Testament of Elizabeth Margaret Le Couteur, 2 St Marks Crescent, St Helier. Dated 24 September 1909. Bequeaths to the following institutions: The British Foreign & Bible Society; the Church Missionary Society, the Society for Promoting Christianity Amongst the Jews; the Irish Church Missionary Society; the Jersey Home for Infirm & Aged Women; the Jersey Female Orphans Home; the Jersey General Dispensary; Dr Barnardos Home, London; Mr Spurgeon's Orphanage and the London and South Western Railway Company's Widows and Orphans Fund £50 each.

Reference: D/Y/A/69/14

Date: February 22nd 1910 - February 22nd 1910

Testament of Clement Moignard, Rosanna Cottage, St Saviour. Dated 4 August 1906. Desires to be buried in Green Street Cemetery. Bequeaths to Dr Barnardos Homes, Jersey £20; to the Jersey Industrial School £20; to the Jersey Female Orphans Home £20; to the Jersey General Hospital £20; to the Jersey Merchant Seamens Benefit Society £20; to the St Lukes Day School £10. Codicil added 7 August 1906

Reference: D/Y/A/69/45

Date: May 5th 1910 - May 5th 1910

Testament of Ellen Honora Crawley, 25 1/2 Belmont Road, 1 Belmont Villas, Simon Place. Dated 11 April 1911. Bequeaths to the St Vincent Homes for Poor Catholic Children, London, £200; to the Sacre Coeur Orphanage £100; to the Poor Sisters of Nazareth, Southsea, 3100; to the Mercy Orphanage, Tralee, Ireland £100; to the Mercy Orphanage March Consent, Killarny £100.

Reference: D/Y/A/70/124

Date: December 30th 1911 - December 30th 1911

Testament of Mary Jane Marett, St Helier. Dated 2 September 1895. Bequeaths to the Jersey Female Orphans Home £10; to The Home for Infirm & Aged Women £10; to the Jersey Dorcas Society £10; to the Jersey National School for Girls £5; to the Infirmary Fund of the Jersey General Dispensary ú5. Codicil added 31 October 1904 Codicil added 11 December 1904 Codicil added 7 July 1905 Codicil added 8 January 1908 Codicil added 27 February 1909 Codicil added 17 December 1909

Reference: D/Y/A/71/106

Date: November 26th 1912 - November 26th 1912

Testament of Jean Le Feuvre, St Martin. Dated 10 November 1900. Bequeaths to the Jersey General Dispensary £200; to the Joyful News Mission, England £100; to the Evangelical Mission Brétonne, London £50; to the Orphans Home, Bristol founded by George Muller £50; to the Childrens Home and Orphanage, London founded by Thomas Bowman Stephenson £50; to the poor of the said Chapel £50; to the Salvation Army, St Ouen £25; to the poor of the Salvation Army, St Ouen £10, and £5 for 5 years. Codicil added 17 February 1908 Codicil added 19 December 1912

Reference: D/Y/A/73/25

Date: March 7th 1914 - March 7th 1914

Correspondence and papers relating to miscellaneous Superior Council matters, with index. Subjects include:

Reference: D/Z/H5/346

Date: January 21st 1944 - December 8th 1944

Children in institutions register, includes details of children in care

Reference: F/D/Y6/1

Date: December 20th 1935 - April 30th 1957

Letter to Snowdon Benest, the Constable of Trinity from parents asking for two children to be placed into the Jersey Home for Boys

Reference: F/M/D2/3

Date: March 6th 1941 - March 6th 1941

Letters concerning the case of a child being placed in a different home as a result of ill treatment

Reference: F/M/D2/4

Date: April 4th 1938 - April 8th 1938

Plans of a proposed children’s home at Fort Regent which is named on the documents as a ‘Home For Mentally Deficient Children’

Reference: L/A/37/A1/427

Date: 1947 - 1947

Photographs of Teighmore House, Teighmore Homes, Dr Barnado's Home For Boys.

Reference: L/A/75/A2/BUI/1/5

Date: 1936 - 1936

Subject: Buildings

File number: 1

Page number: 5

Photographs of: a car park at Dumaresq Street, St Lawrence Church, Rue De Croquet, St Aubin, and the demolition of the Home for Girls, Grouville.

Reference: L/A/75/A2/BUI/58/6

Date: 1969-05 - 1969-06

Subject: Buildings

File number: 58

Page number: 6

Photographs of: Archirondel, La Preference Vegetarian Childrens Home, St Martin, and the footpath in between Le Couperon de Rozel and La Chaire Hotel.

Reference: L/A/75/A2/BUI/59/4

Date: 1969-10 - 1969-10

Subject: Buildings

File number: 59

Page number: 4

Photographs of Kenneth Richard Faucon of Brig-y-Don Children's Convalescent and Holiday Home on being awarded the Cornwall Scout Badge for heroism in the face of great suffering.

Reference: L/A/75/A2/POR/16/2

Date: August 20th 1949 - August 20th 1949

Subject: Portraits

File number: 16

Page number: 2

Images of Brig-y-Don Children's Home, Samarès, St Clement including the exterior of the building and of children playing in the garden area.

Reference: L/A/75/A3/1/1486

Date: July 12th 1976 - July 12th 1976

Photographer: Bob Ritchie

JEP Photographic Job Number: 1976/1486

Images of the new deputy matron at Brig-Y-Don Children's Home.

Reference: L/A/75/A3/1/1755

Date: August 17th 1976 - August 17th 1976

JEP Photographic Job Number: 1976/1755

Images of children making cakes in a kitchen at La Préférence Children's Centre, La Grande Route de St Martin, St Martin.

Reference: L/A/75/A3/1/2666

Date: December 8th 1976 - December 8th 1976

Photographer: Bob Ritchie

JEP Photographic Job Number: 1976/2666

Images of Father Christmas visiting children at Brig-y-Don Children's Home, in conjuction with a Christmas appeal by the Rotary Club and Lions Club of Jersey.

Reference: L/A/75/A3/1/2741

Date: December 15th 1976 - December 15th 1976

Photographer: Reg Cridland

JEP Photographic Job Number: 1976/2741

Images of four men and a lady with a giant Christmas cracker at La Préférence Children's Centre, La Grande Route de St Martin, St Martin.

Reference: L/A/75/A3/1/2743

Date: December 16th 1976 - December 16th 1976

Photographer: Glenn Rankine

JEP Photographic Job Number: 1976/2743

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