Account book, includes; accounts for coal licences, accounts for ship passes, general accounts of dues to the Governor, accounts for dues for Mediterranean papers, accounts for certificates, accounts for certificates of the registry of vessels, accounts of poultry dues, rent for the King's Meadows in St Saviour and St Clement. rent for the King's Warren at Mont Orgueil, accounts of licences for vessels to trade with France, 1809 - 1813, accounts for import certificates

Reference: A/B/1

Date: 1806 - 1826

File S.4/1/12/1 Trading with the Enemy

Reference: A/C8/13

Date: May 7th 1952 - April 6th 1956

Agreement between the European Free Trade Association and Finland

Reference: A/D1/A18/12

Date: March 30th 1961 - April 27th 1961

Free Trade Agreement between Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland

Reference: A/D1/A18/19

Date: January 3rd 1966 - September 13th 1966

Papers relating to Trade and Finance agreements

Reference: A/D1/A18/41

Date: July 5th 1949 - July 6th 1949

Papers relating to the European Economic Community trade and GATT - General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade

Reference: A/D1/E13/5

Date: April 30th 1979 - December 9th 1985

Papers relating to the Channel Islands Exhibition, 1870 - 1871, the Agricultural Exhibition, 1887 and the Trading Exhibition, 1982

Reference: A/D1/E6

Date: April 19th 1870 - July 19th 1982

Request by Lord Jermyn for stronger convoy for Jersey trade, 26 August 1695

Reference: ADM/1/5114/15

Date: 1695 - 1695


Reference: B/A/L22

Letter from the Bailiff, Alexander Coutanche to George Pooley, Honorary Secretary, The Jersey Wholesale Wine & Spirit Merchants and Brewers Association, 10, Bond Street acknowledging receipt of his letter

Reference: B/A/L22/1

Date: May 23rd 1945 - May 23rd 1945

Correspondence with J B Howard, Home Office concerning the import of watches from Switzerland to the Channel Islands

Reference: B/A/L22/10

Date: October 19th 1945 - December 24th 1945

Correspondence with J B Howard, Home Office and others concerning the import of potatoes, wines and spirits from France

Reference: B/A/L22/11

Date: October 30th 1945 - January 25th 1946

Correspondence concerning a shipment of timber from Lisbon for the Channel Islands

Reference: B/A/L22/12

Date: December 24th 1945 - December 29th 1945

Correspondence concerning supplies of hardware made to the Channel Islands during the Occupation by M Adam, 11, Square Port-Royal, Saint-Lo

Reference: B/A/L22/13

Date: November 23rd 1945 - March 2nd 1946

Correspondence concerning imports, exports and exchange control

Reference: B/A/L22/14

Date: February 21st 1946 - September 7th 1946

Correspondence concerning a request from H Wakefield Limited, York Chambers to import Scandanavian paper for eventual disposal to consumers in the United Kingdom

Reference: B/A/L22/15

Date: February 27th 1946 - April 1st 1946

Translation of a decree enacted by the Government of El Salvador granting an extension of time for the renewal of trade marks registered in that country by nationals of Allied countries occupied by the enemy during the war, includes correspondence

Reference: B/A/L22/16

Date: November 14th 1947 - January 7th 1948

Letter from the Bailiff, Alexander Coutanche to W Foley, Ardmor, La Moye, representative of the Jersey Poultry Keepers Association acknowledging receipt of his letter

Reference: B/A/L22/2

Date: May 23rd 1945 - May 23rd 1945

Correspondence with Trevor J Matthews, 21, Broad Street, St Helier concerning remittances to and from the Island and the transaction of stock exchange business

Reference: B/A/L22/3

Date: May 23rd 1945 - June 15th 1945

Correspondence concerning the Jersey Purchasing Commission set up to re-establish the civilian trade connections between the Channel Islands and England

Reference: B/A/L22/4

Date: June 3rd 1945 - December 15th 1945

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