Piers and Harbours department general correspondence includes references to: gas lighting on the piers, provision of a crane and chain testing machine (provided by Jersey Mutual Insurance Society) at St Helier harbour, protection of oyster fishing and harbour regulations

Reference: D/AP/V/10

Date: July 21st 1855 - November 4th 1857

Will and Testament of Harold Walter Giffard, of Roche d'Or, Samarès, an advocate. Desires to be buried in the vault he caused to be built in the St Clement's Cemetery with a suitable headstone. Bequeaths to Peter Hawksford Giffard, the decoration and diploma of the Legion of Honour given by the Government of the French Republic and the miniature decoration of the same order, the cross of decoration of Orange-Nassau awarded by Her Majesty the Queen of the Netherlands to be returned to her and for Peter Hawsford Giffard to keep the miniature decoration and diploma of the same name and documents relating to the decorations, further Peter Hawksford Giffard receives all the law book at Roche d'Or and in the room at 23, Hill Street together with the furniture in the room on condition that he becomes an Advocate of the Royal Court of Jersey within a year of his death, if this does not happen they are bequeathed to Philip Antonio Poch. Bequeaths to Albert Edward Ereaut, any six books he selects from the library at Roche d'Or; to Peter Hawksford Giffard, all clothes, jewellery, watches, chains, trinkets and all silver glass vases bowls and decanters and all his masonic regalia, jewels and rituals unless his son is not a freemason at his death then it will be presented to the Grand Master to dispose of as he sees fit; to John Wilfred Le Boutillier, three dozen bottles of wines or spirits of his choice; to Dorothy Mary Le Boutillier, wife of John Hagar Pettit, £25 to purchase a token of remembrance; to Pierre Moussaud, his sleeve links of dumb-bell pattern; to Odette Rondot, a musical watch; to Annie Clare Howard-Edwards, née Norman, two silver mounted liqueur decanters and liqueur glasses; to Captain John Anquetil Norman, all his fishing rods, cases, gear and tackle; to Angelo Nelson Symons, any one etching drawn by Edmund Blampied; to Henry John Shone, an antique candle snuffer and tray; to his wife Hélène Henriette Giffard, née Gouillard, the whole of the furniture, pictures, prints, silver, plate, wine, spirits not specifically bequeathed; to Mabel Frances Maclure, née Giffard, any trinket she may decide to select as a memento. Dated 12/07/1941. Codicil Added 09/10/1945. [Includes one closed document]

Reference: D/Y/B1/11/52

Date: November 3rd 1951 - November 3rd 1951

Photograph of the erection of lamp posts at the Weighbridge, photograph of the laying of mooring chains for a yacht, and photograph of a light signal.

Reference: L/A/75/A2/HARS/52/15

Date: February 16th 1970 - February 26th 1970

Subject: Harbours

File number: 52

Page number: 15

Images of items at the Jersey Museum, including a chain with a hook, a lorgnette, a silver baby's rattle and a collection of ladies' shoes. Includes image of museum staff holding some of the objects, and getting an item out of a box in the store.

Reference: L/A/75/A3/4/9700

Date: February 19th 1979 - February 19th 1979

Photographer: Ron Mayne

JEP Photographic Job Number: 1979/9700

Image of a dairy farmer leading Jersey cows down a street watched from the gate of a house by two girls. The image was produced from the negatives depicted in Contact Sheet 6 of Red Contact File 1 from the Jersey Evening Post (JEP) Photographic Archive.

Reference: L/A/75/A4/1/CS6/9

Date: 1936-02 - February 29th 1936

Certificate from the Staffordshire Public Chain and Anchor Testing Company certifying the dimensions and the weight of an Iron Stock Ordinary anchor

Reference: L/C/139/F2/1

Date: 1870 - 1870

Account of the Guernsey Lily with Mr Haire, includes costs for chain

Reference: L/C/166/B4/35

Date: 1830 - 1830

Bonne Nuit Bay with the tide out.

Reference: P/03/25/10

Date: January 30th 2000 - January 30th 2000

Bonne Nuit Bay with the tide out.

Reference: P/03/25/11

Date: January 30th 2000 - January 30th 2000

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