Will and Testament of Major General John Hamilton Roberts of the Canadian Army, retired, of Les Mouettes, Fauvic, Grouville. Desires to be cremated. Dated 19/11/1962. [Includes one closed document]

Reference: D/Y/B1/71/71

Date: December 31st 1962 - December 31st 1962

Letter to Mr J R Bisson, Trylebois, La Moye, St Brelade giving permission for him to visit Corporal C H James in Hannover

Reference: F/A/W5/7

Date: August 16th 1950 - August 16th 1950

Military and Defence

Reference: F/E/U

Act of the Court of St James dated 1st of November 1769 relating to the incident when armed men stormed the Royal Court and held the Bailiff and other officers hostage. Correspondence concerns details for restoring order and offers a reward of £100 for each guilty person who is apprehended, any rioter who gives the names of other persons involved in the riot will receive a pardon.

Reference: F/E/U1/1

Date: November 1st 1769 - November 1st 1769

Inventory of equipment contained in the military store of St John relating to the Department des Fusils [ a rifle or shotgun used by Fusileers] signed by Jean Le Quesne Constable, and Nicolas Baudains and Richard Valpy Centeniers

Reference: F/E/U1/2

Date: February 4th 1770 - February 4th 1770

Proclamation issued by the States of Jersey relating to the defence of the island and the fact that the Lieutenant Governor has reported that French agents are attempting to bribe troops into deserting from service. A reward of 800 livres is offered for the discovery of persons aiding and abetting the enemy agents

Reference: F/E/U1/3

Date: November 1st 1788 - November 1st 1788

Letter from Le Sueur and Bree Architects to Philippe Neel Constable of St John relating to the construction of a drill shed for the Militia

Reference: F/E/U1/4

Date: August 10th 1877 - August 10th 1877

Letter from Lieutenant Colonel Philippe Le Brun to Philippe Neel esquire relating to the disposal of the Military Colours of the 1st or North West Regiment. He states that the first set of regimental colours has been offered to and accepted by St Ouens Parish Church. He understands that the parishes of St Ouen and St Mary have paid equally for the second set of colours and that as they cannot be divided he hopes that some amicable agreement can be made as to their disposal. [for other documents relating to this dispute please see reference numbers F/E/U1/6-11]

Reference: F/E/U1/5

Date: September 1st 1882 - September 1st 1882

Military photographs

Reference: F/E/U2

Book of Remembrance of Victoria College containing photographs and histories of former pupils and teachers killed in the First World War

Reference: F/E/U2/1

Date: 1920 - 1920


Reference: F/J/L1

Amended Rules of the St Ouen's Ex-Servicemen's Association

Reference: F/J/L1/2

Date: May 5th 1975 - May 5th 1975

Amended Rules of the St Ouen's Ex-Servicemen's Association

Reference: F/J/L1/3

Date: April 7th 1988 - April 7th 1988

Amended Rules of the St Ouen's Ex-Servicemen's Association

Reference: F/J/L1/4

Date: December 5th 1994 - December 5th 1994


Reference: F/J/L2

Minutes of the St Ouen's Ex-Servicemen's Association

Reference: F/J/L2/A/1

Date: March 11th 1963 - March 7th 1985

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