Will and Testament of Mary Elizabeth Hunt, The Nest, Pont Marquet, St Brelade. Dated 3 January 1912. Desires to be buried in St Brelade's parish churchyard. Bequeaths to the Reverend Arthur Balleine, St Brelade's Rectory £100 to help provide a church house and £50 to provide a gold and white altar frontal for St Brelade's parish church. Codicil added 24 November 1919

Reference: D/Y/A/80/17

Date: February 7th 1920 - February 7th 1920

St John's Church, Jersey, Channel Islands. Sketch of altar with reredos and riddel posts, also benches for communicants. Proposed re-planning of the chancel and choir, plan of the altar and choir stalls. Design for proposed new choir stalls of oak. Three plan drawings

Reference: D/Y/Q4/119

Date: January 5th 1940 - January 5th 1940

Plan of St Brelade's Church, Jersey. Chancel Aisle - new pavement, altar rails, altar, reredos and screens. Chancel - new choir seats and door to belfry.

Reference: D/Y/Q4/12

Date: October 21st 1907 - October 21st 1907

St Peter's Church. Elevation of altar and reredos. Plan. Scale one inch to one foot. Pulpit, chancel and proposed site. Pencil drawing

Reference: D/Y/Q4/131

Date: 1948-12 - March 22nd 1949

St Luke's Church. Pencil drawing of proposed altar lights. Standard candlestick in brass or bronze

Reference: D/Y/Q4/49

Date: June 26th 1922 - June 26th 1922

Alternative plan of Altar and Reredos with Wings for Trinity Church, Jersey. Front view of communion rail

Reference: D/Y/Q4/5

Date: May 20th 1895 - March 5th 1906

St Mary's Church, Jersey. Suggestions for altar rails with gates in oak. Scale one inch to one foot. Plan drawing

Reference: D/Y/Q4/85

Date: 1932 - May 23rd 1932

St Matthew's Church, Millbrook [Glass Church]. Plan drawings relating to proposed alterations to the Church which include detailed drawings of the altar and windows

Reference: D/Y/Q4/89A

Date: March 31st 1933 - March 31st 1933

St Matthew's Church, Millbrook [Glass Church]. Plan drawings relating to proposed alterations to the Church which include detailed drawings of the communion grille, choir and altar

Reference: D/Y/Q4/89B

Date: March 31st 1933 - March 31st 1933

All Saint's Church, St Helier, Jersey. Proposed reredos, wing panelling and altar rails - all in oak. Includes minute extract of vestry meeting, and paper with memorial inscription to be cut into oak stand under cross, relating to Ruby G Ward, wife of L Foster Ward, Vicar of the Parish, 21st March 1930

Reference: D/Y/Q4/90

Date: March 13th 1933 - May 15th 1933

St Mary's Church, Jersey. Design for additions to altar rail in oak, showing positions of gates. Scale half an inch to a foot.

Reference: D/Y/Q4/92

Date: 1933-03 - August 25th 1933

Proposed altar rails for St Mark's Church, Jersey. Scale one inch to one foot

Reference: D/Y/Q4/98

Date: May 27th 1935 - May 27th 1935

Specification for pulpit, reading desk, altar table, altar chairs and rail

Reference: G/C/01/C/52

Date: December 31st 1843 - December 31st 1843

Specification and agreement with Thomas Le Rich for pulpit, reading desk, altar table, altar chairs with list of tenders

Reference: G/C/01/C/53

Date: January 10th 1844 - January 10th 1844

Papers relating to the gift of a silver altar set from Lieutenant Colonel H S Le Rossignol in memory of his wife May Lambert Le Rossignol, née Matier

Reference: G/C/09/L/1

Date: July 8th 1957 - February 1st 1958

Correspondence with and quotation from L'Etacq Quarries, Granite Merchants concerning the proposed new altar in the South Aisle of St Martin's Church

Reference: G/C/17/E/3

Date: July 10th 1963 - October 31st 1963

Copper Photographic Plate of the altar at St Patrick's Chapel in St Mary and St Peter's Church, Vauxhall from the Jersey Catholic Record from November 1971 p.9

Reference: H/B/E5/112

Date: November 1st 1971 - November 1st 1971

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