Copy of the Birth Certificate of John Roy Bisson, born 08/03/1906

Reference: F/A/W5/6

Date: August 14th 1950 - August 14th 1950

Birth, Marriage and Burial Certificates of Ann Elizabeth Bosdet, née Besselièvre

Reference: F/M/S/3

Date: October 11th 1887 - March 14th 1914

Birth Certificate of François Henri Marie Saint Cast on 07/05/1910

Reference: F/M/S/4

Date: March 21st 1949 - March 21st 1949

Copy of an entry of birth in the Parish of St Peter Port, Guernsey of Mabel Ahier

Reference: L/C/03/A/3

Date: 1917 - 1917

Copy of a birth certificate of Anna daughter of Frederick Duval and Ann Mary Asplet, born on 5th February 1869 in Mont Cochon

Reference: L/C/105/C/7

Date: April 8th 1932 - April 8th 1932

Birth Certificate of Alice Florence Lucas, daughter of Francis Lucas and Clara Simon, born on 02/11/1894

Reference: L/C/120/B/2

Date: June 28th 1949 - June 28th 1949

Birth Certificate of John George du Fresne, son of John du Fresne and Sophie de la Haye, born on 29/12/1893

Reference: L/C/120/B/3

Date: June 29th 1949 - June 29th 1949

Certificate of Extract from the Register of Births for Alice Maud Mary Cooper.

Reference: L/C/129/B1/1

Date: July 29th 1857 - July 29th 1857

Birth certificate of Philip Winter Thomas Dorey, Philip Dorey - Father and Margaret Dorey, née de la Haye - mother recorded in Penzance, Cornwall

Reference: L/C/133/B/2

Date: September 8th 1890 - September 8th 1890

Birth Certificate of Emilius Boydens, born 29/09/1919 in Ostend, Belgium

Reference: L/C/179/A/4

Date: July 28th 1945 - July 28th 1945

Birth Certificate for Henry Thomas Wingate

Reference: L/C/229/C1/1

Date: 1887 - 1887

Birth Certificate for Margaret Hoare daughter of Mary Ann Hoare formerly Silvester and Thomas Hoare

Reference: L/C/229/C1/1a

Date: 1883 - 1883

Birth Certificate for Lily Kathleen Ethel Tocque

Reference: L/C/229/C1/1b

Date: 1909 - 1909

Birth certificate of Gladys Ellen Miller, daughter of George Edward Miller and Susan Elizabeth Vardon his wife in St Brelade on 11/02/1909

Reference: L/C/238/A1/4

Date: May 8th 1917 - May 8th 1917

Copy of birth certificate of Frank Le Villio, born 13/09/1925 in Le Geyt Road, St. Saviour to Celestin Julien Le Villio and Philomene le Puill.

Reference: L/C/24/D2/1

Date: January 24th 1996 - January 24th 1996

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