Parish Property File RG/Bd 02 relating to Maison du Signal

Reference: A/T1/1

Date: August 13th 1990 - September 15th 1992

Parish Property File RG/Mn 02 relating to land in St Martin

Reference: A/T6/1

Date: October 7th 1975 - July 5th 1991

Parish Property File RG/Mn 04/02 relating to sales of small parcels of land in St Martin

Reference: A/T6/2

Date: July 24th 1981 - February 28th 1983

Parish Property File RG/Mn 09 relating to Gorey Pier

Reference: A/T6/3

Date: January 6th 1993 - May 27th 1994

Parish Property File RG/Mn 13 relating to property in St Martin

Reference: A/T6/4

Date: March 15th 1960 - December 20th 1989

Parish Property File RG/Mn 14 relating to land in St Martin

Reference: A/T6/5

Date: January 8th 1948 - July 21st 1978

Parish Property File RG/Mn 15 relating to property at St Catherine in the Parish of St Martin

Reference: A/T6/6

Date: April 15th 1985 - July 24th 1992

States of Jersey. Defence Committee. Civil Defence Organisation. Parish Warden Section Public Enquiries Quiz [ not dated, probably dates from 1965]

Reference: D/G/C5/3/1

Date: 1965 - 1965

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