Correspondence concerning the publication of notices to mariners and registration of Merchant Shipping acts

Reference: A/D1/N4

Date: February 16th 1885 - October 21st 1932

Seaman Henry Sheild's appeal against sentence, seaman on HMS Dasher

Reference: A/D1/S1

Date: June 21st 1883 - October 8th 1883

File of documents relating to the Royal Yacht Britannia

Reference: A/N2/1

Date: April 19th 1975 - May 20th 1975

File of documents relating to the Royal Yacht Britannia

Reference: A/N2/2

Date: November 13th 1962 - May 8th 1963

File V.2/54 Visit of the Second Sea Lord

Reference: A/U2/18

Date: March 2nd 1983 - July 1st 1984

Correspondence relating to the rationing of passengers and crew on foreign ships, ships' stores and seamen's rations

Reference: B/A/W8/3

Date: September 19th 1939 - June 10th 1940

Midshipman's journal of C C Lowry, serving on HMS Frobisher (1929); HMS Walpole (1931); HMS Windsor (1931); HMS Dorsetshire (1931-1932), 1929-1931. The journal includes ship plans, maps, sketches and diagrams of equipment. The voyages include visits to Barbados, Jersey, Antigua and Trinidad.

Reference: B120add4/3

Date: 1929 - 1932

Official correspondence with index. Subjects include: an arsenal for St Helier Battalion; the library; registration; buoy near Chausseys; importation of French cattle from Guernsey; the census; export of grain; oyster fishing; heating in the Royal Court; punishment of crime; resignation of Jurat Philip de Carteret; protestant dissenters; distilleries and the trade in spirits; distressed seamen from the wreck 'Medusa'; dock dues; dredging; gas lighting in St Helier; extente of 1331; book entitled 'The Fortress'; gunpowder; improvements to St Helier harbour; exports from Mont Orgueil harbour; Jurat Le Couteur; maintenance of Kempt and Lewis Towers at St Ouen; sending lunatics to England or France and lunatics in the General Hospital; magazines; mails between England and the Channel Islands; marriage of Queen Victoria; sale of land from Jean and Thomas Perchard for Beresford Street market; painting of the laying of the foundation stone at St Helier harbour by G S Reynolds; petition against French imports; petition from the inhabitants of Gorey concerning fishing; better regulation of the prison; quakers and moravians; hoisting the yellow flag of quarantine; the Savings Bank and foreign vessels

Reference: C/A5/3

Date: March 13th 1837 - November 15th 1847

Official correspondence with index. Subjects covered include: agreement relating to refugee seamen; report of the analyst; compulsory purchase of part of Petit Menage Farm and Bagot Manor Farm for housing; brucellosis report; the census report; civil aviation regulations; compost at Les Landes; international sanitary regulations; petition concerning the convent at Val Plaisant; international conventions; report of the Prison Board; European Free Trade Association; development at Fort Regent; Hospital report; import and export statistics; Jersey Dairies petition; Jersey Law Society; report of the Jersey Electricity Company; borrowing from non-residents; Liberation Day; gift to Little Sisters of the Poor; Nigeria Independence Act; occupational health services; official publications; St Saviour's Athletic and Social Club; Soroptomist Club; petition relating to The Watersplash, St Peter; Post Office and Trustee Savings Bank regulations; potato marketing scheme; public assistance report; Bailiff's salary; traffic bye-laws; and the Television Act

Reference: C/A5/34

Date: January 30th 1961 - December 9th 1961

Various committees minute book. Committees include improvements to the Royal Court; law on hawkers; exports of grain; Merchant Seamen's Benefit Society; criminal procedures; regulation of the militia; Roman Catholic petition; Bonne Nuit harbour and road; import duties; lotteries; fishing; rating law; the prison; water supply in St Helier; the petition of Jean Le Couteur; road at Mont Cochon; Trinity road; Justice of the Peace; lighting in St Helier; Mont Orgueil harbour works; oyster fishing; naturalisations; devaloir at Dicq; road next to Gorey Common; road from Pont Marquet to La Haule; repairs at St Anastase School; roads in St Mary; heating of States Chamber; road from St Helier to St John; inquests; purchase of the Fief de Meleches; law on innkeepers; privileges of the Island; royal visit; la Rue aux Ronces; revision of laws; sanitary committee; law on succession; St Lawrence Marsh; orders in Council; salaried police; distilleries; representatives in the States; road from St John to Mont a l'Abbé; Hanois lighthouse; establishment of an industrial school; Fellowships at Oxford; abolition of dimes; parochial school at Grouville; epidemics; establishment of a lunatic asylum; writ of Habeas Corpus; commutation of seigneurial rights and others

Reference: C/D/AD1/1

Date: January 14th 1835 - May 4th 1859

Register of vessels and boats employed in the oyster fishery at the port of Mont Orgueil. Information includes date, name and owner of vessel, master, tons, number of seamen and remarks. Also gives details of dredging boats employed at the harbour.

Reference: D/AP/V/2

Date: August 10th 1841 - March 10th 1858

Register of all dredging vessels in the Jersey oyster fishery. Includes details of: date, rig, name of vessel, fishing number, owner of vessel, master of vesssel, port or place belonging to, tonnage, number of seamen and remarks. Includes details of oysters exported from Jersey in 1877

Reference: D/AP/V/3

Date: August 29th 1858 - April 30th 1865

A return of all vessels employed in carrying oysters from the Island of Jersey to other ports. Includes details of: date of loading, rig, name of vessel, tonnage, master of vesssel, port or place belonging to, port or place cleared for, number of tubs, number of seamen, rate per tub and remarks. Some references to dredging.

Reference: D/AP/V/4

Date: January 4th 1858 - April 30th 1866

Registration card of Charles Redvers Gavey of Rose Bank, High Street, St Aubin, St Brelade, born 15/06/1900. Child: Brian Paul Gavey - born 08/04/1934

Reference: D/S/A/1/A502

Date: January 23rd 1941 - January 23rd 1941

Reports on various foreign seamen

Reference: D/S/F2/4/5/1

Date: May 28th 1954 - March 27th 1980

Travel Permits completed by people leaving Jersey for Guernsey and Southampton on the 25th February 1917

Reference: D/S/M2/104

Date: February 25th 1917 - February 25th 1917

Travel Permits completed by people leaving Jersey for Guernsey on the 5th of March 1917

Reference: D/S/M2/110

Date: March 5th 1917 - March 5th 1917

Travel Permits completed by people leaving Jersey for Guernsey and Weymouth on the 20th of March 1917

Reference: D/S/M2/118

Date: March 20th 1917 - March 20th 1917

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