Approval of the Testament of Elie Dumaresq son of Elie son of Philippe. Dated 20/04/1726. Desires to be buried in St Lawrence Church. Bequeaths to the poor of St Lawrence, 1 quartier of wheat of rente.

Reference: F/N/K1/10

Date: September 19th 1726 - September 19th 1726

Correspondence relating to the Bequest to St Mary's Church from Olive Renouf. Includes copy of the Will and Testament of Olive Renouf

Reference: G/C/13/C3/5

Date: 1976 - 1976

Extract from an act of the Cour de Samedi at the request of the trustees of St Martin's Wesleyan Chapel, relates to an order of justice concerning bequests of property

Reference: J/C/AE/H/3

Date: 1914 - 1914

Last Will and Testament of William Valpy Gaudin. Also includes extracts from Codicil to the Will relating to the bequest to the English Wesleyan Society.

Reference: J/C/E/H/1

Date: April 23rd 1918 - January 22nd 1919

Extract from will of John Jourdan Le Sueur, relating to a bequest to the English Wesleyan Society

Reference: J/C/E/H/2

Date: January 22nd 1929 - January 22nd 1929

Report on the bequest from the will and testament of James Joslin Dupré to the English Wesleyan Circuit.

Reference: J/C/E/H/3

Date: 1929 - 1929

Extracts from the will and testament of a person in the Gaudin family relating to a bequest left to the English Wesleyan Circuit

Reference: J/C/E/H/4

Date: June 15th 1936 - June 15th 1936

Correspondence file, includes; papers relating to the use of the bequests, funds, investments and securities belonging to the Jersey Dispensary and Infirmary, take over of the organisation by the Public Health Department, laws pertaining to the Jersey Dispensary and Infirmary, and account of the Jersey General Dispensary with Le Gallais and Luce, Solicitors

Reference: L/A/13/A6/4

Date: 1945 - 1955

Correspondence file, includes; list of correspondence files, bequests to the Jersey Dispensary and Infirmary, engineers reports and insurance for boiler, and confirmation of audit of cash transactions from J T A Willcox, Chartered Accountants

Reference: L/A/13/A6/7

Date: April 7th 1943 - July 28th 1950

Testament of Jean Le Quesne, son of Nicolas, of St Helier. Expresses the wish to be buried in St Helier Cemetery. Bequeathes to the poor of St Helier, £5 sterling, to Elizabeth Valpy, his niece, widow of Charles de Ste Croix, £50 sterling, to Jean de Ste Croix, £20 sterling, to Rachel Payn, his niece, £80 sterling, to Elizabeth Payn, his niece, daughter of Jean and wife of George Brochet, £40, from the £40, £3 should be paid to her children equally and annually. Also to Margueritte Le Quesne, wife of Jean Neel, £2000, to Sophie Jane Le Quesne and Mary Elizabeth Le Quesne, daughters of the late Nicolas Le Quesne, £400. Appoints Jean Neel as executor of the testament.

Reference: L/C/103/A/6/3

Date: November 9th 1844 - November 9th 1844

Bundle of receipts for items bequeathed by Ann E Bellingham in her Will and Testament and received by the individuals that were specified.

Reference: L/C/103/B/2/27

Date: April 18th 1906 - August 7th 1906

Receipts for the payment of bequests to various charities from John Le Sueur, executor of the will and testament of Ann Eliza Bellingham, née Le Sueur, widow of Edward James Bellingham.

Reference: L/C/103/B/2/31

Date: 1906 - 1906

Sale by auction at Midland House, Trinity of articles bequeathed by Ann Eliza Bellingham, née Le Sueur, to several charitable institutions.

Reference: L/C/103/B/2/33

Date: April 19th 1906 - April 19th 1906

Testament of Thomas de Beauvoir. Dated 28/02/1684. Bequeaths 100 livres tournois to the poor of St Peter

Reference: L/C/131/K1/1

Date: March 19th 1684 - March 19th 1684

Will and Testament of Robert Cull of George Street Mansion House, London. Bequeaths his illuminated prayer book to his wife Ann Le Sueur

Reference: L/C/131/K8/1

Date: July 3rd 1869 - July 3rd 1869

Copy from the Ecclesiastical Court of the will and testament of Harriet Jane Mauger, Manor View, Trinity, widow of Josué Charles Machon. Dated 20 April 1910.

Reference: L/C/166/A6/4

Date: May 23rd 1911 - May 23rd 1911

Will and Testament of Henriette Elizabeth Seale of Roseleigh, Churchwalk, Thames Ditton, Surrey. Dated 23/02/1910. Bequeaths her land in Churchwalk, Thames Ditton to Catherine Pye, Winifred Pye and John Haward Pye. Bequeaths her land in Jersey to her heirs at law. Includes an account

Reference: L/C/61/C/4

Date: September 19th 1917 - June 1st 1921

Testament of Henry Drake of Southampton. Dated 23/06/1731. Bequeaths to the poor of St Ouen, £3

Reference: L/C/65/B12/7

Date: June 23rd 1731 - June 23rd 1731

Testament of James Pipon son of Edouard of St Aubin. Dated 07/06/1811. Bequeaths to the poor of St Brelade £5. Bequeaths his share in the Commercial Bank of Jersey to to his five daughters.

Reference: L/C/67/C2/39

Date: June 7th 1811 - June 7th 1811

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