Memorandum of agreement between Lieutenant Colonel Francis Incledon Quarter Master General on behalf of His Majestys Government and Messrs Atkinson, Mure, and Bogle on behalf of the copper bottomed ship Peggy. Agreement states what compensation is payable in the event of damage or destruction during enemy action.

Reference: A/C7/1

Date: September 6th 1794 - September 6th 1794

Document relating to the provision of scouts vessels includes a typewritten transcription

Reference: A/C7/2

Date: September 27th 1811 - September 27th 1811

Document relating to a memorial for Edward Anley who was assigned in 1799 to inspect and report on all vessels and passengers coming into the island [includes a typewritten transcription]

Reference: A/C7/3

Date: 1807 - 1807

File S.4/1/4 Detention of Enemy Ships in British Ports

Reference: A/C8/7

Date: July 8th 1949 - October 30th 1956

Papers relating to health legislation, includes details of conventions put together after an International Sanitary Convention held in Paris, inspection of ships for illnesses and the need to fly flags informing authorities of the presence of disease, regulations on cholera, yellow fever and plague, reports on unsanitary conditions in the Island including St Helier and St Luke's/Grève d'Azette district, reports on the treatment of sewage from the UK, a petition relating to unsanitary conditions in St Aubin's Harbour, the dumping of refuge dredged from the Harbour between Elizabeth Castle and Picket House, petition of the Jersey Commercial Association asking for supervision on drainage from houses and the cessation of the dumping of sewage at the Fort d'Auvergne area, Havre des Pas, an outbreak of enteric fever in St Helier, cases of venereal disease affecting the troops and treatment, deaths of tuberculosis in the Island, law relating to the Public Lunatic Asylum, UK guidance relating to cancer, procedures to follow when armed force personnel are invalided from service, law granting Act of Incorporation for the Jersey Dispensary and Infirmary and the Jersey Clinic

Reference: A/D1/H17

Date: September 7th 1871 - May 4th 1937

Papers relating to the Law to remove the ban established on the entry of Gorey Harbour by ships arriving saving those from the Bailiwick

Reference: A/D1/L1/89

Date: August 22nd 1949 - December 20th 1949

Correspondence concerning arrangements for mails and packets includes correspondence with the London and South Western Railway and the Great Western Railway

Reference: A/D1/M29

Date: October 1st 1869 - November 6th 1923

Correspondence and reports of investigations into wrecks and strandings of shipping including SS St Patrick, SS Princess Ena, and SS Corbiere

Reference: A/D1/S4

Date: December 13th 1876 - September 18th 1961

Correspondence relating to a petition brought to the Royal Court by Charles Hamon, ship master against the Jersey Mercantile Insurance Society for Shipping and the complaint by Charles Hamon to the Secretary of State, Home Office in the delay of the hearing at the Royal Court

Reference: A/D3/4

Date: June 12th 1876 - March 13th 1877

Oil supply [Indexed]

Reference: A/E/10/5

Date: October 31st 1914 - January 15th 1919

Installation of wirelesses on mailboats

Reference: A/E/8/10

Date: January 11th 1917 - June 23rd 1917

Control of shipping and communications of messages from the Admiralty

Reference: A/E/8/7

Date: October 25th 1916 - November 18th 1916

Orders from the Admiralty prohibiting the advertising of sailing times of shipping to and from the island

Reference: A/E/8/9

Date: December 5th 1916 - December 8th 1916

Register of vessels and passengers arriving in Jersey giving details of the vessel, master, embarkation, passenger's nationality and profession

Reference: A/J/4

Date: April 21st 1832 - February 6th 1834


Reference: A/T13

Receiver General file RG/Os 11 Wrecks Policy

Reference: A/T13/1

Date: June 12th 1953 - December 21st 2004

Receiver General file RG/Os 11/01 Pt 1 Wrecks Correspondence 1950 to 1970

Reference: A/T13/2

Date: February 8th 1950 - June 22nd 1971

Receiver General file RG/Os 11/01 Wrecks Correspondence 1994 to 2003

Reference: A/T13/3

Date: April 22nd 1994 - January 25th 2008

Telegram from Government Office, Guernsey to the Government Secretary, Jersey relating to additional shipping services for Jersey

Reference: B/A/L14/33

Date: September 18th 1945 - September 18th 1945

Correspondence and shipping orders relating to gifts of clothing sent through the Channel Islands Refugees Committee

Reference: B/A/L18/36

Date: October 16th 1945 - January 11th 1946

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