Official correspondence with index. Subjects include: Batteries at Anne Port and Nez du Guet at Rozel Bay; arsenal of St Helier; new waterway in St Helier; asiatic cholera; appointment of British consul at Grandville; corn; establishment of a light at Mont Orgueil; trade with Newfoundland; oyster fishery and fishing limits with France including various petitions; petition of William Gould for injuries; maintenance of the poor; port charges; the prison; St Helier parish rate; jurats; the States meeting of 28 May 1833 at which some members of the public were admitted.

Reference: C/A5/2

Date: March 27th 1833 - December 19th 1836

Testament of William Priaux of Jersey, now of Newfound[land]. Dated 09/01/1810. Bequeaths to the poor of St Joan £15. Includes seal from William Lilly, Public Notary, Newfoundland

Reference: D/Y/A/18/84

Date: May 19th 1813 - May 19th 1813

Testament of Edward Patten of Newfoundland, now of Jersey. Dated 15/09/1830. Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, 10s.

Reference: D/Y/A/21/73

Date: October 28th 1830 - October 28th 1830

Minutes of the Chamber of Commerce including various articles of the Chamber, minutes of general meetings and annual general meetings and correspondence with Parliament, local dignitaries and the States of Jersey covering subjects including St Helier Harbour, St Aubin's Harbour, wages of seamen, trade with Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and Europe and lotteries, list of vessels belonging to Jersey taken by the Enemy, John Dumaresq's journal during his residence in London as an agent for the States of Jersey and a list of staff employed by various Chamber members and a list of their earnings

Reference: L/A/38/A1/2

Date: March 2nd 1785 - March 12th 1800

Minutes of the Chamber of Commerce including minutes of general meetings and annual general meetings and various correspondence with Parliament, local dignitaries and States of Jersey covering subjects including Post Office and shipping, Guernsey Lighthouse, St Helier Harbour articles of membership, articles of membership, donation to Jersey people resident in Canada following a disaster, duty, impôt and revenue, Jersey Mutual Assurance-Mercantile Marine Act, signal posts, telegraph cables, fisheries in Newfoundland, marine insurance terms, oyster fisheries and various vessels destroyed and rescued

Reference: L/A/38/A1/5

Date: July 6th 1844 - March 10th 1868

Photograph of Mr Charles "Charlie" Le Cocq of Beach Side, Rozel, St Martin, one of the last remaining islanders known as "old salts" who sailed to Newfoundland, Central America and the Mediterranean in the late nineteenth century, looking at a painting of the schooner Conqueror, a vessel Mr Le Cocq sailed in, with Jersey Evening Post reporter Mr Brian Le Feuvre on the former's 80th birthday.

Reference: L/A/75/A2/POR/38/3

Date: March 23rd 1957 - March 30th 1957

Subject: Portraits

File number: 38

Page number: 3

Photograph of Mr G R Renouf and his sister Miss M B Renouf, from Newfoundland, Canada, on holiday in Jersey to research their family history talking to Jersey Evening Post reporter Mr Stuart Guillard, and a photograph of an unknown gentleman.

Reference: L/A/75/A2/POR/53/2

Date: March 14th 1962 - May 12th 1962

Subject: Portraits

File number: 53

Page number: 2

Papers relating to the purchase and outset of the Brigantine the Philip bound for Newfoundland under Captain Philip Amy. Gives a detailed breakdown of financial transactions associated with the voyage including £420 for the initial purchase of the vessel and other disbursements. Includes detailed lists of tradesmen who fitted the ship, details of where the cod was sold and the sale of salt at the end of the voyage.

Reference: L/C/112/G1/41

Date: 1761 - 1763

Port charges on the brig Venus, captain Philip Gruchy, from Jersey and Newfoundland

Reference: L/C/119/C/8

Date: February 16th 1853 - February 16th 1853

Charter of the ship Jersey by Jacques Remon and Nicollas Fiott from Pierre Maret, William Kartell, William Bushell and Brun Benest proprietors of the vessel. The ship is chartered for 4 months at £30 per month and is to go to Newfoundland.

Reference: L/C/88/A/12

Date: June 26th 1742

Volume of correspondence concerning the administration of Marquis George Townshend as Governor of Jersey. Includes; structure of the Invalid Companies stationed in Jersey, report of agents from Brest concerning an expedition to Ireland headed by General Hocke from Major General Gordon, letter from James Pipon concerning a new burial ground in St Brelade with draft reply, correspondence concerning the Receiver General and collection of tithes with account of Townshend with James Pipon and John Dumaresq, correspondence regarding signature of wool certificates, notice of the death of Philip Fall, Lieutenant Governor and correspondence regarding his replacement, letter from Thomas Pipon concerning the allowance of potatoes given to soldiers instead of flour also contains information concerning the amount of cod from Newfoundland in the Island which could be used for the troops, secret letter from Major General Gordon - 'I have the honour to forward for your Lordship information extracts from the secret intelligence from the coast of France and which have already been conveyed to HM Ministers by the Prince of Bouillon' to reduce the threat of invasion he would like to see 'a moving Naval Force attached to the service of these Islands', information from France on the building of French ships, the Death of Doctor Heriot, Surgeon to the Garrison and Head of Medical Department, two Jersey Cows to be sent to Townshend and two French privateers seen off Jersey in June 1797

Reference: L/F/106/A/2

Map of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, drawn and engraved by John Rapkin with Vingettes by A Fussel, published c.1851 by J & F Tallis. 35cm by 28cm

Reference: L/F/120/A/243

Date: 1851 - 1851

Recording of a radio broadcast entitled 'The Forgotten Odyssey' produced and broadcast by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in 1969 - 1970. Tape was originally given to the Société Jersiaise in August 1976 by Phyllis McKie who was given it by Earl Pennington, one of the programme's producers. Concerns Jerseymen on the Gaspé coast with some recordings of the Robin family in Jersey. Includes: History of Robin, Pipon and Company, which later became the Charles Robin Company, C Robin-Collas Company and finally Robin, Jones and Whitman; extracts from Charles Robin's Diary concerning trading and life in Canada; memories and recollections of current and past employees of Robin, Jones and Whitman, and others from Jersey and Canada; other aspects of the business including merchandising and shipbuilding; Jersey people in Canada and their descendants; descendants of Charles Robin narrated by Guy Robin, his great grand-nephew. Stereo, duration approx. 46 minutes, good sound quality. Recorded 23/06/1969, cassette copy made 11/05/2002. [CANNOT BE COPIED - Copyright: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation]

Reference: R/03/F/1

Date: June 23rd 1969 - June 23rd 1969

Jersey Talking Magazine-January Edition (User Copy). Introduction by Gordon Young. Cooking Feature-Margaret Jenkins giving recipes for the making of soup. Nature Feature-Frances Le Sueur talking about ducks with examples of duck noises. Beth Lloyd interviewing Faith Brown, an impressionist about how she became an impressionist, how she does her impressions, practising the impressions, giving examples of her impressions, hiding behind her impressions, visiting America, an impression of Margaret Thatcher talking about Jersey and meeting Kate Bush. Headmaster of Trinity School Roland Heaven singing 'Take a Pair of Sparkling Eyes' from The Gondoliers from the Gilbert and Sullivan Society. Beth Lloyd interviewing Mrs Clement-Robson about the dried fish industry in Newfoundland about how the industry began, when her grandfather went to Newfoundland in 1835 and created the business de Gruchy, Renouf, Clement and Company at La Poile and later at Channel and Burgeo, La Poile which was later bought by a Le Seelleur, the other Jersey businesses-Falle's, the Robin family at Gaspé, how the fishes were dried and the length of time it took, where the fishes were sold in Europe, the origins of the crew-some were Jersey. The Gilbert and Sullivan Society singing 'Once More Gondolieri'. End of Side One. D'Hautrée School's account of the Battle of Jersey on the occasion of its bicentenary with a summary of its events and an account of how the people felt when experiencing it based on the letters of Charles Poingdestre to Charles de Carteret, including children acting out the parts of Pierre Journeaux, the pilot, Baron de Ruellecourt, Falle, a member of the militia, Moses Corbet, the lieutenant governor, Adjutant Harrison, a British officer and Major Peirson, the commanding officer including a letter to Major Peirson's father from the States of Jersey in tribute. John Shield singing 'I am the Very Model of a Model Major-General'. Horoscope Feature-Diane Postlethwaite giving a forecast for sagittarius and capricorn. Gordon Young ends with a humorous story. End of Side Two.

Reference: R/05/B/50

Date: 1981-01 - 1981-01

Jersey Talking Magazine-January Edition, original cassette copy.

Reference: R/05/B/50/1

Date: 1981-01 - 1981-01

JEP cutting: history of the ship 'General Brock', Gaspé fishing boat

Reference: US/1205

Date: 2010 - 2015
No date provided on cutting

JEP cutting: Article on the history of fisheries in Jersey

Reference: US/1214

Date: 2012 - 2012

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