Papers relating to the Law for the preservation of the Natural Beauties, of the Monuments and of the Historical sites of the Island

Reference: A/D1/L1/38

Date: March 31st 1936 - May 19th 1937

Papers relating to ancients monuments including the handing over of Mont Orgueil, 1907 and the purchase of St Aubin's Fort also includes a copy of a letter from Whitehall dated 30/08/1804 concerning Fort Regent

Reference: A/D1/M16

Date: May 26th 1905 - August 29th 1956

Various committee minutes

Reference: C/D/AD1/4

Date: May 29th 1873 - December 30th 1878

Various committees minute book, with index at back

Reference: C/D/AD1/5

Date: January 10th 1879 - February 17th 1885

Plans of the details of the Granite Plinth at the Don Monument - not dated

Reference: D/AL/A6/401(C2)

Date: 1881 - 1881

Correspondence to and from the States Greffe Public Works and the erection of the Cenotaph in Jersey.

Reference: D/AP/AA/D/4

Date: March 21st 1922 - January 14th 1924

Acte permitting the Constables to proceed with the nomination of a Committee to raise subscriptions for the erection of a monument in memory of Major Peirson. Passed by the States.

Reference: D/AP/AD/7/62

Date: February 17th 1896 - February 17th 1896

Historical Monuments

Reference: D/AP1/A1136

Plans of the proposed exhibition and cafeteria at Elizabeth Castle referred to in an act of the States

Reference: D/AP1/A1136/1(336)

Date: March 17th 1981 - March 17th 1981

Plan of the proposed transmitter site for the Independent Broadcasting Authority at Mont Orgueil Castle

Reference: D/AP1/A1136/2(370)

Date: December 15th 1983 - December 15th 1983

Elizabeth Castle

Reference: D/AS/A14/5

File relating to strategy and business planning standards. Includes correspondence concerning a Millennium monument, and the regulations of Undertaking and Development Law 1973

Reference: D/G/A1/27/37/3

Date: June 22nd 1999 - May 28th 1999

Parish Treasury of St Brelade

Reference: D/W/E2/1

Date: 1981 - 1984

Ecclesiastical plans, drawings, and photographs of proposed works, altarpieces, stained glass windows, memorials, monuments, fonts, war memorials, and furniture, concerning the Churches, lodged au Greffe. Also includes notes of Vestry Meetings concerning the proposals

Reference: D/Y/Q4

Date: 1877 - 1949

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