Army Annual Acts

Reference: A/C3

Correspondence relating to Army Annual Acts and their registration in Jersey

Reference: A/C3/1

Date: September 3rd 1879 - May 23rd 1911

Correspondence relating to Army Annual Acts and their registration in Jersey

Reference: A/C3/2

Date: May 24th 1912 - May 20th 1940

Correspondence re. National Service Acts and proposed reconstruction of the Royal Jersey Militia

Reference: A/C6/3

Date: February 14th 1951 - March 29th 1954

Official Secrets Acts

Reference: A/D1/A1/1

Date: October 14th 1889 - April 5th 1952

Loi Imposant une Taxe sur les Divertissements - Entertainments tax

Reference: A/D1/A1/10

Date: March 21st 1921 - April 10th 1928

Loi ayant rapport à la constitution d'une liste d'interdicts - Law concerning a black list for drunkards

Reference: A/D1/A1/11

Date: March 1st 1928 - April 10th 1928

Jersey's subscription to the International Convention on the execution of foreign arbitration awards - includes copies of Arbitration Clauses Acts

Reference: A/D1/A1/12

Date: November 3rd 1924 - June 15th 1931

Government Annuities Act, 1929

Reference: A/D1/A1/121

Date: May 27th 1929 - June 3rd 1929

Registration of Malawi Independence Act, 1964

Reference: A/D1/A1/122

Date: March 5th 1965 - April 22nd 1965

Shipbuilding Credit Act, 1964

Reference: A/D1/A1/123

Date: March 16th 1965 - June 28th 1965

Registration of The Republic of The Gambia Act, 1920 - Gambian Independence

Reference: A/D1/A1/124

Date: April 2nd 1965 - February 3rd 1971

Act re. loans for schools

Reference: A/D1/A1/125

Date: June 10th 1937 - December 13th 1937

Registration of The Kenya Republic Act, 1965

Reference: A/D1/A1/126

Date: July 5th 1965 - August 10th 1965

Registration of the Defence (Transfer of Functions) Act, 1964

Reference: A/D1/A1/127

Date: April 8th 1964 - November 9th 1965

Registration of Trustees Savings Bank Acts

Reference: A/D1/A1/13

Date: May 7th 1918 - April 25th 1949

Acts giving road inspectors the right to votes at parish assemblies

Reference: A/D1/A1/130

Date: April 22nd 1921 - June 20th 1921

Registration of the Carriage of Goods by Road Act, 1965

Reference: A/D1/A1/131

Date: October 26th 1965 - October 28th 1965

Registration of Acts relating to Southern Rhodesia

Reference: A/D1/A1/132

Date: November 12th 1965 - March 30th 1967

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