Plans of the proposed States printing works at 25-27, Charles Street

Reference: D/AL/A6/2618(C4)

Date: 1971 - 1971

Passing sheets for States Greffe Print section and Royal Visit

Reference: D/AU/M6/2

Date: 1975 - 1975

States Assembly, States Printers, Legislation, Oyster farming and Registry account book

Reference: D/AU/N23/2

Date: June 20th 1919 - January 5th 1922

Treasurer of the States and President of the Finance and Economics Committee's general correspondence and filing concerning the States Printers

Reference: D/AU1/A3/128

Date: May 19th 2000 - October 19th 2000

Service Reviews - States Printers, includes; consultants proposal for review of the States Printers and draft report of States Printers Service Review.

Reference: D/G/A3/24/1

Date: November 29th 1999 - 2000-02

Directorate correspondence relating to computers and the Education Department network

Reference: D/J1/A/B1/B/9

Date: March 15th 1990 - September 5th 1991

Visual Printers Ltd

Reference: D/L/01/A/2160

Date: 1966 - 1972

Travel Permits completed by people leaving Jersey on the 25th of June 1919

Reference: D/S/M2/260

Date: June 25th 1919 - June 25th 1919

Travel Permits issued to incoming passengers bound for Jersey from Southampton on the SS Alberta on the 26th of June 1919

Reference: D/S/M3/187

Date: June 26th 1919 - June 28th 1919

Travel Permits issued to incoming passengers bound for Jersey on the SS Alberta on the 15th of August 1916

Reference: D/S/M3/49

Date: August 15th 1916 - August 15th 1916

Testament of Alfred Thomas Filleul, 27 Cleveland Road, St Helier. Dated 8 November 1935. Bequeaths the stock in trade, moneys, securities, book debts, fixtures and fittings of the General Printers, 14 New Street called Filleul & Queen to Edward Alfred Queen; to the Trust of Wesley Chapel £50. Dated 8 November 1935.

Reference: D/Y/A/103/37

Date: August 12th 1938 - August 12th 1938

Will and Testament of Alexander Kyle McDonell, 13 Royal Crescent, St Helier. Dated 27 February 1905. Bequeaths to Philip Mourant de la Mare all his share in the partnership, property and effects consisting of 2 newspapers known as The Jersey Times & British Press, and The Jersey Weekly Press, and the printing business carried on at no.49 Halkett Place, St Helier.

Reference: D/Y/A/64/53

Date: May 9th 1905 - May 9th 1905

Will and Testament of James Edward Costard, 5 Colomberie, St Helier. Dated 7 January 1914. Bequeaths to James Edward Costard the property 18 Dorset Street, St Helier; to Sidney Herbert Costard the property 5 Colomberie and everything connected with his business of Bookseller, stationer and printer; to Clara Lee Costard the properties Sunnyvilla and Glengary, St Saviour.

Reference: D/Y/A/76/100

Date: June 23rd 1917 - June 23rd 1917

Will and Testament of Charles John Rive, of St Helier, printer. Dated 23/02/1935. [Includes one closed document]

Reference: D/Y/B1/20/42

Date: August 19th 1953 - August 19th 1953

Will and Testament of Edward Alfred Queen, of Bourne Villa, 131, St Saviour's Road, St Saviour. Bequeaths to Robert Joseph Jones and Aubyn Edward Jones, the goodwill and business of the printers Filleul and Queen carried out 12 and 14, New Street, St Helier. Dated 05/06/1962. [Includes two closed documents]

Reference: D/Y/B1/70/25

Date: August 3rd 1962 - August 3rd 1962

'Le Magasin de L'Ile de Jersey'. No. 1 printed by Mathieu Alexandre

Reference: D/Y/P3/1

Date: October 1st 1784 - October 1st 1784

'Le Magasin de L'Ile de Jersey'. No. 2 printed by Mathieu Alexandre

Reference: D/Y/P3/2

Date: November 1st 1784 - November 1st 1784

'Le Magasin de L'Ile de Jersey'. No. 3 printed by Mathieu Alexandre

Reference: D/Y/P3/3

Date: December 1st 1784 - December 1st 1784

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