Control and distribution of sugar [Indexed]

Reference: A/E/10/3

Date: September 1st 1917 - November 25th 1920

Proclamation by King George V extending the prohibitions contained in the proclamation of 9 September 1914 relating to trading with the enemy, importation of sugar now prohibited, with related correspondence

Reference: A/E/6/3

Date: October 1st 1914 - October 4th 1914

Butter, sugar, cooking fats and meat rations

Reference: B/A/W31/1/1

Date: July 4th 1940 - July 4th 1940

Report on sugar stocks

Reference: B/A/W31/1/125

Date: November 14th 1944 - November 14th 1944

Flour and sugar supplies

Reference: B/A/W31/1/19

Date: September 4th 1940 - September 10th 1940

Definition of terms: butter, sugar, cooking fats and meat

Reference: B/A/W31/1/2

Date: July 5th 1940 - July 5th 1940

Sugar, flour and salt rationing

Reference: B/A/W31/1/25

Date: November 7th 1940 - June 6th 1941

Rationing Directions (Third Period) Increase of sugar rations for juveniles

Reference: B/A/W31/1/35

Date: January 22nd 1941 - January 22nd 1941

Sugar rationing scheme

Reference: B/A/W31/1/47

Date: March 25th 1941 - April 4th 1941

Papers relating to extra Christmas rations

Reference: B/A/W31/1/68

Date: December 10th 1941 - December 15th 1941

Delivery of sugar from Messrs. Krauss and Co, Hamburg, with details of payment.

Reference: B/A/W32/2/28

Date: September 1st 1941 - September 1st 1941

Deliveries of sugar

Reference: B/A/W32/2/9

Date: September 16th 1940 - September 21st 1940

6 tons of sugar from Jersey to be shipped to Guernsey

Reference: B/A/W45/35

Date: April 24th 1942 - April 24th 1942

Correspondence re. the sixth and seventh distribution of Red Cross Parcels, includes: Newcuttings. Evacuation of ill British Nationals. Detailed lists from the British Red Cross Stores Department of goods shipped to Jersey. Statistics of the fifth, sixth and seventh distribution and storage of Red Cross Supplies April - June 1945 Allocation of Red Cross Parcels to Foreign Workers. Issue of Clothing and Footwear

Reference: B/A/W49/14/19

Date: April 12th 1945 - July 24th 1945

Specimens of ration books issued during Occupation. Includes food rations, textile and footwear rations, bread rations, licences to bake and sell bread, textile and leather rations, meat rations, licenece to trade in coal by retail, tobacco ration card, flour, sugar and butter, soap, french gruel rations and licence to trade by retail and emergency permits.

Reference: D/AP/T/21

Date: 1941 - 1945

File relating to the Constitution, the Common Market Committee, and the European Economic Community (EEC). Includes correspondence and reports regarding: product liability, entitlement to goods, export credit arrangements, the price of sugar, the Isle of Man and monetary compensatory amounts, the States of Jersey Currency Account, vehicle registration, motor vehicle duty, and the relationship between the EEC and the Channel Islands. Also includes a copy of the European Communities (Isle of Man) Act 1973

Reference: D/G/A1/20/1/8

Date: January 5th 1978 - December 20th 1979

Import Accounts

Reference: D/H/B12/1

Date: 1903 - 1903

Import Accounts - 1st and 2nd quarters

Reference: D/H/B12/10

Date: 1911 - 1911

Import Accounts - 4th quarter

Reference: D/H/B12/100

Date: 1935 - 1935

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