Papers regarding the Jersey Swimming Club Council Meetings. Includes letters of thanks and congratulations, trips, attendances of meetings, minutes, annual reports and notices of meetings.

Reference: L/D/17/D/53

Date: June 28th 1973 - January 28th 1977

Papers regarding the Jersey Swimming Club Council. Includes trading accounts, annual reports and personal correspondence.

Reference: L/D/17/D/54

Date: October 4th 1977 - March 1st 1982

File relating to the Royal Life Saving Society. Includes applications for proficiency awards.

Reference: L/D/17/D/75

Date: August 23rd 1961 - December 1st 1982

Papers relating to the Jersey Youth Service. Includes papers on organising activities for youth, a magazine put out by the Jersey Youth Service, newsletters, minutes of the Leaders Forum Meeting, applications to take part in events, competitions, advertisements for activities and itineraries for organised weekends.

Reference: L/D/17/D/97

Date: May 14th 1975 - November 11th 1977

Applications to become a member of the Jersey Swimming Club including date, names and addresses of the applicant and the name of their proposer

Reference: L/D/17/F/4

Date: 1939 - 1940

Jersey Scout Association papers relating to awards; includes, papers relating to applications for awards, recommendations for awards and confirmation of awards

Reference: L/D/36/C2/18

Date: May 14th 1978 - December 7th 1992

Jersey Scout Association papers relating to grants; includes, correspondence, grant applications and donations

Reference: L/D/36/C2/9

Date: March 31st 1966 - March 26th 1981

List of scout leaders with a note of their training and applications for leader warrants

Reference: L/D/36/F1/13

Date: 1981 - 1989

Letter from Charles Tostevin from Grove Garage, Grove Street, St Helier to the War Office in Whitehall, London applying for permission for H Noel to return to Jersey and to a job in Grove Garage.

Reference: L/F/147/1

Date: July 2nd 1945 - July 2nd 1945

Letter from B M Tuck of the War Office in Whitehall to H Noel of 102 Castle Stree, Bolton, Lancashire, informing him that if he wishes to return to Jersey he should apply to the Passport and Permit Office.

Reference: L/F/147/2

Date: July 31st 1945 - July 31st 1945

Letters regarding the refusal of the Platzkommandant of an appeal by Major Le Masurier, President of the Department of Essential Commodities, for the postponement of the sentences of H O Le Druillenec [Harold Osmond Le Druillenec], L M Gould [Louisa Mary Gould, née Le Druillenec] and B Petolet.

Reference: L/F/300/A/3

Date: June 26th 1944 - June 30th 1944

Guidelines for grant applications

Reference: L/F/348/D2/1/5

Date: 1996-09 - 1996-09

Letter from A Le Gresley, Food Controller, Food Control Office regarding a permit to purchase one bottle of spirits on one occasion only.

Reference: L/F/442/A1/5

Date: 1940 - 1945
Undated, c. 1940-1945.

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