Broadcasting of the Debate on the Review of Housing Policy, lodged by Senator R J Shenton.

Reference: C/A615/1985/P96

Date: August 27th 1985 - August 27th 1985

File relating to facilities for broadcasting emergency announcements. Includes correspondence and paper concerning procedures and arrangements

Reference: D/G/C11/2/9

Date: 1990-02 - March 2nd 1990

Audio Tapes

Reference: D/G/C12

Numbered Audio Tapes

Reference: D/G/C12/1

Audio Tape. No. 20 [not dated]

Reference: D/G/C12/1/1

Audio Tape. No. 45 [not dated]

Reference: D/G/C12/1/10

Audio Tape. No. 47 [not dated]

Reference: D/G/C12/1/11

Audio Tape. No. 48 [not dated]

Reference: D/G/C12/1/12

Audio Tape. No. 50 [not dated]

Reference: D/G/C12/1/13

Audio Tape. No. 51 [not dated]

Reference: D/G/C12/1/14

Audio Tape. No. 21. INTEX 73. Special Announcement. 1 and 2

Reference: D/G/C12/1/2

Date: 1973 - 1973

Audio Tape. No. 23 [not dated]

Reference: D/G/C12/1/3

Audio Tape. No. 24 [not dated]

Reference: D/G/C12/1/4

Audio Tape. No. 25 [not dated]

Reference: D/G/C12/1/5

Audio Tape. No. 41 [not dated]

Reference: D/G/C12/1/7

Unnumbered Audio Tapes

Reference: D/G/C12/2

Directorate correspondence relating to television and radio broadcasts to schools

Reference: D/J1/A/B1/A/55

Date: June 4th 1985 - September 3rd 1991

Order of service for morning worship, a live television broadcast from St Aubin's Harbour.

Reference: J/C/BR/6

Date: July 26th 1998 - July 26th 1998

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