Letter from William Vernon, Greffier of the States to Lieutenant Governor Nicholson re. the signal Boy [Buoy] at Fort Regent

Reference: A/C2/19/1

Date: April 23rd 1879 - April 23rd 1879

Correspondence and papers relating to buoys and beacons around Jersey. Includes; Grand Anquette Beacon, 1858 - 1939, the installation of radio beacons at Corbiere lighthouse, 1873 - 1946, and agreement for the unification of buoyage and lighting of coasts, 1936

Reference: A/D1/B18

Date: August 5th 1858 - February 20th 1984

Correspondence and papers concerning signal stations, signal buoys and lighthouses

Reference: A/D1/S2

Date: November 25th 1833 - May 16th 1902

Official correspondence with index. Subjects include: an arsenal for St Helier Battalion; the library; registration; buoy near Chausseys; importation of French cattle from Guernsey; the census; export of grain; oyster fishing; heating in the Royal Court; punishment of crime; resignation of Jurat Philip de Carteret; protestant dissenters; distilleries and the trade in spirits; distressed seamen from the wreck 'Medusa'; dock dues; dredging; gas lighting in St Helier; extente of 1331; book entitled 'The Fortress'; gunpowder; improvements to St Helier harbour; exports from Mont Orgueil harbour; Jurat Le Couteur; maintenance of Kempt and Lewis Towers at St Ouen; sending lunatics to England or France and lunatics in the General Hospital; magazines; mails between England and the Channel Islands; marriage of Queen Victoria; sale of land from Jean and Thomas Perchard for Beresford Street market; painting of the laying of the foundation stone at St Helier harbour by G S Reynolds; petition against French imports; petition from the inhabitants of Gorey concerning fishing; better regulation of the prison; quakers and moravians; hoisting the yellow flag of quarantine; the Savings Bank and foreign vessels

Reference: C/A5/3

Date: March 13th 1837 - November 15th 1847

Admiralty chart of Jersey buoys and beacons

Reference: D/AL/A7/1106(D1)

Date: 1933 - 1933

Plans of Buoys and Beacons - AGA BK200/G Light and Bell Buoy

Reference: D/AL/A7/646(D1)

Date: 1928 - 1928

Piers and Harbours department general correspondence includes references to: requirements for the oyster fishermen at Gorey, estimate of costs for the proposed new harbour at Gorey, beacons and buoys, boatmen licences, request to make the passage of artillerymen to and from Elizabeth Castle at low water safer

Reference: D/AP/V/12

Date: January 27th 1859 - December 28th 1859

Piers and Harbours department correspondence subjects include: signal station at La Moye, leading light on Pier Road, removal of floating lights at the Minquiers by the French, pilotage, passage into St Helier harbour, calculation of intensity of sundry lighthouse lights, maintenance of signal stations, lighting of St Helier harbour

Reference: D/AP/V/28

Date: May 7th 1881 - August 27th 1898

Piers and Harbours Committee correspondence relating to the international agreement for the unification of buoyage and lighting of coasts.

Reference: D/AP/V/51

Date: 1936 - 1936

Piers and Harbours Committee correspondence relating to the establishment by the French Government on the Minquiers of a depôt for use in connection with the French Buoys

Reference: D/AP/V/62

Date: 1937 - 1939

Projet du loi relating to the establishment of buoys at Ecrehous & Paternosters, 1962

Reference: D/AU/Y2/D/76

Date: 1962 - 1962

Photograph of the NPL Wave Rider buoy - 1458 at wave rider buoy, LW 1338 1.8', HW 1917 38.5'

Reference: D/Q/S3/3

Date: March 26th 1971 - March 26th 1971

Photographs of the Passage Rock Buoy

Reference: D/Q/S4/12

Date: September 28th 1971 - September 28th 1971

Photograph of beach rock buoy, St Aubin's Bay

Reference: D/Q/S4/18

Date: September 28th 1971 - September 28th 1971

Photograph of DZ Buoy, Grune aux Dardes

Reference: D/Q/S4/19

Date: September 28th 1971 - September 28th 1971

Photograph of Grune du Port Buoy

Reference: D/Q/S4/21

Date: September 28th 1971 - September 28th 1971

Photographs of Demie de Vascelin Buoy showing the run of the tide with high water at 0931 HT 36.7 foot

Reference: D/Q/S4/22

Date: October 8th 1971 - October 8th 1971

Photograph of Les Fours Buoy

Reference: D/Q/S4/29

Date: September 28th 1971 - September 28th 1971

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