Letter from the Deputy Greffier of the States to H V Benest, Acting Viscount concerning warning boards to be placed at La Rocque, Seymour and Le Hurel slipways

Reference: D/AV/G3/3

Date: November 2nd 1961 - November 2nd 1961

Agriculture and Fisheries Department. Greg Morel from the Sea Fisheries Office making notes while waiting for low water fishermen to return to Seymour slipway.

Reference: P/03/B92/01

Date: September 7th 2000 - September 7th 2000

Greg Morel from the Sea Fisheries office, looks out to sea from Seymour slipway waiting for low water fishermen to return.

Reference: P/03/B92/04

Date: September 7th 2000 - September 7th 2000

Mike Smith and Greg Morel from the Sea Fisheries office looking out to sea for the low water fishermen to return, at Seymour slipway.

Reference: P/03/B92/07

Date: September 7th 2000 - September 7th 2000

Frank Noel of Gorey, aged 92, talks to Arthur McGugan about vraicking at Grouville. Includes: remebers Mrs Pearce, Bill Amy; children played around the stacks of vraic; father was in the racing yachts in England; father and Mr Le Tourner vraicking; farmers from all over Jersey came to collect vraic; used forks and rakes; no visitors on the beaches in those days; vraic used mostly on grass; sold for about £7 a stack; still puts seaweed on his garden - gives vegetables a different flavour; 1913 started apprenticeship at Grandins' making grates, 1914 was drilling in the militia; 1916 joined the army; when he came back from the war nothing had changed, same people - Bill Spears and his wife; Ray, the golfer's brother; social side to vraicing - vraic buns, drank at the Welcome Inn; fishing for sand eels at La Rocque, the Seymour Inn used to open at night; vraicking was turned into a family party; winkling; regulations - no vraicking on Sundays, controlled by fishing inspectors - Tom Le Seeleur; short wellingtons, oilskins and sou'westers worn; a ship, the Othello sank off Seymour tower; vraic burnt in fireplaces; feels that vraic is cleaner than fertilizers used today; life was simpler; seafood - winkles, scallops, oysters; remembers early potato fields around Gorey; marking vraic in heaps; feels that 'outsiders' don't respect the rules, take other peoples lobster pots; way of life totally different; cutting vraic died out; 'berry vraic' good for the ground. Recorded by Arthur McGugan on 17/07/1991.

Reference: R/03/B/8

Date: July 17th 1991 - July 17th 1991

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