Document relating to the appointment of an administrator. John Mist, Robert Watts, John Brown, Nicolas Brown, Pearce Rogers, Joseph Hinchcliffe, and James Butterworth are convened to choose an administrator for the goods of John Brabin, Joseph Brabin, and James Brabin who are absent from the island, James Butterworth is appointed administrator.

Reference: J/C/AN/L/12

Date: July 7th 1837 - July 7th 1837

Resignation of a house, chapel and land between Jean Anthoine, Nathanael Westaway, Jean Le Ber, and John Phillips of the first party and Henry Dart, William Fowler, William Gould, Clement Perchard, William Handcock, Philippe Grigriy, Edouard Jean, Philippe Pinel, Robert Bartley, George Babot, Elie Neel, Richard du Parcq, Henry Mahy, and Robert Laurence Guille of the second party. Records the appointment by 1 of 2 as administrators of the said Chapel house and land. Registered Livre 177 folio 243

Reference: J/C/AN/L/13

Date: April 1st 1842 - April 1st 1842

Images of Peter Lambert, the General Hospital's administrator, at the hospital with two portraits.

Reference: L/A/75/A3/2/4487

Date: July 14th 1977 - July 14th 1977

Photographer: Glenn Rankine

JEP Photographic Job Number: 1977/4487.

Images of Mr P Lambert, the Hospitals (Group) Administrator for the Jersey Group of Hospitals, showing a gentleman from Guernsey around a newly constructed wing at the Jersey General Hospital.

Reference: L/A/75/A3/4/2294

Date: November 15th 1979 - November 15th 1979

Photographer: Peter Mourant

JEP Photographic Job Number: 1979/2294

Images of Mr. Robin Murfin, who was elected as an associate of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators. Mr. Murfin works as the research officer in the Viscount's Department [from JEP 02/03/82 p.13]

Reference: L/A/75/A3/7/523

Date: March 1st 1982 - March 1st 1982

Photographer: Gary Grimshaw

JEP Photographic Job Number: 1982/523.

Volume relating to the Administratelle des biens of Joshua Le Cornu drawn up by Crill and Benest Solicitors

Reference: L/B/02/1/1/2

Date: August 10th 1929 - August 10th 1929

Volume containing details of the administration by George Philippe Crill of the debts of George Balleine. Lists all creditors of George Balleine and the amount owed. Also contains a copy of the agreement reached between George Balleine and his creditors.

Reference: L/B/02/4/1/7

Date: August 20th 1901 - August 20th 1901

Administration de Biens. Philippe Le Couteur, Philippe Le Cornu, Jean Le Sueur, son of Jean, son of Daniel, Philippe Le Sueur, Charles Le Sueur, son of Charles, Charles Le Sueur, son of François are to chose an administrator for the goods of the late Henry Hersey. Jean Le Sueur is chosen as administrator. Registered: Book 29, Folio 213 [Procurations]

Reference: L/C/103/A/1/77

Date: December 21st 1833 - December 21st 1833

Administration de Biens. Francois de Gruchy, Josué Mourant, Philip Jeune, Daniel Le Sueur, George Falle, Philippe Syvret and Jean Le Sueur are to chose and administrator for the goods of Jean Jeune, son of Philippe, currently absent from Jersey. Jean Le Sueur is chosen for the administrator. Registered: Procurations, Book 33, Folio 119

Reference: L/C/103/A/1/83

Date: September 13th 1851 - September 13th 1851

Administration des Biens. Charles Le Sueur, George Clement Beauchamp, George Le Sueur, Philipe Le Sueur, George Romeril, William John Ogier and John Le Sueur are to choose an administrator for Frank de Ste Croix and Mary Le Sueur, daughter of Philippe, his wife, currently absent from the island. John Le Sueur is chosen as administrator. Registered: Procurations Book 41, Folio 87

Reference: L/C/103/A/1/90

Date: February 22nd 1879 - February 22nd 1879

Appointment of Jean Hamon as an administrateur for the good of Edouard Le Moignan, who is away from the island, by Elizabeth Rommerill widow of Jean Le Moignan, Jean Rommerill, Jean Luce, Mathieu Le Porcq, Jean Denize, Nicollas Mourant and Jean Hamon.

Reference: L/C/119/A4/13

Date: February 28th 1702 - February 28th 1702

Bail et Vente between John Puttick, Abraham Mourant, Administrateur des biens for James Temple Métivier, Jean Blampied and the aforesaid Abraham Mourant Administrateur des biens for Stewart Williamson Trustees of the Jersey Total Abstinence Society of the first party and the aforesaid Jean Blampied son of Jean of the second party. Records the sale from 1 to 2 of a certain piece of building or chapel and land with a house in the Fief de Collette des Augres, St Helier for the sum of £60 sterling. Registered: Livre 249, Folio 41.

Reference: L/C/130/A/9

Date: January 28th 1871 - January 28th 1871

Document signed by the electors of Reverend Philippe La Cloche as administrator of the goods of John Matthieu Ricard advising the administrator to sell certain portions of land

Reference: L/C/131/J11/7

Date: November 8th 1838 - November 8th 1838

Legal bill presented by Charles Laurens for administration of the succession of the late Philippe Gruchy including attendance at court sale of land and rentes and for visits to the family home in St John

Reference: L/C/148/A7/1

Date: October 11th 1849 - May 11th 1852

Account presented by Peter Falla to Susan Elizabeth Gruchy widow of the late Francis Laffoley relating to succession

Reference: L/C/148/A7/11

Date: 1912 - 1912

Account presented by J A Le Brun to Elizabeth Pinel, Mrs Gruchy for legal services including the drawing up of contracts

Reference: L/C/148/A7/12

Date: 1851 - 1851

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