Photograph of newly built houses - Thornton Villas, Upper King's Cliff, and photograph of the construction of shops and flats being at Les Quennevais, Red Houses.

Reference: L/A/75/A2/BUI/45/3

Date: 1965-06 - June 10th 1965

Subject: Buildings

File number: 45

Page number: 3

Microfiche of the 1901 Census for Jersey, Public Record Office reference 2+ RG13/5314. St Helier - Part of District 45 - Houses between part of Rouge Bouillon, La Pouquelaye, Undercliffe, Queen's Road, including Almorah Road, Almorah Crescent, Upper Midvale Road, Drayton Place, and Victoria Crescent. St Helier - District 46 - Houses from lane of Mont Madgris, near Brunswick Terrace, Mont Madgris to the north of Parochial Cemetery, road leading to Ville és Nouaux, St Aubin's Road (North) as far as Bellozanne Road and both sides of road to Cheapside Slip. St Helier - District 47 - House situated on the West Side of St John's Road from Parochial Cemetery to Mr John Corbel's avenue including all that part of the Vingtaine of Mont á l'Abbe, west to the Ville és Nuaux and North of road leading from Ville és Nuaux to Parochial Cemetery. St Helier - District 48 - St John's Main Road (East), Queen's Road, La Pouquelaye Road, Lower King's Cliff, Belle Vue Villas, Thornton Villas, Richmond Road, houses situated in Valley des Vaux forming part of Mont á l'Abbe Vingtaine. St Helier - Part of District 49 - Houses situated on St Aubin's Road commencing at the angle of the road leading to Bellozanne, the Beach, Mont Cochon Main Road (East) as far North as St Lawrence's Parish extending to the limits of Mont á l'Abbe Vingtaine retturning by La Ville és Nuaux to St Aubin's Road.

Reference: S/07/A/22

Date: 1901 - 1901

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