Papers relating to the transfer of the Jersey Female Orphan's Home to the States of Jersey with related correspondence

Reference: A/D1/O12

Date: December 14th 1870 - July 22nd 1939

Papers concerning various schools including; St Mannelier, St Anastase, Don School St Brelade and correspondence relating to the change of name of the Jersey Industrial School to the Jersey Home for Boys and the funding for the construction of the Elementary Schools

Reference: A/D1/S6

Date: November 20th 1869 - November 29th 1977

Letter concerning the difficulties of finding nursing staff for schools and the children's' homes

Reference: B/A/W31/3/11

Date: December 24th 1943 - December 24th 1943

Public Employees Contributory Retirement Scheme Admittance of Vegetarian Home for Children (Jersey, Channel Islands), lodged by the Establishment Committee

Reference: C/A610/1980/P119

Date: September 2nd 1980 - September 2nd 1980

Haut De La Garenne and Residential Children's homes. lodged by the Education Committee

Reference: C/A613/1983/P79

Date: May 24th 1983 - May 24th 1983

La Preference Children's Home Purchase, lodged by the Education Committee

Reference: C/A614/1984/P63

Date: May 22nd 1984 - May 22nd 1984

Residential Children's Homes: Provision, lodged by the Education Committee.

Reference: C/A616/1986/P25

Date: February 25th 1986 - February 25th 1986

Annual Reports (printed and bound together)

Reference: D/J/S/1

Date: 1891 - 1895

Album of newscuttings & photographs relating to the Jersey Home for Girls/Jersey Female Orphans Home

Reference: D/J/S/10

Date: 1890 - 1950

Visitors' Remarks

Reference: D/J/S/11

Date: 1928 - 1959

Night & Day Report Book (unidentified)

Reference: D/J/S/13

Date: 1975 - 1976

Cash Book (unidentified)

Reference: D/J/S/14

Date: 1977 - 1979

Annual Reports

Reference: D/J/S/2

Date: 1901 - 1905

Annual Reports

Reference: D/J/S/3

Date: 1916 - 1925

Annual Reports

Reference: D/J/S/4

Date: 1926 - 1933

Annual Reports

Reference: D/J/S/5

Date: 1934 - 1938

Accounts charged to Parishes, Prison Board & Assistance Publique

Reference: D/J/S/6

Date: 1939 - 1965

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