Photograph Album showing the grounds of Highlands College, the Education Department and aerial photos of the campus [some photos removed from the album and used in an exhibition to be found in D/J/W/A1]

Reference: D/J/W/A2/12

Date: 1983 - 2000

Photograph of an aerial view of the site at the La Collette Land Reclamation site and Harbour Scheme

Reference: D/Q/K2/120

Date: September 23rd 1975 - September 23rd 1975

Aerial Photographs

Reference: D/Q/S1

Aerial Photograph of St Helier Harbour showing the land reclamation site at La Collette, Havre des Pas swimming pool and Fort Regent

Reference: D/Q/S1/17

Date: 1978-08 - 1978-08

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