Volume of Rentes a Payer, detailing year by year payments of all rentes due payable by clients of Crill and Benest Solicitors. Contains index at front of volume.

Reference: L/B/02/3/1/8

Date: 1951 - 1974

Volume of Rentes received by Crill and Benest Solicitors detailing month by month payments of all rentes by clients of Crill and Benest Solicitors. Also volume of Rentes a Payer detailing year by year payments of all rentes payable due to clients of Crill and Benest Solicitors.Contains index at rear of volume.

Reference: L/B/02/3/1/9

Date: January 2nd 1918 - June 30th 1951

Rembours de Rentes

Reference: L/B/02/3/2

Volume of description of Rembours de Rente contracts containing details of the considerations paid for them.

Reference: L/B/02/3/2/1

Date: June 28th 1955 - March 14th 1971

Miscellaneous Items

Reference: L/B/02/4

Miscellaneous Volumes

Reference: L/B/02/4/1

Volume of newspaper cuttings relating to legal cases heard before the Royal Court.

Reference: L/B/02/4/1/1

Date: April 24th 1903 - January 13th 1927

Volume containing details of payments made by clients of Crill and Benest Solicitors of Bonds. Contain index at front of volume.

Reference: L/B/02/4/1/4

Date: 1957 - 1972

Miscellaneous papers

Reference: L/B/02/4/2

Index to Chronique de Jersey

Reference: L/B/02/4/2/1

Date: 1825 - 1830

Papers relating to inventories, the administration of the Royal Court, the transport of prisoners from England to Jersey, relating to Habeus Corpus act, newspaper reports relating to the laws of jersey and the 'existing abuses in the mode of their administration', report of a criminal case and reports at the court of St James's, extracts of the States of Jersey minutes and details of laws with penal sentences.

Reference: L/B/02/4/2/2

Date: 1857 - 1858

Papers relating to P C H Ostroumoff and a dispute with First Tower Carpet Company Limited and the setting up of the company 'Rufus S. Lusk (Jersey) Ltd'

Reference: L/B/02/4/2/3

Date: 1975 - 1975

Papers relating to the contract regarding property of N W B Briggs. Contains partage des heritages and contracts relating to the property and land.

Reference: L/B/02/4/2/4

Date: 1857 - 1858

Royal Court Law relating to the Powers of Attorney (Jersey) rules, 1962

Reference: L/B/02/4/2/5

Date: July 16th 1962 - July 16th 1962

Act of the States relating to the Law for the reimbursement of rentes

Reference: L/B/02/4/2/6

Date: September 30th 1970 - September 30th 1970

Account of Philippe Le Gros with William Dupré, Advocate

Reference: L/C/112/B2/13

Date: 1827 - 1828

Account of Mary Ann Le Petevin dit Le Roux with Advocate Peter Falla

Reference: L/C/112/H21/10

Date: 1887 - 1887

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