Papers relating to a new chapel in St Helier, Jersey opened by the Dean in defiance of Bishop North of Winchester

Reference: 21M65/J1/5/F

Date: 1813 - 1820

Bishop Duppa's presentation of Reverend Dumarez to St Helier, Jersey, 24 March

Reference: 21M65/J1/7/3

Date: 1661 - 1661

Letter to Bishop Hoadly from the Rector of St Brelade concerning St Aubin services, 20 January

Reference: 21M65/J1/7/43

Date: 1749 - 1749

Certificate of the Rector of St Helier for Adrien Lainé, 16 October

Reference: 21M65/J1/7/54

Date: 1764 - 1764

Letters to and from Bishop Sumner on the parish revenues of St Helier, St Luke, Gorey, St Martin, St Lawrence, St Brelade, St Mary, Grouville, St Peter, St Clement, St Ouen, St John, and Holy Trinity

Reference: 21M65/J1/8

Date: 1855 - 1856

Letter from P A Aubin, Constable of St Helier to W W Maitland Government Secretary agreeing to post the notice of enrolment in the Parish Box

Reference: A/C2/42/2

Date: January 4th 1906 - January 4th 1906

File S4/1/14 Harbour includes a plan of the harbour at St Helier date 14/01/1953

Reference: A/C8/17a

Date: April 3rd 1951 - January 14th 1953

Correspondence relating to the proposed increase of St Helier's representation in the States of Jersey

Reference: A/D1/F4

Date: January 29th 1887 - September 28th 1887

Papers relating to the Law on the administration of St Helier Parochial assistance and subsequent amendments

Reference: A/D1/L1/31

Date: May 4th 1908 - June 15th 1940

Papers relating to the Parish of St Helier (General Purposes Loan) (Jersey) Law, 1942

Reference: A/D1/L1/52

Date: December 18th 1942 - December 9th 1944

Papers relating to traffic congestion in St Helier

Reference: A/D1/T9

Date: March 22nd 1884 - April 4th 1887

Visite Royale file containing details of Visites Royale in St Helier and St Brelade

Reference: A/T14/3

Date: July 6th 1970 - June 29th 1988

General Property File RG/Py 10 Mont Orgueil and Elizabeth Castles

Reference: A/T15/4

Date: February 6th 1971 - February 13th 1996

General Property File RG/Py 10/10 Mont Orgueil and Elizabeth Castle Handover Ceremonies [a video has been removed and placed into cold storage]

Reference: A/T15/5

Date: November 24th 1995 - December 10th 1996

Parish Property File RG/Hr 01 relating to Belmont Road

Reference: A/T4/1

Date: July 13th 1986 - August 12th 1988

Parish Property File RG/Hr 02 Pt 1 relating to Egyptian Lodge

Reference: A/T4/1a

Date: November 9th 1968 - November 20th 1989

Parish Property File RG/Hr 02/01 relating to Egyptian Lodge

Reference: A/T4/2

Date: March 15th 1977 - December 14th 1989

Parish Property File RG/Hr 02/01 Part 2 [relating to Egyptian Lodge]

Reference: A/T4/3

Date: January 10th 1990 - February 12th 2003

Parish Property File RG/Hr 02/02 relating to Egyptian Lodge

Reference: A/T4/3a

Date: August 12th 1996 - November 26th 1996

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