Digital copy of Witness 350's witness statement to the States of Jersey Police providing an account of his experiences in care, primarily with reference to his time at Haut de la Garenne. Signature witnessed by Detective Constable [Philip] Kershaw. [Some details redacted].

Reference: C/D/AW1/B1/2/1/33/WS000156

Date: May 3rd 2008 - May 3rd 2008

Plans relating to proposed restoration of Kempt Tower.

Reference: D/AL/A11/SOB77

Date: 1977 - 1985

Plans of Greve de Lecq Tower. Land/tower lease

Reference: D/AL/A2/2143

Date: 1953 - 1953

Plans of Sea defences - Grouville Bay - Tower no. Four

Reference: D/AL/A4/106

Date: 1931 - 1931

Plans of Greve de Lecq Tower. Dated 1938.

Reference: D/AL/A4/605

Date: 1938 - 1938

Plans of Noirmont Tower - plans and sections

Reference: D/AL/A7/152(D1)

Date: 1934 - 1934

Plans of La Rocco Tower - Refurbishment of tower

Reference: D/AL/A7/2566(E2)

Date: 1971 - 1971

Plans of sea defences at Grouville Bay - Le Hurel to Gorey Village showing towers

Reference: D/AL/A7/6(D2)

Date: 1866 - 1876

File relates to Public Works Committee Agendas 1979. Recurring themes include; Road improvements and widening, waterworks, Les Landes, public parking, gyratory system in Rouge Bouillon, Land and Property acquisition and leases, the quarry, rock stabilisation, Dutch Elm Disease, markets, public toilets, traffic control, road surfaces, pedestrian and cycle paths, access to properties, Gorey Pier, Forts, Bunkers &Towers, Speed Limits, Methane recovery, Victoria Avenue & The Battle of Jersey Bi-Centenial.

Reference: D/AL/D1/52/8/8

Date: 1980 - 1980

Bundle of contracts entered into with or by the States Greffier for Martello Towers

Reference: D/AP/M/A/80

Date: 1910 - 1920

Projet du loi relating to the La Rocco Tower, 1962

Reference: D/AU/Y2/D/75

Date: 1962 - 1962

Plans concerning La Moye

Reference: D/G/C4/3

Date: 1989 - 1990

File entitled Drawings - Old Signal Tower, La Moye - Jersey Amateur Radio Society. Contains plans of Look Out Tower, Field 569, La Moye, St Brelade. Refurbishment of existing tower to form clubrooms. Floor Plans, Scale 1 : 50, and Elevations and Site Plan, Scale 1 : 100

Reference: D/G/C4/3/2

Date: 1990-01 - 1990-01

Photograph of the Jesuit tower at the weather observatory station at Maison St Louis, photographed by Albert Smith

Reference: D/J/W/A2/11

Date: 1904 - 1904

Photograph of the east side of Nicolle's Tower

Reference: D/Q/S4/59

Date: February 29th 1972 - February 29th 1972

Photograph of Beaumont Tower

Reference: D/Q/S4/60

Date: February 29th 1972 - February 29th 1972

Parish Treasury of St Brelade

Reference: D/W/E2/1

Date: 1981 - 1984

Photographs and negatives of restoration at La Rocco Tower

Reference: D/W/E4/28

Date: 1965 - 1965

File relating to Coastal Towers and Fortifications, includes; correspondence, plans, drawings and reports regarding the conversion of coastal towers and fortifications into living accommodation, such as Fort Leicester, Archirondel, and Nicolle Tower, a copy of a Historic Monuments Holiday Lettings Proposal details of the Historic Monuments Working Party and the Tourism Investment Sub Committee.

Reference: D/W/F1/3/04/27

Date: December 15th 1995 - June 29th 1998

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