Unofficial and incomplete lists of people from Jersey deported to German Penal Prisons and German Concentration Camps in France, Poland and Germany. Updated February 2001

Reference: L/C/24/A/3a

Date: 1940 - 1945

Typed copy of the memories of Robert C Bennett based upon notes written by him during the Occupation.

Reference: L/C/268/A/1

Date: October 1st 1940 - 1945

Notebook of Edward George Joseph Doublet, 1944.

Reference: L/C/362/B/1

Date: January 1st 1944 - December 31st 1944

Log Book of 'September Tide' France, England, Holland, Germany, Poland and Denmark. Includes copy of Daily Mirror 12 August 1900 in German and Baltona Shipchandlers Poland price list, not dated. John Marriner was the first person in the West to take a yacht to the Iron Curtain countries since before the Second World War.

Reference: L/D/06/A/2

Date: April 24th 1959 - October 14th 1959

Copy of a diary kept by Walter Touzel when taken prisoner of war by the German forces in the Second World War. Includes the names of the places that he was kept, dates of arrival and departure and details of 'The March' which saw him being forcibly marched across Poland in 1945 with dates, places stopped at and distances covered and liberation and return to England.

Reference: L/F/295/A1/1

Date: November 27th 1939 - May 14th 1945

Notebook of transcriptions of news of global events during the Second World War.

Reference: L/F/345/A/1

Date: March 3rd 1944 - April 8th 1944

Four of the ten Polish workers who are working in Nigel Vibert's tomato glasshouses at Samarès Nursery; Grzegorz Ruda, Andrzej Bieniek, Katherine Koziol, and Bernadette Bukowa. The four are part of a party of 30 Polish workers who arrived in Jersey on a 6 month contract organised by the Jersey Farmers Union.

Reference: P/03/C/16

Date: February 9th 2000 - February 9th 2000

Jersey Talking Magazine-December 1977 Edition. Introduction by Gordon Young. Nature feature-Frances Le Sueur talking about owls including examples of their noise. Medical feature-Beth Lloyd talking to a doctor about keeping warm in winter. Cooking feature-Margaret Jenkins talking about steaming. Island Administrators-Graeme Pitman interviewing Senator Bernard Binnington, President of the Agriculture and Fisheries Committee about the responsibilities of his committee, administration of the States Farm at the Howard Davis Farm and the work that goes on there, things that he think may change in the industry in the future, the involvement of the committee in fisheries, the possibility of taking over responsibility for food stocks, how long he has been president and been in the States. Mike Le Cocq talking about hints for gardening for blind people. End of Side One. Child reading a poem about winter. In July Andrew Millar who is blind, PRO of Talking Newspaper, a physiotherapist and a guide around Colchester and Marjorie Norton visited Buckingham Palace for a garden party and talks about their experience, meeting the Queen and Prince Philip. Norah Bryant, a picture restorer, being interviewed by Beth Lloyd about picture restoration, the process of restoration and cleaning, the implications of having a picture restored and examples of work. Interview by Philip Gurdon of Joe Rechka, a pilot, who talks about his early life just after the Germans had invaded Czechoslovakia, travelling from Poland to Calais and then Paris, joining the French Foreign Legion and training for war, defending railway stations over the Maginot Line, the Allies losing the war and moving to Liverpool, joining the British Fighter Squadron, ferrying planes, flying over Malta, returning to Czechoslovakia after the war and escaping to the UK to escape the regime.

Reference: R/05/B/14

Date: November 30th 1977 - November 30th 1977

Jersey Talking Magazine-June Edition. Introduction by Gordon Young. Beth Lloyd talking to Maurice Gautier, a beekeeper, about why he doesn't want Queen's Valley flooded, the bees in the valley, the trees and plants that Jersey bees like, the taste of Jersey honey, the different seasons and their effects on the bees, about 80 beekeepers with up to 480 colonies of bees on the island and what to do if bees swarm. Pat Dubras reads the Joyce Grenfell poem 'Time'. Beth Lloyd interviewing Paul Birt regarding a textbook to aid the teaching of Jersey Norman French about how he came to be involved in the language, the textbook helping people to learn jèrriais, the importance of keeping the language, the teaching of jèrriais in schools, the interest in jèrriais outside of the island, working with Dr Frank Le Maistre and the length of time it will take to compile the book. Phil Gurdon talking to Don Lusher about being lead trombonist with the Ted Heath Band, working with Frank Sinatra, his three bands that he runs-the Don Lusher Big Band, the Don Lusher Quartet and the Don Lusher Trombone Ensemble together with the revival of the Ted Heath Band, named as musician of the year by the BBC Jazz Society in 1976, how you differentiate between a great and good musician, holding music clinics for brass musicians, coming to Jersey in June to do a clinic with a brass band and playing a concert, being a faculty member in Belmont College, Nashville for a trombone clinic with some of the greatest trombone players in the world and working as a session trombone musician with Don Lusher playing his own piece of music. End of Side One. Frank Korowoski, a blind man, talking about his holiday in East Germany including entering the country for the first time, the officials checking passports, reaching Berlin, seeing the Berlin Wall, getting off the train, meeting the German Red Cross who were to guide him whilst in the country, his impressions of the country, meeting an East German blind lady who he had corresponded with in Braille, staying in a hotel for western visitors, a description of his room, the cheapness of the meal, the difficulties experienced in East Germany, his journey to Poland by train, people being helpful, meeting his friends and going around Poznan in Poland, discovering the difficulty in getting food in Poland, Roman Catholicism in Poland and a church service he went to, going out for sunday lunch because of the food shortage, the places that he visited in Poland, being amazed at the spectacle of Warsaw, a school for the blind in Poland, visiting Krakow, visiting the black madonna at Czestochowa and seeing the pilgrims going to the shrine, visiting other places in Poland and then to Czechoslovakia, lack of freedom of movement in the country, more prosperity than Poland but the people wanted to live in other countries, discrimination against people believing in religion, his journey back to Britain and his hopes for the country of his father, Poland. Gordon Young with contributions from the readers and answering their questions. End of Side Two.

Reference: R/05/B/64

Date: May 31st 1982 - May 31st 1982

Jersey Evening Post Newspaper article : Jersey Heritage's outreach curator, Lucy Layton, takes a look at the migration of people to Jersey and how they shaped and influenced the Island as documented in the 'People Make Jersey' exhibition

Reference: US/1512

Date: July 13th 2020

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