Ann Street Brewery Company Limited 83rd Annual Report. Includes Director's Report and Accounts, notice of meetings and shareholders information, officers and professional advisers, Chairman's statement, consolidated profit and loss account, wholly owned subsidiaries and principal products. Photographs of the St Pierre Park Hotel, Guernsey, Bath Street Wine Cellar 15, Bath Street, St Helier and shop at 8B Quennevais Precinct, St Brelade.

Reference: L/A/34/A6/05

Date: 1986 - 1986

Agreement of Sale between Hastings Marketing Limited (the vendor) of the first party and Ann Street Brewery Company Limited (the purchaser) of the second party and Ommaroo Hotel Limited (the guarantor) of the third party. Records the sale from 1 to 2 of 3, Stopford Road, St Helier (operating as an off-licence) and lease of premises 8b, Quennevais Precinct, St Brelade. In consideration of the sale the purchaser will pay eighteen thousand pounds sterling as a deposit and an additional one hundred and sixty-two thousand pounds sterling.

Reference: L/A/34/C2/09/15

Date: August 23rd 1984 - August 23rd 1984

Photographs relating to development in the west of the Island showing the new shopping centre on the Quennevais Road.

Reference: L/A/75/A2/BUI/12/7

Date: February 2nd 1960 - February 2nd 1960

Subject: Buildings

File number: 12

Page number: 7

Photographs of cranes at work, including one of a large push button crane, the Potain crane working on the middle block of Quennevais Precinct, at the time the largest crane ever seen in Jersey.

Reference: L/A/75/A2/BUI/12/9

Date: March 14th 1960 - March 14th 1960

Subject: Buildings

File number: 12

Page number: 9

Kenneth Mallet (12 years), A girl (10 years) and Maria Mallett (their mother) all eating lunch at Burger King at Quennevais Precinct on Easter Monday.

Reference: P/03/125/02

Date: April 24th 2000 - April 24th 2000

Rob Le Quelenec standing outside his business "Bona Togs" in Quennevais Precinct. As well as running "Bona Togs," Rob is also the drummer in one of Jersey's top bands, "Skintight."

Reference: p/03/397/06

Date: August 8th 2000 - August 8th 2000

The closing down sale at Robert Fardon's jewellery shop in Quennevais Precinct.

Reference: p/03/523/10

Date: September 22nd 2000

A view of Quennevais Precinct.

Reference: p/03/523/11

Date: September 22nd 2000 - September 22nd 2000

A view of Quennevais Precinct.

Reference: p/03/523/13

Date: September 22nd 2000 - September 22nd 2000

VHS tape of 3 separate films: 1) Filmed by Michael Ginns in 8mm colour using a hand-held clockwork camera. Film shows the winter of 1967/68. Jersey Motor Transport double deckers at the Weighbridge, then Snow Hill Car Park, Forum Cinema, St Clement's Inner Road. Diversion to laying of main drains between Green Island and Le Hocq. Opening of the Tunnel under Fort Regent in 1970 Dredging of St Helier Harbour (c.1970) 2) Filmed by Mr Mundow in 8mm colour. (Film is all in whip pans) Film shows Victoria Avenue and cars. St Brelade's Bay. Quennevais Precinct, La Haule Hill, plane on slipway. Sand racing. Gorey. The Parade. St Ouen's Bay. Airport 1970's. St Helier Harbour. St Aubin. 3) Filmed by Keith Jackson in 8mm colour. Film shows Jersey Airport - behind the scenes. Includes BEA bus, Pionair, Controller John Appleby, Electronic equipment, BEA Pionair arriving G-ANEG. Control tower sequence. Traffic lights. BKS Dakota. Radar. ILS and Anson. Bristol Freighter (silver city) loading cars. Airport in snow with Rapide and Dakota. Visiting RAF Vampires. Fire trucks. St Peter's Barracks. Night approach. Signalling. Also shows an Air Rally (c.1958) showing aerial views of the airport and Corbiere lighthouse. This film is located in the Audio Visual Area of the Jersey Archive.

Reference: Q/05/A/90

Date: 1950 - 1970

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