Seven notebooks containing a diary and related writings of Mr and Mrs G Attenborough, kept by the couple while living on Jersey during the German Occupation of the Channel Islands, 1940 - 1945 (with typed transcriptions), providing a meticulous record of events on the Island as seen by them during this period; together with four scrapbooks of newspaper cuttings.

Date: 1940 - 1945

'The Jersey Advertiser & Weekly News' published every Wednesday, Proprietor William Francis Le Cocq, 9 Byron Road St Helier articles re. petitions regarding abolition of compulsory military service and increase of representation in St Helier and celebration of Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee 1 newsprint

Reference: A/C2/26/3

Date: February 16th 1887 - February 16th 1887

Copy letter from A Ward Simpson to G Le Gros, Seafield, Millbrook, St Lawrence with enclosed newscutting from the Evening Post reporting the States debate re. finances involved in mobilisation of the Militia of the 14 January

Reference: A/C2/40/7

Date: January 25th 1904 - January 25th 1904

Newscutting article on the Special Sitting of the States on June 2 re. Militia expenses, the Albert Pier and the veto by the Lieutenant Governor [Major General Hugh Sutley Gough] to the Réglement on Cycles and Automobiles

Reference: A/C2/41/36

Date: June 2nd 1905 - June 2nd 1905

Letter from B Campbell, Lieutenant Governor of Guernsey to H S Gough Lieutenant Governor of Jersey regarding the withdrawal of the Regiment from Guernsey and giving him the authority to contradict the statement, two typed copies of newspaper articles re. the situation

Reference: A/C2/41/6

Date: March 4th 1905 - March 4th 1905

Letter from W W Maitland Government Secretary to Mr P M De La Mare Jersey Times & British Press regarding an account for printing, papers and almanacs, enclosed with the bill from Mr De La Mare

Reference: A/C2/43/108

Date: November 19th 1907 - November 19th 1907

Letter from H S Gough Lieutenant Governor to the Bailiff [W V Vernon] informing him the encampment dates will be published in the local press and readjustment of the dates for musketry practice

Reference: A/C2/43/28

Date: March 25th 1907 - March 25th 1907

Press cuttings of the official engagements of the Lieutenant Governor

Reference: A/D1/L3/35

Date: 1975 - 1979

Press cuttings relating to the Lieutenant Governor, includes the a copy of a newspaper reporting on the President Kennedy assassination

Reference: A/D1/L4/20

Date: May 5th 1957 - November 23rd 1963

Disclosure of military information in newspapers

Reference: A/E/8/11

Date: December 9th 1916 - May 2nd 1917

Export of the Evening Post to neutral countries

Reference: A/E/8/8

Date: August 24th 1916 - September 25th 1916

Orders from the Admiralty prohibiting the advertising of sailing times of shipping to and from the island

Reference: A/E/8/9

Date: December 5th 1916 - December 8th 1916

Miscellaneous Messages, Includes; Letters of thanks from Jersey people to the Times, letters relating to John Reybold P.O.W. on Jersey, letters from the Royal Jersey Agricultural and Horticultural Society, letters of thanks from the States of Jersey to Brigadier Snow, commander of the liberating forces

Reference: B/A/L1/4

Date: May 11th 1945 - August 28th 1945

Liberation Day 1946: Newspaper articles

Reference: B/A/L41/1/6

Date: April 30th 1946 - April 30th 1946

Liberation Day 1970: Jersey Evening Post

Reference: B/A/L41/16/7

Date: May 11th 1970 - May 11th 1970

Restrictions in size of Evening Post

Reference: B/A/W31/1/112

Date: June 9th 1944 - June 9th 1944

Allocation of metal from the 'Office des Metaux non-fereux', Paris; Scrap metal and iron and Metal for type to print the Jersey Evening Post lead removed from the roof of Fort Regent

Reference: B/A/W32/2/35

Date: January 20th 1942 - April 18th 1944

Sales of textiles and footwear, includes; - shop window displays - opening hours for shops - Orders passed by the States - Inventory of footwear, textiles and soap - Shops to sell German Newspapers and Periodicals - Minutes of a meeting of the Trades Panels re. opening hours

Reference: B/A/W32/2/8

Date: September 19th 1940 - October 24th 1941

Payment for the Christmas Newspaper for the German Air Force

Reference: B/A/W40/8/17

Date: July 12th 1941 - July 14th 1941

Request for printing ink for the Guernsey Star and Gazette Company Limited from the Jersey Morning News

Reference: B/A/W45/11

Date: April 19th 1941 - May 21st 1941

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