Letter from W V Vernon Bailiff to the Lieutenant Governor [Major General Hugh Sutley Gough] informing him of the agenda for the next States Sitting on 26 September purchase of lands by the States at St Ouen's Bay for military purposes and proposed legislation to amend the existing Militia Act

Reference: A/C2/41/47

Date: September 22nd 1905 - September 22nd 1905

Letters from Colonel H O B Owen to the President of the Defence Committee and H S Gough to the Bailiff [W V Vernon] regarding a delay to the States tug 'Duke of Normandy' which was required for service in connection with training of the Field Batteries at St Ouen's Bay

Reference: A/C2/45/29

Date: August 16th 1909 - August 16th 1909

Papers relating to the Lieutenant Governors bungalow in St Ouen's Bay and La Crete Fort

Reference: A/D1/L3/11

Date: January 13th 1954 - March 21st 1974

Explosion of an ammunition dump at St Ouen's Bay

Reference: B/A/L38/3

Date: October 5th 1945 - October 6th 1945

Correspondence relating to transport for the States Engineer to carry out repairs on the sea wall at St Ouen's Bay.

Reference: B/A/W31/4/174

Date: February 25th 1945 - April 25th 1945

Official correspondence with index. Subjects include: petition of hotel industry against Tourism Committee; report on agriculture 1955/1956; report and accounts of Insular Insurance Committee; auditors report; report of Medical Officer for Health; imports and exports; report of the prison; St Ouen's Bay; cost of living index; building loans; sewerage treatment at Bellozanne; report of St Saviour's Hospital; wages and pensions

Reference: C/A5/29

Date: December 14th 1955 - December 18th 1956

Report and Proposition on the Future Development of St. Ouen's Bay (Le Parcq Des Mielles), lodged by the Island Development Committee

Reference: C/A608/1978/P24

Date: March 7th 1978 - March 7th 1978

St. Ouen's Bay Sand Extraction, presented by the Island Development Committee and lodged by Senator J S Rothwell.

Reference: C/A620/1990/P112

Date: July 31st 1990 - July 31st 1990

St. Ouen's Bay Sand Extraction, lodged by the Island Development Committee.

Reference: C/A620/1990/P6

Date: January 16th 1990 - January 16th 1990

Digital copy of Exhibit 12: Memorandum to Child Care Officer Richard Davenport and reports by Richard Davenport. Taken from the Children's Services client file of Witness 76. [Some details redacted]. Used as evidence in relation to Witness 76's witness statement to the Inquiry dated 12 August 2014 [C/D/AW1/B3/14/WS000166].

Reference: C/D/AW1/A1/11/WD000660/12

Date: February 13th 1990 - June 28th 1990

Digital copy of Reports by Mr R Davenport, Child Care Officer on a family at Blanche Pierre Family Group Home. [Some details redacted].

Reference: C/D/AW1/A3/2/WD000557A

Date: February 16th 1990 - June 28th 1990

Digital copy of Report by Child Care Officer R [Richard] Davenport. [Some details redacted]. Taken from the Children's Services client file of Witness 154. For Witness 154's statements to States of Jersey Police, see C/D/AW1/B1/20.

Reference: C/D/AW1/A3/23/WD000408

Date: June 1st 1990 - June 1st 1990

Digital copy of the Transcript of Day 27 of the hearings for the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry.

Reference: C/D/AW15/TD000027

Date: October 23rd 2014 - October 23rd 2014

Digital copy of an Officer's Report submitted by Civilian Investigator Howard Harries detailing an examination of files relating to the detention rooms at Les Chênes Residential School and Greenfields Centre between 1998 and 2006, particularly between 2000 and 2006. [Some details redacted].

Reference: C/D/AW2/A5/10/WD006188

Date: February 27th 2009 - February 27th 2009

Digital copy of Witness 281's Witness Statement to the Inquiry providing an account of his experience of working at a Family Group Home and responding to allegations of abuse by some of the foster children against both himself and his wife. [Some details redacted].

Reference: C/D/AW2/B1/8/WS000713

Date: February 15th 2016 - February 15th 2016

Public Building and Works Plan of St Ouen's Bay Sea Wall: Survey & Elevations To Sea Wall ADJ. Kempt Tower - St Ouen

Reference: D/AL/A10/233

Date: December 5th 1975 - December 5th 1975

Public Building and Works Plan of St Ouen's Bay: Proposed Car Park At La Pulente Slip, La Grande Route Des Mielles , St Brelade

Reference: D/AL/A10/243/10

Date: December 21st 1977 - December 21st 1977

Public Building and Works Plan of St Ouen's Bay: Kempt Tower At St Ouen's Showing The Section A-A Ground & First Floor + The Roof

Reference: D/AL/A10/243/11

Date: 1977 - 1977

Public Building and Works Plan of St Ouen's Bay: Survey Of Area South Of Kempt Tower St Ouen's

Reference: D/AL/A10/243/12

Date: November 15th 1978 - November 15th 1978

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