Photograph of Louise Downie, curator of art, at launch of portrait commission [Copyright: Jersey Evening Post]

Reference: C/D/P/M6/15

Date: 2000 - 2000

Photograph of Jurat John de Veulle, Chairman of the Trust [Copyright: Jersey Evening Post]

Reference: C/D/P/M6/22

Date: 2000 - 2000

Directorate correspondence relating to T B Davis Gift of Lecture Hall to Victoria College, June 1934, includes; a minute of a special meeting of the Education Committee to discuss T B Davis' offer to build a lecture hall at Victoria College, correspondence between the Committee and T B Davis regarding the proposed lecture hall and conditions attached to the offer, details of fixtures and fittings including the portrait of King George V by John St Helier Lander, a model of the S S Indian City and a clock and quotes for work to be carried out on the hall.

Reference: D/J1/A/B1/G/1/1

Date: June 2nd 1934 - November 27th 1945

Testament of John Philip Tocque, 4 Don Terrace, Don Road, St Helier. Dated 3 December 1932. Codicil added 19 February 1935. Bequeaths to Ethel Helen Tocque a portrait of himself by Larbalastier.

Reference: D/Y/A/101/18

Date: August 3rd 1937 - August 3rd 1937

Papers relating to the Will and Testament of Cornelius Johannes Kneppelhout van Sterkenburg, Swissville, Beach Road, St Lukes, St Helier. Dated 28 September 1929. Copy from Dordrecht, Holland. Bequeaths portraits of the Prince and Princess of Orange and all genealogical family papers to Cornelius Kneppelhaut van Sterkenburg. Codicil added 13 November 1936 in English: original Codicil added 26 February 1938, copy from Dordrecht, Holland.

Reference: D/Y/A/102/94

Date: May 2nd 1938 - May 2nd 1938

Testament of Mary Philippa Pipon, 4 Elysian Terrace, St Saviours Road, spinster. Dated 27 October 1928. Bequeaths the portrait of General Philip Gosset Pipon painted in 1848 by Le Bailly to Sophy Eliza Pipon.

Reference: D/Y/A/106/72

Date: March 20th 1940 - March 20th 1940

Will and Testament of Susan Ann Wimble, La Chasse House, St Helier. Dated 31 March 1936. Bequeaths to Dr Herbert Charles Wimble all portraits of the Wimble family; to the Home for Aged & Infirm Women £100; to the Jersey Female Orphans Home £100. Codicil added 30 April 1940. Revokes bequest made to Jersey Female Orphans Home. Codicil added 30 April 1940. Bequeaths £100 on trust to pay the annual income of three girls who have achieved the best conduct reports in the Jersey Home for Girls.

Reference: D/Y/A/110/119

Date: April 14th 1943 - April 14th 1943

Testament of Charles De Ste Croix of St Saviour. Dated 12/05/1823. Bequeaths to the poor of St Saviour, £10 sterling. Codicil Added: 13/06/1823, bequeaths to Elizabeth Hubert, his wife - various paintings and portraits

Reference: D/Y/A/19/106

Date: June 27th 1823 - June 27th 1823

Testament of Clement Nicolle of St Helier. Dated 02/08/1819. Desires to be buried in St Helier's Cemetery. Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, £1200 of French currency, to Philippe Nicolle, his brother, a telescope, a portrait of Lydia, and the Family Bible in English, to Elizabeth Marie De Ste Croix his wife, £5,000 sterling in 3% 'consolides' in the Bank of England, to David Nicolle his brother, £2,000 sterling in 3% 'consolides' in the Bank of England. Codicil Added 06/07/1820. Bequeaths to Philippe Nicolle, £2,000 sterling in 3% 'consolides' in the Bank of England

Reference: D/Y/A/19/44

Date: August 8th 1820 - August 8th 1820

Testament of George Le Geyt. Dated 02/10/1858. Bequeaths to George Adams Le Geyt, the testator's portrait by Fisher. Codicil Added: 10/08/1859

Reference: D/Y/A/30/125

Date: October 3rd 1861 - October 3rd 1861

Testament of William Collie of Skene, Aberdeen, now of Belmont House, St Helier, portrait painter. Dated 18/07/1883. Bequeaths to William Collie Murison all paintings and drawings, to Robert Mitchell Murison his painting "Report of Juries" with medal and certificate of having been an Exhibitor at the Great Exhibition of 1851, to William Starck Shakespeare's works in ten volumes, to Philip Starck Barr's Buffron with supplement in ten volumes, to Brown Starck "London Interiors Illustrated" and Shakespeare's works in one volume, to the Art Gallery about to be formed in Aberdeen various portraits including copies of Sir Daniel Macnee's work and studies from Van Dyke.

Reference: D/Y/A/55/30

Date: April 17th 1896 - April 17th 1896

Copy dated 01/12/1900 from the Commissary of Guernsey of the Will and Testament of Robert Henry Randall of St Julien Avenue, St Peter Port. Dated 17/08/1900. Bequeaths to Robert William Randall the business of Vauxlaurens Brewery, a portrait of the testator's father by Ouless and a portrait of the testator by Brooks.

Reference: D/Y/A/60/54

Date: August 15th 1901 - August 15th 1901

Testament of Francis George Shields, The Nest, Havre des Pas, St Helier. Dated 30 June 1931. Desires to be buried in Warden Churchyard. Bequeaths to Joyce Carr Shields a portrait of Robert Waugh by Gainsborough.

Reference: D/Y/A/93/82

Date: September 5th 1932 - September 5th 1932

Will and Testament of Thomas Anthony Hanmer, of 27, Seale Street, St Helier. Desires to be cremated. Bequeaths to the holder of the Hanmer Baronetcy, the portraits of the late Reverend John Hanmer and his wife. Dated 21/07/1952. Codicil Added 28/01/1955. [Includes three closed documents]

Reference: D/Y/B1/50/9

Date: August 21st 1958 - August 21st 1958

Will and Testament of Marion Emily Pitcher, of 11, The Terrace, Flat 2, Grosvenor Street, St Helier. Bequeaths to Lieutenant-Colonel Duncan St Vincent Gordon, the portrait of the late Air Commodore D Le Geyt Pitcher by Oswald Burley. Dated 22/08/1951. [Includes three closed documents]

Reference: D/Y/B1/57/43

Date: January 21st 1960 - January 21st 1960

Will and Testament of Philip Le Brocq of 2, West End Terrace, Peirson Road, St Helier. Bequeaths to National Children's Home and Orphanage £50, to Dr Barnado's Homes £50, to Reverend Lax's Mission (Poplar) £50, to the Jersey General Dispensary £50, to the Jersey Blind Society £50, to the Jersey District Nursing Association £50, to Brig Y Don Children's Convalescent and Holiday Home £50, to the Jersey Home for Aged folk £50, to the Red Cross International Society £200. Bequeaths to John Philip Le Brocq his gold watch and chain and the oil painting "Battle of Jersey" by Hilson. Bequeaths to John Le Brocq portraits of himself and his wife by John Helier Lander. Bequeaths to Ann Elizabeth Deslandes, née Bree photographs of his wife and son, a sampler, oak table, photographs of family and various other items. Bequeaths to George Deslandes his inlaid press and card table. Bequeaths to Harold Stanley Deslandes his wardrobe, grandfather clock with boat and his grave plot in Almorah Cemetery. Bequeaths to Kenneth Woodhouse a rug, silver brushes, sewing machine and silver bowls. Bequeaths to Laura May Deslandes his tea set and motor car. Dated 31/12/1945. First Codicil Added: 23/12/1946. Second Codicil Added: 18/10/1948. (Includes two closed documents).

Reference: D/Y/B1/6/23

Date: August 22nd 1950 - August 22nd 1950

Will and Testament of Laura Charlotte Collas, née Braithwaite of The Lodge, 24, Clarendon Road, St Helier, widow. Bequeaths to William John Jervoise Collas the family portraits, the family tree of the Collas family, an oak chest, iron thumb ring and telescope holder. Bequeaths to Guy Malet de Carteret, Seigneur of the Fief Haubert two oil paintings of the de Carteret family. Dated 13/05/1941. Codicil Added: 01/09/1948. (Includes one closed document).

Reference: D/Y/B1/6/26

Date: August 29th 1950 - August 29th 1950

Will and Testament of Elizabeth Boucher, daughter of John and widow of William Porter, of Plaisance Lodge, St Clement's Road, St Helier. Desires to be buried in the same grave as her late husband in St Saviour's Cemetery with a separate headstone with suitable inscription. Bequeaths to Margaret Dora Porter, Kathleen Rowena Porter and Sylvia Elizabeth Porter all her plated articles, personal jewellery and silver; to Amelia S Moody, all her personal clothing, kitchen utensils, towels, sheets and pillow cases, the portraits of herself and her late husband; to the Victoria Street Congregational Church, £300; to the London Missionary Society, £100; to Arthur Bowman Porter, all pictures with exception of the portraits previously mentioned; to Mrs Amy of 13, St Clement's Road, a flower vase; to Mrs Baton, two brass candlesticks and lamps; to Douglas Baton, a case of stuffed birds; to Miss M F Lawson, the book 'The Desire of Ages'; to Gertrude Brears, a gold watch and chain. Dated 10/09/1947. First Codicil Added 01/04/1948. Second Codicil Added 01/04/1948. [Includes one closed document]

Reference: D/Y/B1/8/47

Date: February 19th 1951 - February 19th 1951

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