Requisition Order 588; receipt for household items from District Office Pier Road to Imports Office, North Pier and Red Cross Letter Office, Halkett Place.

Reference: D/AU/V9/588

Date: October 22nd 1940 - October 22nd 1940

Requisition Order 730; receipt for furniture from District Office, Pier Road to Monaco House, St Saviour's Road.

Reference: D/AU/V9/730

Date: November 5th 1940 - November 5th 1940

Requisition Order 753; receipt for furniture from District Office, Pier Road to Cannon Tower, Peirson Road and Pomme D'Or Hotel.

Reference: D/AU/V9/753

Date: November 16th 1940 - November 16th 1940

Requisition Order 781; receipt for furniture from District Office, Pier Road to Mr Andrew's Office, Import Office, North Pier and Beau Sejour, Rouge Bouillon.

Reference: D/AU/V9/781

Date: November 22nd 1940 - November 22nd 1940

Requisition Order 798; receipt for furniture from District Office, Pier Road to Dilkusha, New Zealand Avenue.

Reference: D/AU/V9/798

Date: November 26th 1940 - November 26th 1940

Requisition Order 799; receipt for goods from Bel Royal Radio, Burrard Street to Beauvoir, St Saviour.

Reference: D/AU/V9/799

Date: November 26th 1940 - November 26th 1940

File relating to the Policy Advisory Committee and the local construction industry. Includes reports and correspondence concerning: Mark Amy Limited, the award of contracts without competitive tendering, the Continental Hotel site, D'Hautree School, international conventions, the self employed, liability insurance, unemployment, the Pier Road site, capital projects, Le Clos de la Ville, and payment to contractors. Also includes figures, and copies of Committee Acts

Reference: D/G/A1/27/12/9

Date: May 7th 1993 - December 20th 1993

File containing copies of Townscape Studies. St Helier. St Aubin. Gorey. Includes sections concerning: the Old Town, the Harbour, the Commercial Centre, and nineteenth century residential expansion. Also includes illustrations, original drawings, maps, and plans

Reference: D/G/A8/3/15

Date: 1984 - 1984

Photograph album of buildings of historical significance in St Helier taken by Planning and Building Services

Reference: D/W/E1/3

Date: 1967 - 1997

File relating to Town Planning, Redevelopment, includes correspondence relating to the re-zoning of land for development, planning appraisal of possible housing sites, correspondence relating to industrial and commercial development and re-use of commercial sites including in Pier Road and Le Breton Lane and maps of potential sites.

Reference: D/W/F1/1/04/02

Date: July 4th 1974 - September 7th 1994

File relating to Commerce and Industry, Relocation of Normans Limited, includes; plans of the Five Oaks site for Normans and correspondence relating to the relocation of Normans Limited from Pier Road and Le Breton Lane to Five Oaks, the La Collette Land Reclamation Scheme, future industrial sites, site allocation, valuations and acquisition and land re-zoning.

Reference: D/W/F1/1/09/07N.1

Date: May 30th 1977 - November 21st 1988

File relating to Miscellaneous St Helier Correspondence P, includes; general correspondence relating to roads and lanes with names that start with 'P', or with members of the public and businesses whose name starts with 'P'. Correspondence relates to all aspects of planning, building and the environment including change of use for properties, property access, acquisition, windows, doors, walls and other general development requests and issues. Also includes a copy of the Hospital Development Plan, 1970, a plan relating to Pier Road development and Normans Limited, 1970, a photograph of 7, Highfield Villas, La Pouquelaye, 1984 and a photograph of Don Hotel, 14 The Parade, 1985.

Reference: D/W/F1/2/01P

Date: September 17th 1970 - December 7th 1987

Survey of part of St Helier including St Helier Harbour, Weighbridge, Esplanade, Fort Regent, Pier Road, Hill Street, Mulcaster Street, Royal Square, King Street, Regent Road, Queen Street, Commercial Street, Conway Street and Library Place, Sheet No 14

Reference: D/W/H5/14

Date: 1977 - 1977

Survey of part of St Helier including St Helier Harbour, Pier Road, Fort Regent, Green Street, La Collette and Havre des Pas Gardens, Sheet No 18

Reference: D/W/H5/18

Date: 1977 - 1977

Will and Testament of Albert Misson, of 1, Beach Crescent, St Luke, St Saviour and formerly of Regent Hotel, Pier Road, St Helier. Dated 14/01/1957. [Includes one closed document]

Reference: D/Y/B1/90/6

Date: September 8th 1965 - September 8th 1965

General advice to the Housing Department on housing schemes, includes; Grasset Park Estate, Cycling Grounds, First Tower, Circus Field at Millbrook, Tobacco Company site at St Clement, site at Queen's Road, land near St George's Church, St Ouen, Pier Road, Parish of St Peter site, Fort Regent, tenancy agreements, Shalom, Victoria Court, Troglodyte Caves, St Ouen, Greve d'Azette Station, St Peter's Arsenal, Clos de Roncier, Grands Vaux, Rosemount, Mont à la Brune, Anthony's Quarry, Beau Sejour, Perree Villas, Valley des Vaux, Roslinga, Grands Vaux, Bagot, Valley House, Valley Road, St Saviour's Road, Great Union Road and 7, Pier Road

Reference: D/Z1/A150/1/1

Date: 1946 - 1962

General correspondence and advice to the Housing Department concerning leases and tenancies, includes; Valley House, Le Geyt Road, Elysee, Springfield Place, Cannon Street, Parade Square, 12, Hampshire Gardens, Pier Road, Aylmer Farm, New Alma House, 9, Belmont Road and 2, Sidon Place, Havres des Pas

Reference: D/Z1/A150/5/1

Date: 1950 - 1973

St Helier Honorary Police incident book - entry for Ernest Tank, 20, for drunkeness

Reference: F/D/H1/1/124

Date: December 18th 1905

St Helier Honorary Police incident book - John Harlow, 19, arrested for drunkeness and assault

Reference: F/D/H1/1/185

Date: December 21st 1905

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