Draft correspondence from Robert Dagley, Madras to de Gruchy and Fiott concerning the arrival of cargo in Bengal, insurance and informing them of the Tartar's safe arrival

Reference: L/C/88/A/96

Date: May 28th 1783

Letter from J O de Gruchy to John Fiott concerning business and family matters

Reference: L/C/88/A/97

Date: April 12th 1785

Letter from Philip Gavey, London to John Fiott, Jersey concerning the Tartar's accounts and the purchase of a horse for his brother

Reference: L/C/88/A/99

Date: April 12th 1785

Papers of William Fiott

Reference: L/C/88/C

Bundle of correspondence and papers of William Fiott, includes; letters from E Fiott and John Lee, personal correspondence, papers relating to the time that William was stationed at Liège, Belgium, business papers and account of William with John Ede and booklet of suggested medical remedies for a variety of illnesses

Reference: L/C/88/C1/1

Date: 1809 - 1848

Accounts of William Fiott

Reference: L/C/88/C2

Two German Orders published in Paris, one concerning the payment in trade between the occupied territories of France and other places and the other regarding taking photographs.

Reference: L/D/25/A/61

Date: July 10th 1940 - October 5th 1940

Letter from Charles II to the Bailiff and the States of Jersey. The letter recommends the building of a pier at St Aubin's for the benefit and improvement of the trade of the Island and gives permission to the estates to levy such funds for the project as they think necessary. Gives 500 pistolls to begin the project.

Reference: L/F/08/H/34

Date: March 5th 1649 - March 5th 1649

Typescript of translation of Letters Patent of Elizabeth I granting privileges to Jersey

Reference: L/F/22/B/1

Date: June 27th 1563 - June 27th 1563

Translation of the Letters Patent of Charles II confirming Jersey privileges and granting the mace

Reference: L/F/22/B/2

Date: 1662 - 1662

Royal Charter from Edward IV, King of England. The Charter shows that Edward has accepted £2833 6 shillings and 8 pence from the Islands of Guernsey and Jersey as recompense for the re-taking of the Island of Jersey and the Castle of Mont Orgueil from his enemies. Edward shows his concern that this sum will lead to the ‘manifest impoverishment’ of the people of the Islands unless they are ‘by us the same be aided’. He talks of the ‘great fealty’ that the Island have shown the Crown and to assist with the payment of the recompense by the Islands he uses this document to establish a grant to the following individuals: John Peryn, John Tyant, William Duport, Jordan Rogier, Thomas de Haveillant, Laurence Caree, William Maugy, Renouet Agenor, Ralph Cousin, Nicholas de Lisle, Peter Leserkees, Peter Tehy, John Desouslemont, Nicholas Lepetit and John Lemoigne. The grant gives these people or their representatives the right to trade and buy goods at the Staple of Calais using ships from the Ports of Poole, Exeter and Dartmouth. They are allowed to trade their own goods and also those of other Islanders. If the Islanders find that they have £150 each year over, after paying customary dues and costs this money is to be paid towards the recompense.

Reference: L/F/386/A/1

Date: March 10th 1470

Licence to trade by retail for Mr N G Kelynack, 22 Hilgrove Street, St Helier from the Department of Essential Commodities

Reference: L/F/54/C/W/4

Date: November 5th 1942 - November 5th 1942

Letter from Lieutenant General George Don to Lieutenant General Sir John Doyle concerning the trade of goods between Jersey and France

Reference: L/F/95/A/29

Date: January 7th 1808 - January 7th 1808

Letter from Lieutenant General George Don to 'My dear Sir' concerning the trade between Jersey and France and the chance that it will give Bonaparte to 'send spies to this Island'

Reference: L/F/95/A/30

Date: January 29th 1808 - January 29th 1808

Letter from Charles Chevalier, Amicaux Le Breton and Company, Hemery Brothers and Company, Philippe Janvrin, and Francis Janvrin to Lieutenant General George Don concerning the commercial trade between Jersey and France

Reference: L/F/95/B/13

Date: April 27th 1812 - April 27th 1812

Letter from Lieutenant General George Don, Government House to Lieutenant General Sir John Doyle concerning licences for the extension of trade with France

Reference: L/F/95/B/14

Date: April 27th 1812 - April 27th 1812

Letter from Lieutenant General George Don, Government House to J Beckett concerning trade between Jersey and France

Reference: L/F/95/B/15

Date: April 27th 1812 - April 27th 1812

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