View across the Old Harbour at St Helier, from Pier Road looking towards the Railway Terminus. Base of Westaway monument on right, ships in middle, and sheds in the foreground

Reference: SJPA/005418

Date: 1875 - 1877

Steamship with two masts and single funnel entering St Helier harbour. Probably S.S. Hilda.

Reference: SJPA/005427

Date: 1883 - 1887

Double image of St Helier harbour, view from Fort Regent looking west.

Reference: SJPA/005429

Date: 07/1883 - 00/07/1883

Double image of Albert Pier taken from north of the Abbatoir site, Elizabeth Castle at right, Timber and Cement Merchant at left.

Reference: SJPA/005431

Date: 1876 - 1880

Double image of St Helier Harbour from the east

Reference: SJPA/005575

Date: 07/1883 - 00/07/1883

View of waves crashing over La Collette area, looking towards back of Victoria Pier, with Elizabeth Castle beyond.

Reference: SJPA/005596

Date: 1882 - 1887

St Helier Harbour, large crowd of people in background, also people on quayside in foreground, some ships 'dressed overall' (incomplete image).

Reference: SJPA/005660

Date: 1870 - 1887

Double image, from the Albert Pier, of the Weighbridge area, showing the roof of the Railway Terminus with the Harbourmaster's House in front. London Hotel and Royal Yacht Hotel beyond and Fort Regent in distance.

Reference: SJPA/005667

Date: 1870 - 1871

View of Weighbridge with horses and carts loading potatoes, alterations to New North Quay on right, Westaway memorial left foreground. Boat in dry dock in front of Commercial Buildings.

Reference: SJPA/005670

Date: 1882 - 1887

Double image, bird's eye view over The Weighbridge looking north west, with railway terminus and refreshment rooms behind the Westaway monument, Esplanade, Westmount and West Park in middle distance, St Aubin's bay in distance; mounted as cabinet card and inscribed on reverse

Reference: SJPA/005672

Date: 1877 - 1882

Close-up of two-funnel ship in harbour with number of men loading potatoes

Reference: SJPA/005820

Date: 1910 - 1910

Loading potato barrels on to ship, horse and cart in foreground

Reference: SJPA/005826

Date: 1910 - 1910

Railway offices at harbour, flagpoles in front

Reference: SJPA/005827

Date: 1910 - 1910

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