VHS tape: 1) 1910 Film is in B&W and show activity at St Helier Harbour, charabanc outing, militia men on rocks at Plemont, guides in caves at Plemont, vraicing with horse and cart at Gorey. 1913 film (colour) show British Garrison Troops marching down to St Helier from Fort Regent, activity at St Helier Harbour. Footage accompanied. This film is located in the Audio Visual Area of the Jersey Archive.

Reference: Q/05/A/105

Date: 1910 - 1913

VHS tape: Cargo boat. Sarnia (Mailboat). Condor 2 (hydrofoil). Sarnia near Elizabeth Castle breakwater. 1970s scenes showing St Helier Harbour. States Tug Duke of Normandy II dressed overall. At sea - tug off Corbiere using fire hoses (note de-salination plant in the background). At sea with original Duke of Normandy: approaching St Helier Harbour (note Fort Regent Swimming Pool but dome not yet constructed). Trip to Minquiers with Duke of Normandy beached at low water. Sealink ship Falaise at sea in fog. Entering St Helier Harbour. Family scenes at Silverwynd, Portelet. This film is located in the Audio Visual Area of the Jersey Archive.

Reference: Q/05/A/130

Date: 1959 - 1979

Two 16mm films 1) 16mm b & w Foot Family Film. Shots from the 1930s of cows in fields with people feeding them, children on a beach [note the bathing costumes], washing hanging on the line, a martello tower, a JMT bus, registration number J1316 with an advert for Luce's Eau de Cologne, car parked with a driver in it, a picnic at Grosnez Castle with cousin Ada and Harry, scenes at Craigmore, Samares showing René, Milly and Father, a horse show at Springfield with visiting showjumpers-12 mins 35 secs. 2) 16mm b & w Foot Family Film. Shows family scenes from the 1930s in the garden including a girl dancing, children playing, a family group waving to the camera, the beach at Havre des Pas, a lady in a wheelchair on the Havre des Pas promenade, the Corbiere Lighthouse open to the public, scenes in the Pal Court of a hotel at Corbiere, the cat being fed in the garden, the family in a morris car, a picnic at Grosnez. Shots of various scenes around St Helier including Mount Bingham, the Harbour, La Folie, pierheads in the sunshine and a cargo boat arriving. The family in the garden and neighbours chatting over the wall. Film of a church, the United Methodist Church, in the middle of Don Terrace [subsequently demolished]. Shots of Havre des Pas Pool, a bird in a cage, a house called Oakhurst, a horse and plough, cows in a field, ploughing on a headland, a horse and cart in a lane, a car, registration number J252, in a lane, the girls' school and heifers in a country lane-21 mins 11 secs.

Reference: Q/05/A/138

Date: 1930 - 1939

3 films on 16mm 1) 16mm b & w film filmed by the professional film unit of HMV and kept by the Foot family. The film shows part of a publicity film made by HMV which shows the process of producing a 78rpm record. The Foot family held the HMV franchise in Jersey, operating from their shop in Pitt Street, St Helier-6 mins 3 secs. 2) 16mm b & w film showing Foot family scenes from the 1930s. Includes shots of the family at home, on the beach, having a picnic, at St Brelade's Beach, a harvesting machine, scenes from the Jersey School of Physical Culture at Mount Bingham showing instructor Reg Nicolle [later a master at Victoria College] performing on the bars and boys boxing, the Foot family on the beach with one of the children in school uniform-9 mins 45 secs. 3) 16mm b & w film by unknown filmmaker. Shows scenes of a speedboat coming into St Helier Harbour, tenders going out to HMS Sheffield, anchored in St Aubin's Bay. Family in the gardens at Samares Manor [poor quality]. Scenes of various Jersey bays. Footage of the De Havilland Puss Moth G-ACGW, The Blue Fox, at L'Etacq [this aeroplane was owned and flown by Captain Charles Lloyd on joyrides and was the first aeroplane to crash in Jersey-at Don Farm racecourse on Sunday 1st October 1933]. Coverage of a cattle show at Springfield, the family playing with a dog and cat in the garden of a house called Pleasant View [Samares?], scottish dancing on the lawn. Shots from 1934 of the de Havilland DH 84 Dragon G-ACMO of Jersey Airways on the beach at West Park, the arrival by air of the preacher Reverend Donald Soper from London [Soper was a prominent preacher known as the 'Tower Hill Preacher', who spoke on a soap box in the Royal Square on 5th December and also preached at the Town Hall and Weslyan Chapel]. More scenes involving the family and the pets at Pleasant View-16 mins 02 secs.

Reference: Q/05/A/139

Date: 1930 - 1939

VHS Tape: 1) Filmed by Roderick Averty in 16mm colour. Film entitled 'Jersey's Other Inhabitants', an amateur film about low water fishing in Jersey. Film includes going by motor boat to Icho Tower, shellfish being uncovered, ormers under rocks, an octopus, crabs, how to catch razor fish, seabirds and eggs being discovered and guillemots on the rocks filmed from a fishing boat at sea. 2) Filmed by Roderick Averty in 16mm colour and black and white. Assembly of Jehovah’s Witnesses, Jersey 1954. Film includes delegates arriving at the Airport and St Helier Harbour, Tantivy coaches lined up, ship arriving in the harbour, a policeman directing traffic and coaches arriving at Springfield stadium and theatre, St Helier. Scenes at the airport including shots of a BEA Dakota, Cambrian Airways Rapide. Delegates handing out The Watchtower in streets of St Helier, starting in Janvrin Road with a man on motorbike. Delegates in Library Place, King Street and Snow Hill. A sequence in black and white of a bakery at work [possibly Bird’s Bakery on corner of New Street and Union Street]. Colour film continues with scenes from Jehovah’s Witnesses’ Assembly including a baptism by full immersion in water, delegates returning to the airport – outside front entrance – then boarding Jersey Airlines Heron G-ANLN, the Heron taking off, delegates arriving outside the airport in VW courtesy bus of Demi des Pas Hotel, delegates leaving by sea on SS St Julian. Shots of family picking flowers on unidentified headland in Jersey. 3) Filmed by George Morley in 16mm colour. Film with processing fault giving mauve cast. Film includes scenes in an English park, the Morley family at La Hauteur, family home on Mont les Vaux, St Brelade, scenes in the tennis court on land above the house. 1937: Tennis players in England including a one-armed boy, a ship approaching Jersey, boys and girls in St Brelade’s Bay and in the sea. 1938: a house in England called Brynford, cricket on the lawn of the house, a tram crossing. 1939: the family in a sail-boat on a lake in England, lawn tennis, family in the kitchen and garden and getting into a car with blackout headlights.

Reference: Q/05/A/140

Date: 1930 - 1954

VHS Tape: 1) 16mm colour film. Southern Railways ship Brittany entering St Helier Harbour, late 1940s. 1949: Havre des Pas Bathing Pool. 1950: historical pageant with characters in medieval costumes at St Ouen’s Manor. 1950: parachute descent over St Aubin’s Bay. 1950: Corbière in a storm. 1951: scenes at the Battle of Flowers, [the first after the Occupation]. 1953: decorations throughout St Helier to mark the coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. 1954: Battle of Flowers on Victoria Avenue. 1954: horse racing at Les Landes, scenes of the tote and spectators. 1954: sea at St Ouen’s Bay. 1956: gathering vraic at St Ouen’s Bay, including scenes of the vraic stacks. 1956: Battle of Flowers. July 1957, visit of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh; shows Royal Yacht Britannia arriving off Noirmont, scenes on the Albert Pier and the Queen being driven through streets of St Helier. 1957: good scenes at the sub-aqua club at Rozel and shots at the airport. 1958: scenes at the BSJA [British Show Jumping Association] gymkhana.

Reference: Q/05/A/141

Date: 1949 - 1958

VHS Tape: 1) Filmed by Roderick Averty in 9.5mm black and white-film back to front. Scenes at La Rigondaine with Micky, Margaret, Scally, John Kempster, Bob, Arthur. Breton workers planting tomatoes in field. Picking tomatoes. French workers dancing traditional dances in farmyard. Loading lorries with tomato barrels. Baby in garden and family planting herbaceous border. 2) Filmed by Roderick Averty in 9.5mm black and white. 1933: family scenes showing Doreen, horse-rider over jumps in field. 1935: scenes in St Malo with Owen, Doreen, Tange, Michel Coquenpot, Woggy. Scenes in Jersey including JMT Double-Decker bus on road and a bull nosed Morris car. Men walking on promenade at Havre des Pas. Ship arrives in St Helier Harbour. Small boat full of people. Car draws up and couple get out. Dog on beach at south-east corner. Family gardening at house in England 'Sunneycrest'. Scenes in Trafalgar Square, London. Doreen and Owen arriving at Casa Marina Hotel, St Clement, Jersey. Scenes on beach at Havre des Pas. Boy doffs school cap and plays with dog. 3) Filmed by Roderick Averty in 9.5mm black and white. Man reading Jehovah’s Witness magazine The Watchtower. Boy wearing Victoria College Preparatory uniform. 1947: Yvonne, Brian [aged 7], Grandma, Phyllis and Ian at Belcroute with Austin 10 car (J1389). Scenes at Jersey Airport including de Havilland Rapide G-AGSK. Mowing lawn with ATCO mower at family house, 'Waverley'. Family eating Jersey wonders, boys on bikes and in pedal car. Funfair on the Albert Pier, St Helier Harbour. Fishermen in rowing boat, boys leaving home for school, swings at funfair – possibly Gorey. Children’s party at 'Waverley'. Girls on swing, boy with model boat in the sea. Scenes at the airport showing Rapide G-AGWC, BEA Dakota G-AGYX. Family on airport balcony. BEA Dakota G-AGHJ lands. Shot of Jersey Airlines Rapide G-AKNF.

Reference: Q/05/A/143

VHS Tape: 1) Filmed by Roderick Averty in 9.5mm black and white and colour. 1930s. Brian’s newts in a jam jar. Good shots of Roderick Averty himself. Family picnic on clifftop. Scenes at Devil’s Hole with original model of the Devil. Brian in hospital with oxygen mask. Jersey Airport: takeoff of BEA Dakota. Passengers on Bedford OB coach. Unusual colour 9.5mm film of scenes at the Assembly of Jehovah’s Witnesses, Weymouth. Delegates with sandwich boards handing out The Watchtower. B & W. Isle of Wight and the Needles seen from the air. Picnic on beach at Green Island, Jersey. Colour. Beach scenes at St Clement with Cyril Bird, Joan Bird, Doris Day, Susan and Marilyn, Phil Godel and family. 2) Filmed by Roderick Averty in 9.5mm black and white. Storm at sea. Sand racing on St Ouen’s Bay including cars and motorcycles. Horse riding in hay field. Swimming in a swimming pool on board a ship. 1935: Battle of Flowers at Springfield stadium. 1937: George Kempster in an historical pageant outside the Town Hall. Swimmers in the pool at Havre des Pas. 3) Filmed by Roderick Averty in 9.5mm black and white. Ship in St Helier Harbour. Family in small boat off La Rocque. Boy in tent. Private car, 1.5 Riley J12262 at house called 'Waverley'. Guests arrive, children in garden. Boat being taken away on a lorry. Family at sea in clinker boat and small yacht. Picnic on boat. Man in canoe, Winter scenes at 'Waverley'. Ian on bike. Scenes at the harbour: saying goodbye, boarding ship 'St Helier'. Ship filmed from another boat while at sea. 4) Filmed by Roderick Averty in 9.5mm black and white and colour. 1930s: Rosemary from infancy. Doreen, Gigi, Grandpa Averty, all in the garden of 'Waverley'. Doreen in pram; with typewriter; with father, Roderick; being bathed indoors. 1938: wedding of Allan and Joan at Aquila Road. Guests in top hats. Couple depart from the airport by DH86 airliner of Jersey Airways. Dogs in the gardens. Men on promenade fooling around. 1935: Battle of Flowers at Springfield. Aerials of the mailboat [poor quality]. Roderick Averty rowing on a lake. Du Fay colour: family in garden. Roderick Averty with pipe on promenade at Havre des Pas. Picking tomatoes. Roderick Averty walking. Loading lorry in field. B & W. Snake charmer. Brian and Grandma at 28, St Clement’s Gardens, Greve d’Azette.

Reference: Q/05/A/144

Date: 1930 - 1939

VHS Tape: 1) 8mm black and white film deposited by the Channel Islands Occupation Society (Jersey). Film shows breakwater at St Helier Harbour. German troops arrive by boat. Explosion [?], waves crashing over breakwater. Liberating Task Force 135 soldiers arrive in the harbour, May 1945. High-speed launch at sea. 2) 16mm colour film deposited by the Channel Islands Occupation Society (Jersey). Trip to Ecrehous reef aboard motor boat 'Belle Star'. Scenes of self-exiled 'King of the Ecrehous' Alphonse Le Gastelois with telescope and then good MCU. Union flag flying. Parish stone inscribed 'St Martin-Jersey 1882'.

Reference: Q/05/A/147

Date: 1960 - 1963

VHS tape of 3 separate films: 1) Filmed by Charles W Duret Aubin in 16mm B&W. Film shows a pre-war family visit to Sark. Leaving St Helier Harbour, passing the mailboat, entering St Peter Port, leaving for Sark, entering old harbour Sark, carriages on quay, SS Courier arrives, island scenes, the blacksmith, J P Carre who loved at Hivernage. Les Autelets and The Needles. John Hamon, boatman in flat cap, lived at Beaulieu, son of blacksmith, small boat called 'Bide'. Havre Gosselin with people waiting on steps to board. Boat called Sheila which belonged to Stocks Hotel. Philip Carré ploughing. John Hamon, blacksmith. Steamer 'Brittany' did the Jersey-Sark run. Masselines Harbour. Cargo boat is Sark Coast. 0h 07m 28s 2) Filmed by Charles W Duret Aubin in 16mm B&W. Film shows official trip of the States of Jersey on the States tug the 'Duke of Normandy' to the Minquiers after 1948. Guests include Ralph Vibert (as Solicitor General) 0h 7m 47s 3) Filmed by Cecil Harrison in 16mm colour. Film shows holiday in Sark including Mr Perre milking by hand. Duret-Aubin and camera. Family holiday in UK. JP Carree, boatman, lived at Hivernage. Seigneurie greenhouse. Family trip to Minquiers with C W Duret-Aubin. By sea to St Peter Port. 0h 09m 11s This film is located in the Audio Visual Area of the Jersey Archive.

Reference: Q/05/A/25

Date: 1935 - 1950

VHS tape: Filmed in 9.5mm. Film shows the coronation of Elizabeth II in 1953 and the celebrations. Jersey airport post war. Battle of Flowers in 1952, holiday in Switzerland, Havre des Pas pool, Battle of Flowers 1950's and views of St Helier harbour and Corbiere. 0h 32m 52s. This film is located in the Audio Visual Area of the Jersey Archive.

Reference: Q/05/A/42

Date: 1952 - 1953

VHS tape of 2 separate films: 1) Filmed by Kevin Le Scelleur in standard 8mm colour. Film shows the British steamer St Patrick, the British rail ship plying between Jersey and St Malo. 0h 18m 27s 2) Filmed by a Pallot family member in standard 8mm colour. This family film includes good shots of the harbour and airport. 0h 13m 37s. This film is located in the Audio Visual Area of the Jersey Archive.

Reference: Q/05/A/45

Date: 1950 - 1971

VHS tape of 3 separate films: 1) Filmed by the Crown Film Unit in 35mm B&W. The Channel Islands 1940 - 1945. Made by the Crown Film Unit within months of the Liberation, 9th May 1945. This is an excellent film which uses islanders to re-enact the hardships they suffered during the Occupation. The film has a detailed commentary throughout. Scenes include: Jerseymen escaping in a rowing boat from Jersey to England. People in attics listening to hidden radios, Churchill can be heard speaking. Jersey scenes showin include St Helier Harbour, Mont Orgueil Castle, Elizabeth Castle, Victoria Avenue and Bellozanne Avenue. Also requisitioning of horses, radios and transport. Description of the underground newspaper, GUNS (Guernsey Underground News Service), secret delivery of the paper. Red Cross ship Vega and unloading and opening of Red Cross food parcels. The making of crystal radios by Andre the hairdresser. Post office where letters to the Gestapo from informers were intercepted by post office staff. Rations in shops. German fortifications around the island, including L'Etacq. Making of crystal radio sets by Mr Taylor and his daughter Peggy. D-Day and Martello tower at Fliquet. Slave workers graves. Film show the improvisation of food supplies by families, Jack and Florice Teel, feeding their two children on carrots and potatoes everyday used caragreen moss. Children queuing for milk rations. Liberation scenes and St Peter Port, Guernsey. 0h 15m 32s 2) Filmed by British Paramount News in 35mm B&W. Newsreel of the surrender by the Germans of the Channel Islands aboard HMS Bulldog off Guernsey, 9th May 1945. Lieutenant Zimmerman (German officer) leaving HMS Bulldog. Brigadier Alfred Snow in charge of the liberating forces, Major-General Heine representing the German commander. Vice-Admiral Hoffmeier (German officer) leaving the island. German troops leaving the garrison on Guernsey. Liberation scenes at the court house in St Peter Port. 0h 03m 30s. 3) Filmed by PK-Filmbericht in 35mm B&W. Title - 'Englische Kanalinseln'. German propaganda film captured by the Allies in Berlin 1945. Scenes include St Helier, troops marching along the Parade, internment camp at Grouville (man playing table tennis is Ken Webb). Potatoes being exported from St Helier Harbour and apple crushing for cider making. St Peter Port, Guernsey and scenes in Sark. 0h 11m 10s This film is located in the Audio Visual Area of the Jersey Archive.

Reference: Q/05/A/58

Date: 1941 - 1945

VHS tape of four separate films: 1) Filmed by members of the Jersey Ambulance Service. in 16mm. Film shows the visit of Edwina, Countess Mountbatten to lay foundation stone to new St John Ambulance Headquarters, Midvale Road on 15th July 1950. Arriving at the Airport , meeting St John's Ambulance cadets and officers. Ambulances. Lieutenant Governor General Sir Edward Grassett. Speeches. Trowel used for the ceremony. Garden party. West Park Pavilion. Royal Square. parade. Walking through Beresford Street. Parade at Springfield. Countess meets St John Personnel. First Aid demonstration. 0h 12m 48s 2) Filmed by the Royal Jersey Agricultural and Horticultural Society in 16mm colour. Film shows the Spring Cattle show at Springfield of 1951. Excellent footage of classes being judged. Various prize cows. Bill Perchard with his winning group. 0h 13m 47s 3) Filmed in 16mm B&W. Film shows dancing on the terrace of West Park Pavilion. Gorey Castle and harbour. gaff rigged yacht. old woman darning socks. Rozel harbour. Portelet and Janvrin's tomb. Cutting granite and dismantling German guns, Noirmont. Ship enters St Helier Harbour. Havre des Pas pool. Grosnez Castle. Yacht at sea near Elizabeth Castle. Yacht in harbour. 0h 05m 29s 4) Filmed in 16mm B&W. Film showing Algerian prisoners of war posing for the camera at Grosnez (film mainly out of focus). Family on rooftops of St Helier. Ship leaving St Helier. Boys camping. Battle of Flowers in 1939. Springfield. (Note: this film is poor quality) 0h 11m 08s. This film is located in the Audio Visual Area of the Jersey Archive.

Reference: Q/05/A/70

Date: 1939 - 1951

VHS tape of 3 separate films: 1) Filmed by Michael Ginns in 8mm colour using a hand-held clockwork camera. Film shows the winter of 1967/68. Jersey Motor Transport double deckers at the Weighbridge, then Snow Hill Car Park, Forum Cinema, St Clement's Inner Road. Diversion to laying of main drains between Green Island and Le Hocq. Opening of the Tunnel under Fort Regent in 1970 Dredging of St Helier Harbour (c.1970) 2) Filmed by Mr Mundow in 8mm colour. (Film is all in whip pans) Film shows Victoria Avenue and cars. St Brelade's Bay. Quennevais Precinct, La Haule Hill, plane on slipway. Sand racing. Gorey. The Parade. St Ouen's Bay. Airport 1970's. St Helier Harbour. St Aubin. 3) Filmed by Keith Jackson in 8mm colour. Film shows Jersey Airport - behind the scenes. Includes BEA bus, Pionair, Controller John Appleby, Electronic equipment, BEA Pionair arriving G-ANEG. Control tower sequence. Traffic lights. BKS Dakota. Radar. ILS and Anson. Bristol Freighter (silver city) loading cars. Airport in snow with Rapide and Dakota. Visiting RAF Vampires. Fire trucks. St Peter's Barracks. Night approach. Signalling. Also shows an Air Rally (c.1958) showing aerial views of the airport and Corbiere lighthouse. This film is located in the Audio Visual Area of the Jersey Archive.

Reference: Q/05/A/90

Date: 1950 - 1970

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