Lieutenant Governor, Lieutenant General Sir G Don's, Letter Book of correspondence with the Island Authorities. The index has been scanned and attached.

Reference: A/A5/7

Date: May 27th 1810 - November 13th 1812

Applicants with surnames beginning with the letters M and N - Geraldine Mary-Rose Martin

Reference: B/A/L42/10/182

Date: 1943 - 1945

Applicants with surnames beginning with the letter G - Ellen Caroline Gallie

Reference: B/A/L42/6/29

Date: 1943 - 1945

Closure of Pier Road from Victoria Pier to the first curve of Mount Bingham

Reference: B/A/W50/122

Date: November 19th 1943 - November 19th 1943

Thefts from empty houses in Pier Road mostly by civilians looking for firewood

Reference: B/A/W50/200

Date: April 21st 1945 - April 21st 1945

Proposition in Connexion with the Pier Road Housing Development, lodged by Connétable P G Baker of St Helier

Reference: C/A609/1979/P9

Date: January 9th 1979 - January 9th 1979

Development Proposals of the Housing Committee for 1983

Reference: C/A612/1982/P69

Date: May 25th 1982 - May 25th 1982

Public Health Offices, Pier Road: Transfer of Administration, presented by the Public Works Committee and lodged by Deputy N S Le Brocq of St Helier

Reference: C/A613/1983/P17

Date: February 1st 1983 - February 1st 1983

Pier Road Development: Approval of Drawings, lodged by the Housing Committee.

Reference: C/A616/1986/P97

Date: July 1st 1986 - July 1st 1986

Pier Road Car Park Extension: Approval of Drawings and Transfer of Funds, lodged by the Public Works Committee.

Reference: C/A616/1986/P99

Date: July 8th 1986 - July 8th 1986

Official Analyst: Laboratory Extention, lodged by the Public Works Committee.

Reference: C/A619/1989/P81

Date: June 6th 1989 - June 6th 1989

Plan showing Pier Road, Caledonia Place and Commercial Buildings, Scale 1:500.

Reference: D/AL/A11/ESR/201/1

Date: 1970-12 - 1970-12

Plans of Pier Road. Proposed Flats

Reference: D/AL/A2/1958

Date: 1948 - 1948

Plans of Town Arsenal. Proposed building in Pier Road

Reference: D/AL/A2/26

Date: 1907 - 1907

Plans of Pier Road Motor Traffic Office

Reference: D/AL/A3/2300

Date: 1962 - 1962

Sketch of schemes of the new Museum building at Pier Road

Reference: D/AL/A6/2737(C4)

Date: 1983 - 1983

Plans of Pier Road - Bas du Mont proposed flats

Reference: D/AL/A8/2021(E3)

Date: 1951 - 1951

Plans of Pier Road - temporary office accommodation

Reference: D/AL/A8/2414(E4)

Date: 1965 - 1965

Plans of Public Health Offices, Pier Road - Office and store

Reference: D/AL/A8/2684(F4)

Date: 1978 - 1978

Plans of Pier Road - sketch plans of flats

Reference: D/AL/A9/1221(E6)

Date: 1973 - 1973

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