Letter from Pierre Priou, Rochefort to Jean de la Taste, c/o Monsieur Leyritz Lainé, St Malo, concerning finances and funds for orders

Reference: L/C/73/A1/19

Date: July 1st 1755 - July 1st 1755

Letter from Jean de la Taste, Saintes, France to his son c/o the widow Gery, St Malo, France sends best wishes to the family and talks of prices of red wine

Reference: L/C/73/A1/2

Date: October 19th 1738 - October 19th 1738

Letter from Monsieur Retis, Saintes to Jean de la Taste c/o Madame du Jardin, St Malo concerning the illness and death of his sister Marie de la Taste - Jean de la Taste is her sole heir

Reference: L/C/73/A1/22

Date: February 21st 1767 - February 21st 1767

Letter from Monsieur Lemnaue, Saintes to Jean de la Taste c/o Madame du Jardin, St Malo concerning his property in Saintes and that of his late sister, Marie de la Taste

Reference: L/C/73/A1/23

Date: August 8th 1768 - August 8th 1768

Letter from Pierre Priou, Rochefort, to Jean de la Taste c/o Madame Laveü, St Malo concerning family news

Reference: L/C/73/A1/3

Date: January 9th 1741 - January 9th 1741

Letter from Jean de la Taste, Saintes to his son Jean de la Taste, c/o Monsieur La Choux, St Malo, concerning visits to church and business matters

Reference: L/C/73/A1/30

Date: June 17th 1777 - June 17th 1777

Letter from Pierre Priou, Rochefort to Jean de la Taste, c/o Monsieur La Choux, St Malo, mentioning the visit of Jean de la Taste senior to Saintes

Reference: L/C/73/A1/31

Date: August 12th 1777 - August 12th 1777

Letter from ?Mauve, Saintes, to Jean de la Taste, c/o Monsieur La Choux, St Malo concerning the future of the account of Jean de la Taste senior, deceased

Reference: L/C/73/A1/32

Date: February 15th 1783 - February 15th 1783

Letter from Jean de la Taste, St Malo, to his sister Marie de la Taste, c/o/ Madame Le Sueur, Saintes, includes monetary advice

Reference: L/C/73/A1/4

Date: August 28th 1745 - August 28th 1745

Letter from Pierre Priou, Rochefort to Jean de la Taste c/o Monsieur Leiritz Lainé, St Malo, containing account of transactions for wines and spirits including prices

Reference: L/C/73/A1/8

Date: August 12th 1753 - August 12th 1753

Letter from Pierre Priou, Rochefort to Jean de la Taste c/o Monsieur Leiritz Lainé, St Malo, containing continued negotiations with Captain Jacque Poirier, prices of wines and spirits

Reference: L/C/73/A1/9

Date: September 25th 1753 - October 6th 1753

Letter from Prosper de Montalember, La Ransannerie to Edouard de la Taste c/o Monsieur Symond, St Malo contains news of the birth of his son

Reference: L/C/73/A2/1

Date: October 27th 1810 - October 27th 1810

Letter from de Cumont, Charente, to Edouard de la Taste c/o S Symons, Protestant Minister, St Malo containing family news

Reference: L/C/73/A2/10

Date: October 3rd 1842 - October 3rd 1842

Letter from John Motteux to 'My dear sir' [? John Fiott] concerning passage for his son to go to Lorient via St Malo

Reference: L/C/88/A/104

Date: August 12th 1786

16mm colour reel made by the Channel Islands Occupation Society in 1971 as they were being given charge of certain bunkers by the Public Works Committee and entitled 'Jersey Today 1971-26 Years Later'. Includes footage of a reservoir, german fortifications and bunkers at Fliquet, Rue Laurens, St Catherine and Gorey, shots of St Helier Harbour, a parade of cars, a bunker in disrepair, fortifications at Portelet House, a fort on a cliff and disgarded guns at the bottom of a cliff, shots of St Brelade's Beach and sea wall, fortifications at Corniere, Route du Sud, Route de l'Étacq and Grande Route des Mielles, the St Peter's Bunker Museum, a bridge at Val de la Mare, fortifications at Mont Matthieu, guns at the bottom of a cliff, the German Underground Hospital, emplacement overlooking St Ouen's Bay, a house on the Rue du Nord, a telegraph pole, a CIOS excursion to a memorial for François Scornet, St Ouen's Church, meeting in Gorey Car Park, a ship called Echo and a yacht sailing, an island of gun sites [Cezembre?], a parade in St Malo and looking around the town and leaving St Malo on the boat

Reference: L/D/25/J1/7

Date: 1971 - 1971

Microfilm including the war diary of the Harbour Commandant and the Sea Transport Commandant of St Malo including references to the Channel Islands.

Reference: L/D/25/K6/7

Date: 1940 - 1945

Talk given by Michael Ginns to the Channel Islands Occupation Society (Guernsey) on Life at Wurzach Internment Camp 1942-1945. Introducation by the Channel Islands Occupation Society (Guernsey) President. Talk includes story behind why people deported, notice in the Evening Post, sorting of affairs, transportation to St Helier Harbour, treatment by Germans, ships used, how not everbody could fit on the boat, demonstrations on Mount Bingham, the journey and arrival at St Malo, train journey from St Malo to Biberach, conditions at Biberach, the splitting of single men over 16 going to Laufen and married couples with children and without went to Wurzach, journey to Wurzach and the condition that they found the building in, allocation of rooms, parades, the care of the camp passing from the military to the German police, rationing, red cross parcels every week from Christmas 1942 until February 1945, comparison with conditions in Chanel Islands, entertainments in camp, walks, lack of escapes because of presence of women and cildren, bartering with local civilians, relationships with guards, doctors, the increase of air raids, jobs in the camps, visits from the Protecting Powers, rumours of repatriation, post, births, deaths and health in the camp, the keeping together of families, his repatriation to Britain in April and the journey involved, the continued life of people in the camps and liberation, education for school children and the conditions that he thought were relatively good for a teenager in comparison to other occurrences during the second world war. Questions about number of Guernsey people at Wurzach, conditions at Wurzach, medical people at Wurzach, women guards, education at Wurzach, morale of internees, returning to Wurzach. Explanations of items that he took to the talk and showed to the audience.

Reference: L/D/25/L/18

Date: March 4th 1977 - March 4th 1977

Talk by Willi Hagedorn, a german naval signals officer, concerning the island of Cezembre to the Channel Islands Occupation Society. Introduction by the President of the Channel Islands Occupation Society. Talk covers the defence situation on the coast of France, the value of Cezembre and the weapons held at Cezembre, the defence of St Malo, lack of radio communication with Cezembre and uncertainty at its position, boasts sent out from Channel Islands to check situation, lack of supplies, situation on Cezembre, mission to provide supplies, propaganda drops by the American air force, the cyphering of messages, a doctor going to Cezembre, the shooting of a destroyer from Cezembre and the subsequent continuous shelling of the island, nothing left to defend-call for permission to surrender, attempt to evacuate the island, permission granted to surrender the island by Admiral Huffmeier and the subsequent confirmation by Berlin and the last action. Questions asked concerning the number of boats lost in a storm, about the rescue ships, strength of the garrison at Cezembre, the island of Cezembre now, the size of Cezembre, escapes from St Malo, the value of the island, the day of surrender, the different proficiencies of the army and navy cypher and wireless operators, when he thought the German cause was lost, feeling on the island at D-Day, radio systems used, listening in on the British messages, the story of mistaking barrage balloons for an attack force and the weapons situation on Alderney. Closing of the meeting.

Reference: L/D/25/L/24

Date: April 8th 1987 - April 8th 1987

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