Papers relating to the Probate (Jersey) Law, 1948

Reference: A/D1/L1/71

Date: October 30th 1948 - February 19th 1949

Minutes of the States of Jersey, 25/08/1943. Adoption of laws re. wills of real estate, and child support.

Reference: B/A/W34/17

Date: August 25th 1943 - August 25th 1943

Official correspondence with index. Subjects include: Abattoirs at Herm and Argentine cattle; Acts of Parliament; proposed arsenal in St Helier; ordnance for the militia; improvements at the asylum; auditors' reports; import duties on the baggage of soldiers and sailors; pews in parish churches; ban on animal imports; Bills to Parliament; sale of cockles; appeal case relating to Julia Westaway will; hand over of Mont Orgueil to States and works there; rifle range at Blanches Banques; introduction of dogs to the island; colonial marriages; import accounts; trial of Thomas Connan; correspondence with the Privy Council; ecclesiastical constitutions; industrial schools; special flag for 'Duke of Normandy'; Jersey Mutual Fire Insurance Society; rules of Jersey Savings Bank; joint stock companies; Lt Governor's veto; merchant shipping; militia rolls; seigneural dues on land near Mont Orgueil and the signal station there; trading stamps; Victoria Cottage Homes report; editor of the Jersey Times called to the bar of the States and the Workmans' Compensation Bill

Reference: C/A5/11

Date: January 16th 1906 - November 11th 1908

Draft Probate (Amendment) (Jersey) Law, 197 , lodged by the Legislation Committee

Reference: C/A607/1977/P12

Date: February 22nd 1977 - February 22nd 1977

Laws On Wills and Successions Proposed Reform, lodged by the Legislation Committee

Reference: C/A614/1984/P57

Date: May 8th 1984 - May 8th 1984

Draft Probate (Amendment) (Jersey) Law, 198, lodged by the Legislation Committee.

Reference: C/A619/1989/P128

Date: September 26th 1989 - September 26th 1989

Draft Probate (Exemption from Production of Grant) (Jersey) Regulations 199 , lodged by the Legislation Committee

Reference: C/A625/1995/P23

Date: February 28th 1995 - February 28th 1995

Draft Probate (Jersey) Law 199 , lodged by the Legislation Committee

Reference: C/A627/1997/P178

Date: November 18th 1997 - November 18th 1997

Statistics relating to probate applications

Reference: C/D/AA/12

Date: 1992 - 1992

Probate of the will of Harriet Testament, dated 28/04/1892

Reference: D/AU/R5/1

Date: September 30th 1892 - September 30th 1892

Financial Services Directorate general correspondence concerning probate jurisdiction

Reference: D/AU1/A1/A/P1

Date: 1997 - 1997

Probate Division, c.1669-1949. Wills and Testaments of moveable property proved before the Ecclesiastical Court before this function was transferred to the Judicial Greffe in 1949. These documents have now been digitised and are available to view online.

Reference: D/Y/A

Date: 1669 - 1949

Testament of Elizabeth Pain widow of George du Heaume. Dated 22/01/1671 - no probate date

Reference: D/Y/A/1/1

Date: January 22nd 1671 - January 22nd 1671

Testament of Pierre Lorans senior. Dated 10/08/1673

Reference: D/Y/A/1/10

Date: October 27th 1673 - October 27th 1673

Testament of Richard Anley. Dated 15/08/1668

Reference: D/Y/A/1/100

Date: October 5th 1668 - October 5th 1668

Testament of Rachel de Lecq daughter of William. Dated 25/01/1667

Reference: D/Y/A/1/101

Date: September 21st 1667 - September 21st 1667

Testament of Jean Bichard son of Sebastien. Dated 27/08/1667

Reference: D/Y/A/1/102

Date: September 21st 1667 - September 21st 1667

Testament of Elizabeth Maniart widow of Abraham Journeaulx. Dated 09/02/1668

Reference: D/Y/A/1/103

Date: March 14th 1668 - March 14th 1668

Testament of Jacques Aubin son of Jacques. Dated 22/11/1669

Reference: D/Y/A/1/104

Date: December 13th 1669 - December 13th 1669

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