Letter from Lt Colonel G P Stewart Acting Government Secretary to the Constable of St Helier informing him the Royal Garrison Artillery will parade in the Royal Square on the next Sunday request for Police 'to keep the ground adjacent to St James's Church and the Royal Square'

Reference: A/C2/41/48

Date: September 29th 1905 - September 29th 1905

Copy letter from W W Maitland Government Secretary to the Constable of St Helier informing him of the parade for Divine Service in the Royal Square and presentation of long service and good conduct medals, request for necessary Police

Reference: A/C2/42/19

Date: March 3rd 1906 - March 3rd 1906

Letter from W W Maitland, Government Secretary to P A Aubin Constable of St Helier regarding police presence for the forthcoming parade for Divine Service and presentation of Long Service medals for the Royal Square and St James Church

Reference: A/C2/43/35

Date: April 5th 1907 - April 5th 1907

Letter from Colonel J W Godfray Government Secretary to P A Aubin, Constable of St Helier regarding a parade of troops in the Royal Square and requesting necessary police presence

Reference: A/C2/45/21

Date: May 8th 1909 - May 8th 1909

Correspondence and papers relating to the old Guard Houses or Piquet Houses in the Royal Square, at Cheapside and at West Park

Reference: A/D1/M20/D

Date: August 19th 1886 - February 18th 1920

Official messages of congratulations. Includes; Greetings from the King George VI, messages from Lord Mayors in England, messages from other persons in an official capacity e.g. Commander in Chief, Plymouth

Reference: B/A/L1/2

Date: May 11th 1945 - May 22nd 1946

Papers relating to the claim of the executor's of Francis W Milne, deceased, St Mirren, Route des Mielles, St Brelade

Reference: B/A/L10/20

Date: February 5th 1946 - February 12th 1946

Leave granted to Doctors and Nurses

Reference: B/A/L5/5

Date: May 28th 1945 - June 20th 1945

Correspondence re. requisition and purchase of motor vehicles, includes; Termination of purchase of Motor Vehicles requisitioned by the O.T. Complaints re. payments. Lists of vehicles awaiting payment. Surrender of motor cycles and cars. Doctor's cars.

Reference: B/A/W40/1/12

Date: October 3rd 1942 - April 23rd 1945

Summary of the proposed alterations and additions to the Income Tax Law, for 1940. Includes detailed tables of prices to be paid by different groups of persons. Correspondence re. the financial situation on Jersey in 1940, assessment of income tax levels for 1941, and the question of double taxation between Jersey and Guernsey. See also B/A/W44/2

Reference: B/A/W42/2

Date: July 18th 1940 - August 18th 1943

Prohibition of Parking in the Royal Square

Reference: B/A/W50/54

Date: May 7th 1942 - May 15th 1942

Correspondence file Royal Square (1991) (1992) (1993-)

Reference: B/D/A/R13

Date: January 16th 1991 - March 19th 1999

Correspondence file Royal Square-Centre Ville Group

Reference: B/D/A/R13 (41)

Date: September 8th 1997 - August 15th 2002

Correspondence file concerning the States Building, Royal Court Refurbishment General Correspondence 1997-1998

Reference: B/D/A/S6/1

Date: October 24th 1997 - December 21st 1998

Correspondence file concerning the use of the Royal Square and States Buildings

Reference: B/D/A/S6/2

Date: February 14th 1974 - January 6th 1986

Correspondence file concerning the modernisation of the Public Registry

Reference: B/D/A/S6/3

Date: February 17th 1984 - March 8th 1984

Correspondence file concerning the development of Number 2 Court

Reference: B/D/A/S6/4

Date: April 30th 1984 - June 7th 1985

Photograph of the proclamation of the accession of King George VI read in the Royal Square

Reference: B/D/G5/1

Date: December 16th 1936 - December 16th 1936

Official correspondence with index. Subjects include: petition for incorporation of the Jersey Farmers' Union; Ann Street Brewery company petition against monopolies; arms of George VI to be placed over door in Royal Square; auditor's reports; bequest of Lady Trent for upkeep of Coronation Gardens at Millbrook; transfer of Government House to the Public; Jersey Master Butchers' petition on meat controls; Essential Commodities report; winding up of the Rehabilitation Committee; aviation acts; rules of the Jersey Branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association; compensation for cattle destroyed because of foot and mouth; water supplies of housing estates; contribution towards UK defence budget; resolution of dispute between Jersey Building and Allied Trades Employers' Federation and the Transport and General Workers' Union; dangerous dogs; the Ecrehous and the Minquiers; eggs from France; petition of the Societe Jersiaise concerning Elizabeth and Mont Orgueil Castles; evictions; offer to sell Fire Station in Nelson Street; report of the General Hospital; shipments of horses; petition of Daisy Touzel concerning the requisition of Huntley Lodge at Mont-a-l'Abbe; insular insurance; report on the asylum; resurfacing of main roads; milk costs; petition of Jersey Labour Party concerning franchise; report on prison; sewerage disposal; imports and export statistics

Reference: C/A5/27

Date: January 3rd 1953 - December 6th 1954

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