Copy letter from Lieutenant Governor [Lieutenant General Charles Ewart] to W B Godfray, Greffier acknowledging receipt of his letter of the previous day, Defence Committee voted £16 for conveyance of Militia in uniform by railway to Gorey Common on the anniversary of Queen Victoria's Birthday

Reference: A/C2/28/2

Date: May 2nd 1889 - May 2nd 1889

Letter from H Ringwood Deputy Governor to the Bailiff [W V Vernon] asking if there would be any objection to the provision of light refreshments being given to the non-commissioned officers and men of the Militia taking part in the celebrations for the Kings [Edward VII] birthday and handing over of Mont Orgueil Castle

Reference: A/C2/43/49

Date: June 15th 1907 - June 15th 1907

Letter from W V Vernon Bailiff to the Lieutenant Governor [Major General Hugh Sutley Gough] informing him the Defence Committee had agreed refreshments could be provided to the Militia at the States expense during the celebrations for the King's [Edward VII] birthday and handing over of Mont Orgueil Castle

Reference: A/C2/43/51

Date: June 22nd 1907 - June 22nd 1907

Memorandum from the Assistant Adjutant General to the Governor's Secretary regarding the provision of a 'light meal' for the troops who take part in the Kings Birthday celebrations at Mont Orgueil

Reference: A/C2/45/26

Date: June 14th 1909 - June 14th 1909

Correspondence, announcements and congratulations on royal marriages, engagements and betrothals, and Royal birthday celebrations

Reference: A/D1/B6

Date: April 30th 1887 - November 26th 1947

Correspondence, announcements and congratulations on royal births and deaths, includes newspaper cuttings and papers relating to the contribution to the National Memorial to George V

Reference: A/D1/B7

Date: April 6th 1871 - July 31st 1954

Papers relating to the appointment of Crown Officers

Reference: A/D1/C20

Date: November 6th 1901 - March 18th 1958

Papers relating to the celebration of coronations. Includes; Edward VII, George V, abdication of Edward VIII and accession of George VI

Reference: A/D1/C22/1

Date: March 3rd 1901 - June 14th 1937

Papers relating to the coronation of Elizabeth II

Reference: A/D1/C22/2

Date: November 7th 1952 - May 19th 1953

Correspondence concerning gifts to the Royal Family

Reference: A/D1/G5

Date: June 2nd 1921 - June 28th 1957

Papers, correspondence and newscuttings relating to the history of Jersey, the relationship of Jersey with the crown, the structure of the Island's legislature and general information about the Island

Reference: A/D1/J5

Date: April 28th 1949 - December 21st 1987

Garden parties and levees at Government House

Reference: A/D1/L4/11

Date: August 5th 1955 - July 19th 1979

Levees at Government House, includes duties of ADC's and cadets

Reference: A/D1/L4/12/1

Date: December 12th 1910 - July 14th 1936

Levees at Government House

Reference: A/D1/L4/12/2

Date: May 15th 1947 - February 17th 1970

Levees at Government House

Reference: A/D1/L4/12/3

Date: March 31st 1973 - June 12th 1975

Levees at Government House

Reference: A/D1/L4/12/4

Date: April 22nd 1976 - June 16th 1979

Copies of Monarch's speeches in parliament and related correspondence

Reference: A/D1/M1

Date: August 10th 1870 - December 30th 1920

Visits of VIP's to Jersey, includes royalty, and the Lieutenant Governor of Guernsey

Reference: A/D1/V2

Date: August 3rd 1887 - September 29th 1965

File containing details of contributions to the wedding present of Her Royal Highness Princess Margaret

Reference: A/N1/1

Date: February 22nd 1960 - June 3rd 1960

File containing correspondence and details of contributions to the wedding present of His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer

Reference: A/N1/2

Date: March 10th 1981 - January 18th 1982

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