The unveiling of Queen Victoria's statue

Reference: A/D1/S9

Date: August 12th 1890 - October 28th 1890

Correspondence file concerning the gifts of Howard Davis Farm, Howard Davis Park (Plaisance), the Howard L Davis Scholarship, Howard Hall, and the Statue of King George V from T B Davis, includes the charters of the scholarship trust and regulations

Reference: B/D/A/D2

Date: November 30th 1937 - October 23rd 1979

Official correspondence with index. Subjects include: auditors reports; the garrison; acquisition of war material; the Jersey Female Orphanage; the Potato Marketing Board; demolition of Picket House at West Park; offer of T B Davis to erect statue of George V; report on Victoria Cottage Homes; report of Jersey Electricity Company; shop opening hours; petition concerning ice creams; and petition concerning rear lights on bicycles

Reference: C/A5/20

Date: December 22nd 1937 - December 13th 1939

Draft Statute Law Revision (No. 5) (Jersey) Law, 198 , lodged by the Legislation Committee

Reference: C/A610/1980/P95

Date: July 8th 1980 - July 8th 1980

Liberation 50th Anniversary Celebrations - Sculpture (P.123/93): Report, lodged by the Occupation and Liberation Committee

Reference: C/A623/1993/P141

Date: September 21st 1993 - September 21st 1993

Acte permitting the Constables to proceed with the nomination of a Committee to raise subscriptions for the erection of a monument in memory of Major Peirson. Passed by the States.

Reference: D/AP/AD/7/62

Date: February 17th 1896 - February 17th 1896

Photograph of the statue of the Virgin Mary and Jesus that was kept at the Education Department in the Highlands College campus and was moved to Beaulieu Convent School

Reference: D/J/W/A2/10

Date: 2000 - 2000

Copper Photographic Plate of the statue from Beaulieu Chapel from the Jersey Catholic Record December 1971 front cover

Reference: H/B/E5/103

Date: December 1st 1971 - December 1st 1971

Copper Photographic Plate of the statue from Beaulieu Chapel from the Jersey Catholic Record December 1971 front cover

Reference: H/B/E5/104

Date: December 1st 1971 - December 1st 1971

Copper Photographic Plate of the Statue of St Anne, patron saint of the Channel Islands from the Jersey Catholic Record July 1972 p.10

Reference: H/B/E5/124

Date: July 1st 1972 - July 1st 1972

Image of the Dutch Gardens at Hampton Court Palace. The image was produced from a negative contained in a photograph album which may relate to the Sayers family. The photograph album was deposited with the Jersey Evening Post. The negative was scanned at 1200 dpi and can be downloaded as a high quality jpg file. The quality of the scanned image is dependent on the condition of the original.

Reference: L/A/75/A10/1/41

Date: 1918 - 1921

Photographs of St Martin's Church.

Reference: L/A/75/A2/BUI/53/3

Date: 1968 - 1968

Subject: Buildings

File number: 53

Page number: 3

Photographs of: Pine Tree Cottage, Chemin des Moulins, St Lawrence, FCJ Grainville, King Street, the Headquarters of the Sea Cadets, Fort Regent, and National Westminster Bank, Longueville.

Reference: L/A/75/A2/BUI/64/6

Date: 1970-12 - 1971-01

Subject: Buildings

File number: 64

Page number: 6

Photographs of: a construction site at Highview, La Pouquelaye, the construction of an extension to the Maternity Hospital, the statue of General Don, Parade Gardens, the Le Sueur Obelisk, Broad Street, and the King George II monument, Royal Square.

Reference: L/A/75/A2/BUI/65/20

Date: 1971-05 - 1971-05

Subject: Buildings

File number: 65

Page number: 20

Photographs of: the Maistre Wace memorial stone in the States Building, Royal Square, the statue of General Don and the Philippe Baudains monument in Parade Gardens, the construction of Minden Place Car Park, and Don Street.

Reference: L/A/75/A2/BUI/65/21

Date: 1971-05 - 1971-06

Subject: Buildings

File number: 65

Page number: 21

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