Governor's Letter Book of correspondence with the Home Office with copies of letters from the Attorney General relating to the reform of the Royal Court, 1867 [Major General Burke Cuppage, 1863 - 1868] [indexed]

Reference: A/A1/15

Date: January 5th 1866 - November 26th 1867

Lieutenant Governor's Correspondence file, includes; correspondence with bailiff's, attorney generals and the Home Office on matters of defence, acts of the States, parliamentary bills and some cases of injury to individuals

Reference: A/A2/2

Date: December 27th 1830 - July 26th 1884

Letter from Robert Pipon Marett, Attorney General & G H Horman, Advocate General to Lieutenant Colonel Haste, Deputy Governor expressing their opinion on the petition for the disbandment of the Militia see A/C2/13/1

Reference: A/C2/13/8

Date: July 12th 1870 - July 12th 1870

Letter from the Lieutenant Governor [Major General Philip Nelson Guy] to the Attorney General's Office observations by General Guy on the 'serious case of contempt of authority and breach of discipline of Lieutenant Colonel Malet de Carteret of the North West Regiment'

Reference: A/C2/14/3

Date: March 20th 1871 - March 20th 1871

Letter from the Attorney General's Office Mr R Pipon Marett and G H Horman to Major General Guy in reply to his letter see A/C2/14/3 regarding the legal aspect of the right to cancel a Commission in the Militia, reference to the George Hooper case and the subsequent Order in Council 1817 and the case of Captain Guerin in Guernsey 1845, advise that the matter is referred to the Secretary of State for War

Reference: A/C2/14/4

Date: April 3rd 1871 - April 3rd 1871

Copy letter from R Pipon Marett, Attorney General to Major General Norcott re. the pending case in the Royal Court between the Attorney General and Mr Aaron de St Croix, former Captain in the St Lawrence Battalion

Reference: A/C2/16/1

Date: June 13th 1874 - June 13th 1874

Letter from the Attorney General Pipon Marett to the Lieutenant Governor Major General Norcott originally enclosed with three documents used in the Royal court case see A/C2/16/2. Legality of the removal of Mr de St Croix from the St Lawrence Battalion confirmed but case been referred to Her Majesty in Council

Reference: A/C2/17/2

Date: January 23rd 1875 - January 23rd 1875

Letter from G Bertram, Attorney General to Lieutenant Governor Nicholson re. Captain Godfray's legal costs

Reference: A/C2/22/12

Date: May 9th 1882 - May 9th 1882

Letter from the Lieutenant Governor Nicholson to G Bertram the Attorney General re. a letter from Captain Godfray on the matter of Alfred de la Taste who had been brought before the Petty Debts Court

Reference: A/C2/22/7

Date: April 28th 1882 - April 28th 1882

Letter from the Lieutenant Governor Nicholson to G Bertram Attorney General re. defaults of Francis E Voisin

Reference: A/C2/22/8

Date: April 29th 1882 - April 29th 1882

Copy letter from Henry Wray, Lieutenant-Governor to A A G Royal Jersey Militia regarding the decision of the Attorney General that the Crown Solicitor will act without payment, whenever it is necessary for a Commanding Officer of a Militia Regiment to present a Militia offender before the Court

Reference: A/C2/25/2

Date: March 16th 1886 - March 16th 1886

Letter from W Vernon Attorney General to Lieutenant Governor Wray re. case of the son of W [E] Voisin and interpretation of the Militia Law passed by the States of 10 January 1881 regarding defaults

Reference: A/C2/25/5

Date: April 30th 1886 - April 30th 1886

Copy letter from C B Ewart Lieutenant-Governor to W H Vernon Attorney General, regarding 'preparation of Reports in the cases of offenders who are brought before the Court for the repression of minor offences'

Reference: A/C2/29/6

Date: September 27th 1890 - September 27th 1890

Letter from W Venable Vernon, Attorney General's Chambers to the Lieutenant Governor [Lieutenant General Charles Ewart] regarding the Crown Solicitor acting in Militia Court matters with no remuneration

Reference: A/C2/29/7

Date: December 8th 1890 - December 8th 1890

Letter from Thomas Le Breton, Procureur General & W Dupré, Advocate General, Jersey to Major General Sir C Halkett re. expenses for repairs to Militia stores

Reference: A/C2/3/1

Date: February 25th 1830 - February 25th 1830

Letter from W Venables Vernon & A Hilgrove Turner, Attorney General's Chambers to the Lieutenant-Governor [Lieutenant General Charles Ewart] regarding calling out the Militia Reserve with relation to the Militia Law

Reference: A/C2/31/10

Date: April 22nd 1892 - April 22nd 1892

Copy letter from C B Ewart Lieutenant-Governor to W H Venables Vernon, Attorney General in reply to the letter of 22 April 1892 requesting clarification on 2 points, how a proclamation of martial law would be made in the Island if there was an outbreak of war and if communication with England was interrupted who would resume control to ensure the safety of the Island, the Lieutenant-Governor or the Officer Commanding the Troops

Reference: A/C2/31/11

Date: April 23rd 1892 - April 23rd 1892

Copy letter from E Markham, Lieutenant-Governor to W H Venables Vernon, Attorney General request for the opinion of the Law Officers re. what legal authority is necessary for the raising of Volunteer Corps on the outbreak of hostilities

Reference: A/C2/33/1

Date: January 31st 1894 - January 31st 1894

Letter from W Venables Vernon, Attorney General to the Lieutenant- Governor [Major General Edwin Markham] reply to his letter of 31 January 1894 see A/C2/33/1 re. position of the Volunteer corps in the event of hostilities in the Island

Reference: A/C2/33/2

Date: February 17th 1894 - February 17th 1894

Copy of two letters 1. Copy letter from W H Venables Vernon to the Lieutenant Governor informing him the trial of J Odell at the Criminal Assizes will be on 4 January 1897 2. Copy letter from E Hopton Lieutenant Governor to the Secretary of State originally enclosed with a report regarding J Odell

Reference: A/C2/35/11

Date: November 5th 1896 - November 7th 1896

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