File S.4/1/8 Press Control

Reference: A/C8/9

Date: November 14th 1950 - May 26th 1952

Visit of the Foreign Press Association

Reference: A/D1/V2/33

Date: November 23rd 1973 - June 12th 1974

Judicial Greffe correspondence file relating to Media release of documents (esp order of justice)

Reference: B/D/A/J7 (30)

Date: October 27th 1983 - October 27th 1992

Facilities-Filming Broadcasting Press etc

Reference: B/D/A/S5/16

Date: August 21st 1968 - January 21st 2002

States Assembly Hansard Official Report includes Draft Gambling Commission (Jersey) Law 200- (P.139/2009) and amendments, Draft Gambling (Gaming and Lotteries) (Amendment No. 15) (Jersey) Regulations 200- (P.140/2009), Draft Gambling (2010 Fees) (Jersey) Regulations (P.141/2009) and amendments, Young Offenders: naming by the media (P.148/2009) and amendments.

Reference: C/A12/191

Date: December 2nd 2009 - December 2nd 2009

States Assembly Hansard Official Report includes Draft Public Elections (Amendment No. 4) (Jersey) Law 201- (P.14/2011) and amendments, Importation of fireworks in 2007 for a charity event: investigation (P.21/2011), Elected Members’ access to information: media releases (P.22/2011), States of Jersey Development Company Limited: appointment of Chairman and Non-Executive Directors (P.32/2011) and amendments, arrangement of public business for future meetings.

Reference: C/A12/258

Date: March 17th 2011 - March 17th 2011

States Assembly Hansard Official Report includes written questions, oral questions, questions without notice for the Minister for Housing and the Chief Minister, statement regarding the future composition and election of the States. statement regarding G.S.T, statement regarding the release of information to the media, statement concerning industrial action by members of the T.G.W.U. (Transport and General Workers Union) at the harbour, Employment (Jersey) Law 2003: therapeutic work schemes (P.141/2007) and Draft Income Support (Jersey) Regulations 200- (P.90/2007).

Reference: C/A12/75

Date: October 9th 2007 - October 9th 2007

Press pack including programmes, maps and tourism literature

Reference: C/C/L/B2/3/1

Date: 1994 - 1994

File containing correspondence with the media, copies of press releases. Photocopy of 'A Jersey Country Parish during the time of Occupation' by Watchman, 1946 (pseudonym for Canon Wilford, St Martin)

Reference: C/C/L/C6/3/3

Date: December 11th 1993 - December 23rd 1994

Press releases issued by the Trust

Reference: C/D/P/M7/8

Date: April 9th 1984 - December 1st 1993

Programme for the official opening of the Central Automatic Telephone Exchange by the Lieutenant Governor Sir George Erskine, with typed script for the inaugural telephone call of the new system between the Lieutenant Governor and the Postmaster General.

Reference: D/AR/E1/4

Date: November 5th 1959 - November 5th 1959

Card from a luncheon at the Lobster Pot, L'Etacq, commemorating the opening of the South Automatic Telephone exchange, signed by those present.

Reference: D/AR/E1/5

Date: June 9th 1966 - June 9th 1966

Jersey Evening Post newscuttings

Reference: D/AS/D1/1

Date: 1967 - 1969

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