Letter from W V Vernon Bailiff to the Lieutenant Governor [Major General Hugh Sutley Gough] requesting an Assembly of the States to discuss the Law re. tobacco tax and to receive a report from the Finance Committee

Reference: A/C2/41/41

Date: July 22nd 1905 - July 22nd 1905

Letter from A N Rochfort, Lieutenant Governor to the Law Officers of the Crown regarding the requirement for tax on motor cars, motor cycles and bicycles if they are used for military purposes

Reference: A/C2/48/1

Date: December 30th 1914 - December 30th 1914

Loi Imposant une Taxe sur les Divertissements - Entertainments tax

Reference: A/D1/A1/10

Date: March 21st 1921 - April 10th 1928

Disallowance by the Privy Council of the Jersey Taxation Act

Reference: A/D1/A1/8

Date: February 10th 1865 - October 5th 1866

Agreement between Jersey and France to avoid double taxation on income from ships and aircrafts

Reference: A/D1/A18/5

Date: May 4th 1956 - October 28th 1964

Papers relating to Laws imposing taxes on entertainments

Reference: A/D1/L1/23

Date: June 21st 1924 - January 3rd 1940

Papers relating to the Law on the tax on motor vehicles and subsequent amendments

Reference: A/D1/L1/357

Date: May 9th 1913 - February 15th 1947

Papers relating to Laws on taxation of revenue

Reference: A/D1/L1/37

Date: April 23rd 1937 - April 2nd 1940

Papers relating to the Law on the administration and the manner of levying a tax on certain oils and spirits

Reference: A/D1/L1/4

Date: January 8th 1940 - December 31st 1945

Papers relating to the Law on the taxation of the rate and electoral list

Reference: A/D1/L1/8

Date: November 28th 1888 - July 17th 1985

Papers relating to the Law to reduce the interest on the tax of motorised cultivators

Reference: A/D1/L1/80

Date: March 10th 1949 - May 14th 1949

Papers relating to tax evasion and the Imperial Contribution

Reference: A/D1/T8

Date: January 30th 1923 - February 24th 1939

Order concerning payment of taxes

Reference: B/A/W30/39

Date: January 26th 1941 - February 18th 1941

Papers concerning the execution and amendment of the Fifth Order under the Enemy Property Order and German taxes on earnings

Reference: B/A/W30/91

Date: April 21st 1942 - April 3rd 1943

Minutes of the States of Jersey, 16/12/1941. Adoption of laws re. parish rates, income tax, taxation, currency notes, and growers regulations. Includes subsequent correspondence.

Reference: B/A/W34/10

Date: December 3rd 1941 - May 19th 1942

Minutes of the States of Jersey, 10/04/1943. States budget for 1943. Adoption of laws re. compulsory civil duties, import duties, taxation, and compensation for workers.

Reference: B/A/W34/16

Date: April 10th 1943 - April 10th 1943

Minutes of the States of Jersey, 27/02/1945. Adoption of laws re. income tax, wages, taxation, and remand home regulations.

Reference: B/A/W34/23

Date: February 27th 1945 - February 27th 1945

Minutes of the States of Jersey, 14/04/1945. Departmental budgets. Adoption of laws re. income tax, public instruction, states scholarships, and social security.

Reference: B/A/W34/24

Date: April 14th 1945 - April 14th 1945

Minutes of the States of Jersey, 30/11/1940. Adoption of laws re. taxation, Land and Chattels (Supplementary Powers) (Jersey) Regulations, 1940, and Licensing (Validity of Licenses) (Jersey) Regulations, 1940.

Reference: B/A/W34/5

Date: November 30th 1940 - November 30th 1940

Minutes of the States of Jersey, 29/11/1941. Adoption of laws re. taxation, and licensing.

Reference: B/A/W34/9

Date: November 21st 1941 - November 29th 1941

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