04/1891. Child: Louis Frederick Foyle - born 23/06/1937

Reference: D/S/A/1/A484

Date: January 6th 1941 - January 6th 1941

Registration card of George Lewis L'Enfant, of Maisonette Noirmont, St Brelade, born born 23/07/1886

Reference: D/S/A/1/A779

Date: January 14th 1941 - January 14th 1941

Registration card of Alfred George Boizard, of La Rigondaine Cottage, Grouville, born 19/04/1906, Barbara Olive Boizard registered as a child on back of form

Reference: D/S/A/3/A135

Date: January 21st 1941 - January 21st 1941

Testament of Charles Henry Wilson, Cherry Burton, St Aubins, St Brelade. Dated 27 February 1939. Bequeaths to Terence Earp a Pedigree of the Dawson family from 1066 on roll; to Reverend Montagne Calverley Wallis a Stainer Violin; to Jersey Masonic Library and Museum a gold presentation cigarette box and Masonic regalia.

Reference: D/Y/A/106/140

Date: June 26th 1940 - June 26th 1940

Testament of Ernest Fauvel Raffray, 6½ Commercial Buildings, St Helier. Dated 14 September 1940. Bequeaths £100 to the Royal Masonic Hospital; £100 to the Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution; £50 to the Royal Masonic Institution for Boys; £50 to the Royal Masonic Institution for Girls.

Reference: D/Y/A/107/65

Date: November 1st 1940 - November 1st 1940

Testament of Charles Edward Malet de Carteret, Horizon View, First Tower, St Helier. Dated 1 July 1939. Desires to be cremated and his ashes scattered into the sea at St Ouens Bay between L'Etacq and Corbiere Lighthouse. Bequeaths to the Provincial Grand Lodge of Freemasons his collar as Provincial Grand Master and all other masonic regalia; bequeaths to the Charity Fund of the same provincial Grand Lodge £100 guineas; to the Lodge of Freemasons known as the Yarborough Lodge the centenary jewel and the Past Masters jewel; to the Charity Fund of the said Lodge £50 guineas; numerous other bequests to Freemasonry Lodges in the United Kingdom; to the Jersey Blind Society £50

Reference: D/Y/A/109/26

Date: February 4th 1942 - February 4th 1942

Testament of Arthur Henry Ward, 10 Devon Avenue, St Clement. Dated 10 June 1931. Bequeaths to Mr & Mrs Guy Stanley the script and copywright of the first and second books of Lel-Daoud and the author's rights in Masonic Symbolism, the 7 Ways of Development and of the Song of the Flaming Heart. Codicil added 17 November 1933

Reference: D/Y/A/109/49

Date: February 25th 1942 - February 25th 1942

Testament of Fleetwood Thomas Taylor, 2 Walmer Place, St Helier. Dated 25 April 1942. Bequeaths to Mae Esther Taylor the book '' The Meaning of Masonry''; to Phil Houquet ''Freemasonry in Jersey''; to Stan Mallett all other books and papers connected with masonry; to Bea Le Feuvre his Salters Bible.

Reference: D/Y/A/112/49

Date: March 8th 1944 - March 8th 1944

Testament of Minnie Wilson née Crawley, Cherry Burton, St Aubins, St Brelade, widow. Dated 18 June 1941. Bequeaths to Terence Earp the pedigree of the Dawson family from 1066 on roll, 3 antique cider mugs with the crest of Walker of Waterclough; to Reverend Montague Calverley Wallis a Stainer Violin and 4 oil paintings by her husband; to the Jersey Masonic Library and Museum her husband's gold presentation cigarette box, Masonic regalia and jewels. Residue of personal estate to the Royal Masonic Hospital, London.

Reference: D/Y/A/113/73

Date: February 16th 1945 - February 16th 1945

Copy dated 13 September 1946 from the Principal Registry of the Will and Testament of Charles Stanley Rayner, 6 Netherby Court, Beaumont now because of the German Occupation residing at Borey House, Beer, Devon, Lieutenant RNR. Dated 8 January 1941. Desires one of the main arteries of his body to be opened after his death and wishes to be cremated. Bequeaths to the Royal Cancer Hospital £1000; to the Royal Masonic Institution for Boys £1000; to the Royal Masonic Institution for Girls £1000; to St Georges Hospital £1000; to Dr Barnados Homes £1000; to St Dunstans for Blind Soldiers £1000; to such naval or mariners charitable institutions his trustees shall choose £2000; to Jersey Dispensary and Infirmary £200; to Jersey Blind Society £100; to Jersey Old Peoples Home £100; to the Missions for Seamen £300; to Durban Home, South Africa £100; to St Aidans Mission, Durban, £100; to City Imperial Volunteers Old Comrades Association £250; The residue of his estate in equal shares to: Royal Cancer Hospital, Royal Masonic Institution for Boys and Girls, Royal Masonic Hospital, St Georges Hospital, The London Hospital, The Brompton Hospital for Consumption and Diseases of the Chest, St Bartholomews Hospital and St Dunstans for Blind Soldiers. Codicil added 8 January 1941

Reference: D/Y/A/116/120

Date: September 27th 1946 - September 27th 1946

Copy dated 16 October 1946 from the Principal Registry of the Will and Testament of Howard Eady, The Laurels, Blackall Road, Exeter, District Manager, Post Office Telephones. Dated 19 January 1920. Bequeaths to Stanley Howard Eady a silver tea and coffee service presented by the people of St Helier, a case of Masonic Clothing and Jewellery; to Roland Howard Eady the silver salver presented by the Jersey Mutual Fire Insurance Company and the framed Testimonial presented by the Bournemouth Fire Brigade.

Reference: D/Y/A/116/143

Date: November 1st 1946 - November 1st 1946

Will and Testament of Stephen Rocliffe Haworth, retired medical practitioner. Dated 23 August 1945. Bequeaths all masonic jewels and regalia to the Provincial Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Jersey. Desires to be cremated and buried in the grave of Frank Haworth at Easingwold, Yorkshire.

Reference: D/Y/A/116/157

Date: November 20th 1946 - November 20th 1946

Will and Testament of William James Macey residing at the Masonic Temple, Stopford Road, St Helier. Dated 14 November 1917.

Reference: D/Y/A/116/75

Date: July 24th 1946 - July 24th 1946

Testament of James John Webb, the Foresters Arms, Beaumont. Dated 20 June 1944. Bequeaths to Harold Davis the business of licensed victualler at the Foresters Arms. Codicil added 26 June 1944. Bequeaths to the United Services Club, Queen Street, £25; to the Masonic Temple Management Committee £25.

Reference: D/Y/A/116/91

Date: August 16th 1946 - August 16th 1946

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