Draft Death Register for the Parish of Trinity

Reference: E/M/B3/2

Date: June 13th 1934 - February 27th 1983

Counterfoils for Death Certficates for the Parish of Trinity

Reference: E/M/C3/1

Date: November 25th 1964 - April 29th 1974

Counterfoils for Death Certficates for the Parish of Trinity

Reference: E/M/C3/2

Date: August 12th 1981 - March 28th 2001

Reference Books

Reference: E/M/D

Book entitled 'The Nomenclature of Diseases drawn up by a Joint Committee appointed by the Royal College of Physicians of London, Third Edition'

Reference: E/M/D/1

Date: 1896

Book entitled 'Manual of the International List of Causes of Death, as adapted for use in England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Island'

Reference: E/M/D/2

Date: 1926

Births index for the Parish of St Brelade containing names and page numbers

Reference: F/A/AB1/2

Date: October 14th 1911 - December 25th 1951

Certificates of registration of a stillborn infant

Reference: F/A/AB3/5

Date: August 17th 1962 - August 17th 1962

Register of stillborn infants

Reference: F/A/AB3/6

Date: August 17th 1962 - September 29th 1967

Bills presented by the Registrar of Births Deaths and Marriages for services to the parish of St John

Reference: F/E/J1/7

Date: 1945 - 1953

Parish Assembly meeting in the Church including the appointment of Jean Falle as the Registrar of Births, Marriages and Deaths, the destruction of 600 notes of the value of £1 Sterling and discussions of the reports of the Roads Committee including the properties of Charles Vaudin and Philippe de la Marre.

Reference: F/M/R1/38

Date: May 29th 1842 - May 29th 1842

Correspondence relating to the Loi (1842) Sur L'Etat Civil relating to the registration of marriages births and deaths

Reference: G/C/03/C4/14

Date: 1842 - 1950

Newspaper clipping from the Jersey Evening Post about the first marriage in the St Mary and St Peter's Church, Wellington Road between Patrick Brennan and Fiona Lesley Cowan including copies of their wedding certificate and a letter from the Superintendent Registrar

Reference: H/B/N3/8

Date: September 28th 1985 - February 10th 1986

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