Correspondence with Ernest F Steed, 61, Dagenham Avenue, Dagenham, Essex concerning furniture left in Jersey on evacuation to England

Reference: B/A/L11/25

Date: August 17th 1945 - January 12th 1946

Correspondence from W Gardner and the Home Office concerning civilian men taken into internment camps from the Channel Islands

Reference: B/A/L11/26

Date: January 11th 1946 - January 15th 1946

Correspondence regarding trees felled at La Rosière, Grands Vaux, St Saviour belonging to Theodore Allingham Magnus

Reference: B/A/L11/27

Date: January 25th 1946 - February 1st 1946

Correspondence with E T Metayer, Vine Villa, Byron Lane, St Helier and his employment at the General Hospital

Reference: B/A/L11/28

Date: February 6th 1946 - August 22nd 1947

Correspondence with W H Stephens, Sunrays Hotel, Droitwich concerning a complaint against E Le Gallais & Sons

Reference: B/A/L11/29

Date: March 8th 1946 - May 16th 1946

Letter from the Bailiff of Jersey, Alexander Coutanche to T H Le Cornu, 2, Sea Braes, St Aubin's Road relating to the Rent Restriction Act

Reference: B/A/L11/3

Date: June 22nd 1945 - June 22nd 1945

Correspondence with Alex Ed Delépine, 16, Boulevard Dubois, Dreux concerning sale of properties in Jersey

Reference: B/A/L11/30

Date: April 8th 1946 - April 12th 1946

Correspondence concerning Mr Finkelstein, Mon Desir, Bagot, Jersey's pension

Reference: B/A/L11/32

Date: May 14th 1946 - June 15th 1946

Correspondence concerning Mr A Green's claim for compensation

Reference: B/A/L11/33

Date: May 17th 1946 - May 18th 1946

Correspondence concerning Mr C R Hills complaint about an aga cooker that was removed from a private house

Reference: B/A/L11/34

Date: May 14th 1946 - May 20th 1946

Correspondence concerning Mr Styles' missing wireless set

Reference: B/A/L11/35

Date: July 4th 1946 - July 5th 1946

Correspondence concerning the de-requisitioning of Mr and Mrs Cheriton's house 3, Balmoral Avenue, Samarès

Reference: B/A/L11/36

Date: July 8th 1946 - August 13th 1946

Papers relating to a claim for compensation for his 1941 wheat crop from Captain John Richardson Starck, Les Hougues, Trinity, includes a petition to the States of Jersey

Reference: B/A/L11/37

Date: November 29th 1947 - September 15th 1953

Correspondence between Mrs Buesnel, Tudor Villa, Bellozanne Road and the Bailiff, Alexander Coutanche relating to a notice for Mrs Buesnel to quit her house

Reference: B/A/L11/4

Date: July 3rd 1945 - July 6th 1945

Correspondence from Mr J Williams, White Alice Farm, Carnmenellis, Redruth, Cornwall relating to the sale of Egypt Farm, Trinity by the States of Jersey

Reference: B/A/L11/6

Date: September 16th 1940 - August 17th 1945

Correspondence relating to the storage of Mr W Philpott's furniture

Reference: B/A/L11/7

Date: August 10th 1945 - August 10th 1945

Correspondence relating to the sale of Maude M A Robert, 2, Watkin Villas, First Tower's piano

Reference: B/A/L11/8

Date: August 20th 1945 - August 22nd 1945

Correspondence with Miss Florence Shaw, Captain of the Salvation Army, 8, Roseville Street, St Helier relating to the banishment of Francois Renè Gouyet

Reference: B/A/L11/9

Date: August 22nd 1945 - August 22nd 1945


Reference: B/A/L12

Correspondence with Ann Street Brewery Company Limited concerning the requirements for the re-establishment of the brewing industry in Jersey

Reference: B/A/L12/1

Date: May 17th 1945 - May 22nd 1945

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